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What ArcTitan Customers Have to Say

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"ArcTitan is a great product with great support staff. It is very simple to use and you can retain emails forever, even after an employee leaves. There are no additional costs as ArcTitan does not charge a license if there is no associated O365 license being used"

Lane A. Director of IT

"ArcTitan is an amazing time saver. When a contract dispute or service contract can’t be found it is 100 times faster to search for the email on the topic then to actually look through hundreds of folders. It is also awesome when a customer says, "We never said that” and I can rapidly find the message where they did say that."

Steven D. VP of MIS

"ArcTitan is providing us with the peace of mind of knowing that all company emails, without exception, are being captured and archived. This is all being done without any impact on mail performance and with an incredibly straight forward implementation."

Derek A. IT Infrastructure Specialist
Cloud Based Archiving

Cloud Based Archiving

Zero limits on user numbers or storage space in the cloud.

Office 365 Integration

Office 365 Integration

Integrates seamlessly with O365 significantly enhancing email search and storage functionality.

Powerful Search Tool

Powerful Search Tool

Emails are archived and retrievable instantly slashing time and costs.