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Discover the top 5 reasons why WebTitan is a better option than DNSFilter, and find out the main benefits for choosing TitanHQ as a platform over DNSFilter as a standalone product.

1. Single Point Vendor vs. Cybersecurity Platform

1. Single Point Vendor vs. Cybersecurity Platform

  • DNSFilter are a single product point vendor where they offer a solution to one problem
  • TitanHQ are a cybersecurity platform with a MSP First Strategy, covering six solution areas from dns filtering to email security and phishing simulation

By partnering with TitanHQ you will benefit from the full platform from both a margin and threat protection perspective.

2. The Most Competitive Pricing on the Market

  • DNSFilter are priced 4.5X more
  • WebTitan is currently pricing at $0.40

Why pay 4.5X more for a product that performs the same? Take advantage of the current WebTitan offer

2. The Most Competitive Pricing on the Market
3. Product Ratings are Evenly Matched

3. Product Ratings are Evenly Matched

  • DNS filtering is quite a simple concept technically and DNSFilter and WebTitan ostensibly do the same thing
  • The top review sites and customers have rated these two products very evenly

Looking at some of the top review sites: G2, capterra and peerspot - the reviews for both solutions match at 4+ stars for each product

“When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that WebTitan is the preferred option when compared to DNSFilter.”

4. Industry Leading Customer Support

4. Industry Leading Customer Support

  • Support costs are extra with DNSFilter but it is included with WebTitan
  • DNSFilter offers only email and chat support, whereas you can pick up the phone and speak to TitanHQ

TitanHQ has a market leading customer support team, and it is included FREE as standard

5. No User Minimums for MSPs

  • MSP's have to spend $150 minimum per month with DNSFilter
  • As an MSP First business, TitanHQ starts as low as 10 seats - no minimum user requirements

TitanHQ has an MSP First business strategy, which prioritises MSPs of all sizes. 

5. No User Minimums for MSPs

WebTitan Vs. DNS Filter

1. Why is WebTitan better than DNSFilter’s Anycast set up:

TitanHQ’s WebTitan product is hosted in 12 regions globally, including 5 across North America. We currently process and resolve several billion DNS requests daily around the world. This gives WebTitan customers a significant advantage over other DNS filtering solutions claiming to use anycast technology in several key areas.

  • Improved Latency: By having many systems distributed globally, users' DNS requests are resolved by the nearest server, reducing the time it takes to get a response (lower latency). This is particularly beneficial for improving the user experience.
  • Redundancy and Reliability: Each WebTitan node is highly resilient and distributed across multiple data centres in each region, enhancing the reliability of the service.
  • Load Distribution: Traffic is naturally spread across many servers in each region, preventing any single server from becoming a bottleneck. This distribution can help manage high traffic volumes more effectively, again resulting in a better user experience. 
  • Geographic Localization: Our distributed DNS servers deal with region-specific filtering and policies, which helps in caching localized content for faster access and resolution response times.
  • Resilience to DDoS Attacks: A distributed approach makes WebTitan Cloud much more resilient to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks since the attack would need to target multiple systems across different locations, making it harder to disrupt the service entirely.

2. SIEM Integration

DNS Filter charges for data offload, but this service is completely free with WebTitan.

We listened to MSPs and understand that SIEM integration can be costly and doesn't scale effectively with large volumes of data, especially from a DNS filter. That's why we developed "WebTitan Data Offload." This feature lets you download your customers' DNS request data in log file format using our Data Offload API set. The APIs let you access the most recent traffic data from an Amazon S3 bucket in Gzip format, with authentication through the WebTitan API.

Learn more Offload Docs 

3. Roaming agent support for IOS 

OTG (On-the-go) is our endpoint client that enables users to roam off-network while still applying their WebTitan filtering policy. This roaming client provides the highest degree of granularity for reporting and policy enforcement. It transmits more metadata back to the WebTitan infrastructure, allowing for per-user policy enforcement and detailed reporting.

WebTitan  have OTG for Windows, MacOS amd Chromebooks in place - Docs 

DNS Filter has faced significant issues with their roaming client. Customer feedback on IT forums frequently describes this roaming client as unstable:

I have a handful of machines out of about 1200 in where the DNS filter roaming client install does not go through. I've tried under the device(s) settings, DNS Filtering, disable wait then re-enable, but that's not working. “

“DNS Filter roaming agents deployed to one site, including internally. At random time of the day, website / domain resolution fails. In the case of a website, the web page is unable to connect, but after 2-4 attempts, the website loads. I disabled the DNS Filter service for 1 day, and encountered zero DNS timeout issues. Re-enabled the service, then 30 minutes later issues begin.”

“I use DNSFilter and also have seen some odd behavior when using the local agent with regards to internal DNS lookups.”

“We have recently been battling intermittent connectivity issues across multiple clients but could never track it down due how intermittent it was. After seeing another post here recently I was finally able to track the issue down to the DNSFilter Roaming Agent which we deploy as part of our standard stack since almost 75% of our customers are exclusively on laptops.”

4. APP blocking

WebTitan provides this service differently from DNS Filter. Customers can easily add all major apps they want to block to a specific app policy.

5. SSO 

We feel that by fully enforcing MFA for admins when they log-in we are increasing your security posture over and above SSO. All admins are fully authenticated at all times. We enforced MFA as part of our WebTitan 5.04 release.  

Did You Know?


businesses experienced a DNS attack


malware & spyware domains categorised a day


predefined categories by default


of websites tested by Google for malware were infected

In Summary

How does DNS Filter compare with WebTitan security?

A few general advantages where WebTitan outperforms competitors include:

  • WebTitan is part of the TitanHQ cybersecurity platform with an MSP First strategy - offering a margin and threat protection advantage
  • More affordable than other solutions, and currently on offer from as low as $0.40.
  • Several review websites show that DNS Filter and WebTitan are leaders in the content filtering industry, but PeerSpot rates WebTitan with 4.7 stars, making it the leader for convenience, ease of use, and its ability to block malicious websites.
  • Great customer service that is completely free, unlike many of WebTitan's competitors
  • WebTitan is easy to deploy and requires minimal technical intervention from administrators.
Geraldine Hunt

Geraldine Hunt


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