DNS Filtering Comparison WebTitan DNS Filter versus Webroot DNS SecureAnywhere®

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DNS Filtering Comparison WebTitan DNS Filter versus Webroot DNS SecureAnywhere®

Webroot are well known for their endpoint email protection but they have recently introduced Webroot SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection. New to this space they have launched a basic, entry-level DNS filtering solution that provides organizations with protection from malicious websites. We thought it would be interesting to compare this new offering against our trusty WebTitan Cloud DNS filter.

At a glance there are similarities between the products, in that both are DNS filtering solutions, however, this that is where the similarity ends. WebTitan Cloud has many additional security features that leave this comparison feeling decidedly one-sided.

WebTitan Versus WebRoot DNS Feature Comparison Matrix

WebTitan Webroot comparison matrix


WebTitan Cloud Differentiators

Custom Categories

The ability to use custom categories to block out websites was valuable because the predefined categories were either too restrictive or not restrictive enough. For example, one category would block everything from social media to webmail, while another category did not block either. So to be able to customize categories made it a lot easier.

Private cloud - The ability to use WebTitan in a Private Cloud

WebTitan Cloud can be deployed in the customer's environment. WebTitan Cloud is one of the only DNS Filtering Providers to allow clients to install the Servers in your own Data Centers.

Cloud API -  WebTitan Cloud has an extremely robust API to allow managed cloud systems to plug into. Every aspect of WebTitan Cloud can also be managed via the API:

Active Directory integration - WebTitan Cloud can report on individual user activity by installing a DNS proxy that integrates with your Active Directory or LDAP. Reduces overhead through standardization and improves services through centralized management capabilities

Per User Policies - allows for a tailored and more specific control method on a per-user basis.

Group Policies - allows for a tailored and more specific control method on a group basis.

Roaming Locations ( OTG) - WebTitan Cloud gives you the ability to filter laptops while off your network by using the On The Go (OTG) Agent. The OTG agent can be installed on Windows-based Laptops. The agent will forward all DNS Requests to our cloud and to the relevant policy.

Cloud Keys – WebTitan Cloud applies security rules across the enterprise network it also provides the ability to enter bypass codes (Cloud Keys) when necessary. Cloud keys were created for scenarios where certain users needed to bypass everything without changing the policy.  They can be created to expire after a certain time or number of uses.

Dynamic DNS – WebTitan Cloud supports Static, Dynamic IPs and Dynamic DNS Hostnames. 

SafeSearch - SafeSearch is a filtering mechanism used by search engines like Google to block explicit videos, images, and websites from search results. Previously it has been easy for end users to turn off the SafeSearch feature. With WebTitan Cloud you can enforce the SafeSearch feature removing the user’s ability to turn it off on an individual basis.

Host Locally

With WebTitan Cloud, the ability to host the solution locally offers control and privacy. This is an important consideration for certain types of businesses who for various reasons don’t want to direct their users to an external cloud service.  Webroot SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection does not permit local hosting.

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All of our resources and focus are dedicated to WebTitan for business. This is our core business unlike Webroot Webroot SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection with offers a diverse product portfolio including solutions for both home and business users.

Take a look at WebTitan Cloud today — a cloud-delivered DNS filtering service that protects any device, anywhere. Get  simple yet powerful protection and higher rewards.   Get in touch to organize a product demo – email us at

*All information is accurate at time of print – Jan 2019

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