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Internet Filtering for WiFi Hotspots

Internet filtering for WiFi hotspots helps to provide a safe browsing experience for your customers and protects their devices from web-borne threats in an era when many people are concerned about their online security. There are also several commercially-viable reasons why your business should consider implementing a filtered WiFi Internet service.

An establishment offering a filtered WiFi Internet service is likely to attract customers who are concerned about going online in an unprotected environment. Furthermore, the analytics collected by the service can provide an insight into customers´ browsing activities, allowing your business to tailor customer-friendly promotions.

How Internet Filtering for WiFi Hotspots Works

When you implement a filtered WiFi Internet service, you have control over the websites that your customers can visit. This means that, if you are trying to create a family-friendly environment, you can block customers from viewing material that other customers may find offensive. You can also use Internet filtering for WiFi hotspots to prevent customers from visiting unsafe websites that may have been compromised with malware.

This is achieved by a series of category filters, keyword filters and blacklists. You set what categories you wish to block, and fine-tune your selection using the keyword filters. What a customer clicks on a link to visit a website - or types in a URL - the request is checked against the settings you have entered and a blacklist of websites known to harbor malware. If the customer´s request is denied, they will receive a message telling them why.

The Commercial Benefits of a Filtered WiFi Internet Service

Internet filtering for WiFi hotspots is quick to set up, easy to manage, and the good name your business will get for providing a safe online environment makes the implementation of Internet filtering for WiFi hotspots commercially viable. Although word should get around that you offer a filtered WiFi Internet service, it is an asset that you should take advantage of in your marketing in order to attract customers from any establishment offering an unprotected WiFi Internet service.

You should also be able to attract customers by hosting promotions based on their browsing activities. Although most people choose to browse the Internet anonymously, you will still be able to determine which websites are most frequently visited, and what your customers like to do while they are online. This is another feature of Internet filtering for WiFi hotspots that can justify any expense your business incurs by implementing a filtered WiFi service for your customers.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi from TitanHQ

TitanHQ is a leading developer of online security products. Since 1999, we have provided safe browsing experiences for business and customers, and protecting their devices from web-borne threats. Our filtered WiFi Internet service is provided by WebTitan Cloud for WiFi - a versatile and scalable solution for businesses of all sizes that can be up and running within minutes after a slight adjustment of your WiFi router´s DNS settings. Internet filtering for WiFi hotspots has never been easier.

Once up and running, the filter automatically starts checking requests to visit websites against its blacklists. You set the categories you wish to block via a browser-based administration panel, select any keywords you wish to add to your category selections and get back to running your business. Updates are conducted automatically, so your filtered WiFi Internet service will always be up to date. Other features of Internet filtering for WiFi hotspots from TitanHQ include:

The ability to apply different settings to different user groups. This can be done manually or by integrating the filtered WiFi service with management reporting tools.
The option to block inappropriate and unsafe online content by category, keyword, URL, file type or website score. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi also supports SSL inspection.
A full reporting suite that logs Internet access and provides instant alerts if any user attempts to circumnavigate the filter´s settings.
The filtered WiFi Internet service can be configured and adjusted remotely from any Internet-enabled device. It can also control bandwidth waste and abuse.

Try Internet Filtering for WiFi Hotspots for Free

We believe that Internet filtering for WiFi hotspots could not be any easier than with WebTitan Cloud for WiFi. We also believe that our filtered WiFi Internet service would be a great asset to any business providing a WiFi service for its customers. However, rather than take our word for it, why not try Internet filtering for WiFi hotspots free for thirty days in our special trial offer.

Our offer consists of a fully-enabled filtered WiFi Internet service for thirty days, with no contracts to sign, no credit card required and no obligation for you to continue with the service at the end of the trial period. During the trial period you will be able to configure and adjust your own settings, get feedback from your customers on the quality of the service and access reports about their browsing activities.

To find out more about our offer, or to find out more about Internet filtering for WiFi hotspots, call our team of sales technicians today. Our team will be happy to answer your questions, guide you through the registration process (and adjusting your WiFi router´s DNS settings if required), and walk you through the browser-based administration panel. Within minutes you could be providing a safe browsing experience for your customers and protecting their devices from web-borne threats

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