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New ArcTitan Email Archiving Systems

Posted by Geraldine Hunt on Wed, Jul 8th, 2020

New & Improved ArcTitan Email Archiving Systems

TitanHQ are in the process of deploying new and vastly improved ArcTitan email archiving systems in the EU and US.  We will be migrating existing ArcTitan accounts to these systems.

The customer migration path will be as follows:

TitanHQ will contact you with the details for your new account on the new infrastructure.

You will need to reconfigure your connector/mail server to send your mail to the new server.

When mail flow has been verified on the new account TitanHQ support will close off the original account so it can no longer accept mail.  You will retain access to this account so you can search your historical mail as needed.

TitanHQ will migrate the archived mail from the original server to the new server.  You will be notified when this process has been completed.

When the data migration has been verified by you, the account on the original server will be delated along with all archived mail.

Why are we changing to a new and improved ArcTitan email archiving system?

The new ArcTitan service will be delivered as a highly available, self-healing, horizontally scaling Kubernetes cluster.  As a high-level architecture, the solution is made up in a Kubernetes Cluster with a multitude of components working in harmony. Each component is independently available.  This means that there is minimal to no service outage if any component goes down, as that component can be taken offline and repaired without affecting the others.

Like previous iterations of ArcTitan, each email is given a unique identity which remains with it for its entire life in the archive and is fully indexed: the header, sender/receiver, subject, body and the attachments are indexed completely, allowing for the email to be searched for at a later date. 
In the new release of ArcTitan indices are distributed across Apache Solr instances simultaneously and the raw email data is encrypted and stored onto Replicated Persistent Storage.

The new ArcTitan GUI:

Email archiving with ArcTitan

Key advantages ofour new email archiving set up:

Replicated Persistent Storage
We deploy Ceph storage clusters, which provides high performance block storage and file systems, with automated data replication and fail over. 

Tiered storage
ArcTitan leverages the reliability, redundancy and scalability of Amazon S3 for long-term storage of archived data. 

ArcTitan is delivered as a high availability Kubernetes cluster.

High Availability Database Cluster
The solution uses Percona XtraDB MySQL cluster, within Kubernetes, to handle all database operations.  The cluster can be self-maintaining, self-healing and scaled with minimal effort and zero downtime.

If you have any questions feel free to visit our documentation section here

You can also contact ArcTitan support here: arctitan@titanhq.com

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