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Deal Registration

Deal Registration

TitanHQ partners: Please complete the form below to register your deal.

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Extention Requests

A registration is active for ninety (90) days from date of approval. If the registration is approaching the expiration date, the approved Reseller may request an extension of the registration for up to an additional thirty (30) days.

  • After 90days, the deal registration is no longer valid; however, the reseller is still free to pursue the opportunity.
  • Resellers can request an additional 90 day extension to the original registration if reseller is able to demonstrate quantifiable progress in closing the opportunity and if TitanHQ can validate the stated activity. Requests for extension must be made within 3 business days of the registration deadline.
  • Extension requests may be made in writing  to

Deal Registration Rejection Reasons

Deal Registrations can be rejected for, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Does not meet the opportunity eligibility requirements.
  • The opportunity is already in the TitanHQ sales pipeline and therefore not new to TitanHQ at the time of registration.
  • Another partner has already registered the opportunity.
  • The products on the sales order do not match the products on the Deal Registration.
  • The Deal Registration number is invalid.

If a request is denied, TitanHQ will provide a clear explanation to the registering partner as to why the request was denied, and will update the Distributor via a timely report. Note that TitanHQ will not disclose the identity of any competing resellers(s) involved in the opportunity.


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