Incorporate DNS Filtering into your Cloud Offering

WebTitan Cloud for Service Providers is a cloud-based web filtering solution purpose-built to integrate seamlessly into a managed service providers (MSPs) existing security stack. This multi-tenant solution offers real-time comprehensive protection from online threats through advanced content filtering and virus protection. WebTitan Cloud offers a robust API set that allows our MSP customers to easily incorporate WebTitan DNS filtering directly into their existing cloud offering.















1. Easy Set-Up & Integration

  • Our APIs allow customers to quickly and easily build filtering into your existing infrastructure, regardless of whether you self-host, use AWS, Azure Active Directory or any other system.
  • We use RESTful API which offers a clean, fast and risk-free integration with your management system
  • Authentication is provided via the OAuth 1.0 protocol. A full set of keys and secrets is already in place in the WebTitan UI, so no further registration or authentication is needed after sign up. An API client can simply provide the requiredoauth_signature to authorize a request to a protected resource.

2. Customize your UI

  • Add only the WebTitan Cloud components you want to your UI to reduce complexity and remove features you do not currently use, e.g. only show blocked & allowed sites and categories.
  • Create a better user experience and consistency for your customers by integrating WebTitan Cloud into your own cloud interface.

3. Integrated Reporting

Integrate high-level system and customer reports directly into your own management console, e.g. top block categories, top domains, top users, etc

4. Account Fulfillment


  • Easily and quickly delete, list and update customer accounts.
  • Integrate easily with your current customer on-boarding process. For example, create new accounts that have been requested by your customer from within your own UI.
  • In addition to onboarding and managing customers, authenticated administrators can manage their customer's locations, blacklists, and whitelists. Your customers can also use APIs to perform a limited set of operations on their own data.

5. Platform-to-Platform Structure

  • WebTitan Cloud platform integrates fully with your cloud platform.
  • Seamlessly fits into your existing workflow.

Our APIs are freely available to all customers. Take a look at TitanHQ's Document Portal to review the full API set abilities.

WebTitan provides an open, free to use, Application Programming Interface (API) for managed service providers to incorporate the WebTitan DNS web filtering solution into their cloud offering. You can build DNS filtering into your infrastructure whether you self-host, use AWS, Azure or other.

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