With WebTitan Cloud for WiFi Selfridges don’t need to worry about WiFi security anymore!
The implementation was totally painless from our perspective. We now have a secure network that provides our customers safe Internet access while they browse and shop in Selfridges.
Alasdair Morison
IT Manager
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The Challenge

The Solution

The Results

The pragmatic approach Selfridges took when choosing WebTitan WiFi is also evident in how they use the service. They’ve adopted one filtering policy across the 4 locations that’s centrally managed from London. " WebTitan WiFi responds exactly to our requirements. It requires no management on our part, it is very scaleable and extremely quick to deploy”. Selfridges can now ensure that guests will not be infected with malware or be subject to other attacks while using their WiFi. They have also protecting the Selfridges brand reputation as negative press from a malware or phishing attacks on the network can be extremely damaging.


Central Management

Selfridges now have a central management for all devices at 4 locations


It's Easy & Fast

We spent less than half a day configuring the system.


Unlimited Filtering

Over 200 million visitors to the store each year - all protected if they use the WiFi Network

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