5 Tips to protect your business’ wireless network

If your wireless network is not secure, there are significant risks especially if you're running a business.

A hacker could:

  • Steal any data that you send or receive
  • Gain access to your shared files
  • Hijack your Internet connection 

Many routers are riddled with security holes that leave your data exposed to enterprising hackers. Here are our top 5 security tips to help secure your wireless network.


Use an SSID that cannot be easily associated with your company, and suppress the broadcast of that SSID. Both aren’t particularly effective against someone who is seriously interested in your wireless network, but it does keep you off the radar of the
casual war driver.

2. Encryption

Use the strongest encryption type you can, preferable WPA2 Enterprise. Never use WEP. If you have barcode readers or other legacy devices that can only use WEP, set up a dedicated SSID for only those devices, and use a firewall
so they can only connect to the central software over the required port, and nothing else on your internal network.

3. Authentication

Use 802.1 x for authentication to your wireless network so only approved devices can connect.

4. Guest network

Use your wireless network to establish a guest network for visiting customers, vendors, etc. Do not permit connectivity from the guest network to the internal network, but allow for authorized users to use the guest network to connect to the
Internet, and from there to VPN back into the internal network, if necessary.


Create a “Bring Your Own Device” policy now, even if that policy is just to prohibit users from bringing their personal laptops, tablets, etc. into the office or connecting over the VPN.These server deployment tips will go a long way in helping you secure your servers against all threats. Good luck in your continued fight to protect your company’s network from attack!

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