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Affordable. Effective. Easy-to-Use.

Real-time Protection Against Zero-Hour Phishing Attacks

Introducing PhishTitan, TitanHQ's new advanced Anti-Phishing solution. This cloud-based service employs cutting-edge AI technology to offer unmatched protection against malicious emails.

Safeguard your organization from zero-day attacks and effortlessly manage multiple inboxes with just a click.

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Top 6 Reasons to Choose TitanHQ


Use machine learning and behavioral analysis to enable your security team to safety detonate suspicious files.

Office 365 Protection

Strengthen your Office365 email security against malware through a defence in-depth approach.

Zero Day Attack Protection

Anticipate new attacks using predictive technology providing a secure solution for email.

Email Blocking

Allow whitelisting and blacklisting, advanced reporting, recipient verification, and outbound scanning.

Advanced Protection

Scan all inbound emails with double anti-virus protection and prevent whaling and spear phishing.

Data Leak Protection

Enjoy the addition of powerful data leak prevention rules to prevent internal data loss.

Why Choose PhishTitan?

High Detection Accuracy

Best-in-class phishing protection for M365 with additional layer of security.

Quick Deployment

Protection up and running in 10 minutes and is managed from a single interface.

Banner Notifications

Banners at the top of unsafe emails to alert users to to malicious content.

Leading Support

Committed to your success from day one, with our dedicated support teams.

Hear from our customers

What can I say besides I LOVE these guys. they are on top of things. we currently are using most of the products and they are so easy to integrate to our MS365. on boarding was easy, this gives the user a way to make the decisions on the emails legitimacy.

John F.

Network Admin

PhishTitan is extremely easy to setup & onboard customers, it typically takes us less than 5 minutes to have a client completely onboarded onto the platform. We've been using the platform for around 6 months now and have had to perform next to no maintenance on it, it just works. Phishing detection is extremely accurate

Ricky B.

IT Operations Director

As a TitanHQ partner, we have used all their other products to help secure our customers. The addition of PhishTitan shows that TitanHQ is ever-evolving and advancing its tool stack to help businesses protect their data. PhishTitan is helping us layer in more protection right inside the M365 mailbox. With threat actors now having the assistance of AI to help them form their malicious email attacks, it is more important now than ever for us to utilize an AI-driven tool like PhishTitan.

Hunter McFadden, GreenCube


We researched and demoed several solutions, and SpamTitan came out of that on top. We looked at Barracuda, SonicWall, and Zerospam. We went with TitanHQ because of the price and features.

Andy Arnone


Since we deployed PhishTitan our users are more aware and better protected from phishing emails. The visual cues users get with suspicious emails is a great help. The Outlook Add-In also works fantastically. We are planning to deploy to all our clients. This is a definite win-win.

Hugh Meighan, PrincipaL-IT


I can guarantee you that we have seen ROI if only because it's blocking the phishing links. That one piece alone saves time and money.

Cindi Cockerham, Purple Language Services Co.

Network Engineer

Our company was getting SO many spam and phishing emails. Once this software was implemented, I was able sort and manage my email easier.


Collections Manager

Want to Learn More?

Want to Learn More?