Non-Profit Sector

Non-Profit Sector

The TitanHQ team understand the importance of working with not for profit businesses and organisations. We have worked on email anti-spam solutions for non-profits, web filtering for non-profit organisations and email archiving for non-profits for over 20 years. We have a deep understanding of the web security issues that all non-profits have protecting staff and visitors. Our NPO experience extends across charities, service organizations, trusts and co-operatives. NPO’s trust our web filtering product, WebTitan, to block malicious websites, phishing attacks & ransomware, stop staff and visitors viewing inappropriate & illegal content, manage social media usage, comply with charity regulations and report on individual and group browsing activity. We keep staff safe by blocking over 60,000 new malicious sites a day and categorizing over 500 million sites allowing you to control exactly what your visitors' access. We also offer a generous NPO discount, talk to your sales manager for further details.

Key Product Features


Special Not for Profit Pricing. All our solutions are very affordable, effective and easy to use and importantly you simply set and forget.


Phishing and malware protection - our solutions block malware, phishing, viruses and ransomware. Extensive Web Filtering API.

Spam Blocking

SpamTitan blocks over 99.9% of spam protecting the organisation from phishing and spam attacks.


World class support - we are renowned for our focus on supporting customers.


Customizable block page to carry your branding through to the end user.


Extensive drill down reporting on all solutions. These reports can be scheduled, or exported in multiple formats.


Flexible – on premises and cloud options available. Set-up is very easy and your business will see immediate results.


Tried & Tested -Used by 100’s of Not for Profit Organisations Worldwide.

What our customers say

Student Registration and Financial Services (SRFS) at the University of Pennsylvania have been using WebTitan in our virtual desktop environment for the past year. The product has been very valuable to us with the numerous preset filtering policies and the easy integration into Microsoft’s active directory which lets us control who can see what. WebTitan support is one of the best with quick response times and clear helpful solutions. Two thumbs up from us!

David Domico, Director of Information Technology Services University of Pennsylvania, PA, USA

Very impressive - we just installed the VMware version, pointed our incoming email at it, and our spam stopped. The whitelisting and quarantine process work well and our users are now very happy. Highly recommended.

Simon Coles, Amphora Research Systems UK

I am the IT Director at a non-profit agency with about 200 users. We have a Microsoft Exchange Server that we run in house, and were relying on it's built in anti-spam features. However, this was not doing the job. False positives were high, too much spam was getting through, and there was very little functionality available to fine tune the system. Our users are happy – they love the ability to review their filtered messages and create personal white lists and block lists. The filtering is extr

Ralph Smith, Gateway Community Industries USA

WebTitan for Non-Profits

Advanced Web Content Filtering. Can be deployed as a gateway or cloud based solution.

Why is WebTitan perfect for Non-Profits?

  • Deployed in Your Cloud or Ours
  • API Driven for Advanced Back End Integration including Billing and Reporting
  • Flexible Pricing to suit your models
  • Multi-Tenant with advanced customer management features
  • Highly Scalable with no latency
  • DNS based, you don’t have to become an ISP!
  • Customisable Branding
  • A top alternative option to Cisco Umbrella 
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SpamTitan for Non-Profits

Comprehensive Email Anti-Spam Solution. Can be deployed as a gateway or cloud based solution.

Why is SpamTitan perfect for Non-Profits?

  • A highly scalable, functionally rich solution offering the best email protection for your staff and guests. 
  • SpamTitan blocks over 99.9% of spam, viruses, malware and other email threats.
  • Flexible pricing models to suit your needs
  • Easy to set up and Simple to manage
  • Filter your organisation's email traffic without expensive or time consuming overheads
  • Customisable Branding   
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ArcTitan for Non-Profits

ArcTitan Email Archiving. Cloud based email archiving built for business

Why is ArcTitan perfect for Non-Profits?

  • Cloud Based Email Archiving, E-discovery and Compliance Made Easy for your Customers
  • Email Archiving in the Cloud. Secure, Encrypted, Fast. Quick to setup, and easy
  • Secure, Encrypted email transfer, storage and retrieval
  • HIPAA, SOX (and more) standards compliance
  • Compatible with your email server
  • Comprehensive searching and reporting
  • Audited access trail
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Case Studies

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Family-Guard save considerable technical time by deploying WebTitan Cloud for their Wi-Fi...

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Credit Union immediately impressed with SpamTitans blocking abilities

As a non-profit credit union Kennedy did not have the resources to spend on a massive IT-infrastructure and were forced to find lower cost...

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