TitanShield MSP Program


TitanShield MSP Program - Email and DNS Filtering for MSPs

The TitanShield MSP Program allows MSPs to take advantage of TitanHQ's proven technology so that they can sell, implement and deliver our advanced network security solutions directly to their client base.

TitanHQ is committed to delivering world class network security solutions to our MSP partners.

Why Join Over 3,000 MSPs in the TitanShield MSP Program?

  • Save on customer support time, hours and cost. No more costly Cryptolocker call outs.
  • Easy to deploy, manage and sell our industry leading cloud based security solutions
  • Simple Integration into your existing Service Stack through API’s and RMM integrations
  • Competitive pricing strategies and core focus on the SMB market. Includes monthly billing as we understand that you bill your clients monthly, we’ve aligned our billing cycles to make life easier for you.
  • Grow Your Revenue. Recurring revenue model on a high margin, subscription based SaaS solution
  • White Labelling. Solutions can be fully rebranded with your branding. We work seamlessly in the background.
  • Set & Forget.Our solutions require minimal IT service intervention
  • Short Sales Cycle. Only 14 day free trial required to test
  • World Class Support. Best customer service in the industry with scalable pre-sales and technical support and sales & technical training
  • Multi-tenant dashboard. MSP-client hierarchy enables you to keep clients separated and choose whether to manage client settings in bulk or on an individual basis
  • Become a TitanHQ Certified Partner, receive One to One Training with Our Sales Engineers and have a Dedicated Alliance Manager

What does the TitanSHIELD MSP Program give you?

  • Partner Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Assigned Sales Engineer Support
  • Access to Global Partner Program Hotline 
  • Access to Partner Knowledge Base
  • Technical Support
  • 24/7 Priority Technical Support
  • 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST) Technical Support
  • Online Technical Training and FAQs
  • Access to Partner Technical Knowledge Base
  • TitanHQ Beta Program

TitanShield MSP Sales Enablement

  • Private or Public Cloud deployment
  • White Label or Co-branding
  • API integration
  • Free 30 day evaluations
  • Product Discounts
  • Competitive upgrades
  • Tiered Deal Registration 
  • Renewal Protection
  • Advanced Product Information
  • Competitive Information and Research
  • Not-for-Resale (NFR) Key
  • Product Brochures and Sales Tools
  • Partner Advisory Council Eligibility
  • QTRLY Business Planning and Review
  • Access to Partner Support

TitanShield MSP Marketing

  • Access to the Partner Portal
  • Co-Branded Evaluation Site
  • Social Network participation
  • Joint PR
  • Joint White Papers
  • Partner Events and Conferences
  • TitanHQ Newsletter
  • Better Together Webinars
  • Partner Certificate - Sales and technical
  • Sales Campaigns in a box
  • Public Relations Program and Customer Testimonials
  • TitanHQ Corporate Style Guide and Logo Usage
  • TitanHQ Partner Welcome Kit
  • Access to TitanHQ's MVP Rewards Program

TitanHQ have over 3,000 current MSP partners. Here's what they say:

Here’s what our MSP customers are saying about the TitanShield MSP Program:

“By reducing malware-related security incidents, you're reducing your number one uncontrollable expense: the people on your IT operations team, like your help desk techs.”
Mike, MSP owner, Washington, US

“Web and email security is baked into our fees as well, and our Crypto calls dropped to 0”
Neil, CTO MSP, London, UK

“Web filtering is one of the, if not the greatest bang for your buck services. It’s built in anti malware has protected our clients, saving us thousands of hours of repair time I am absolutely certain.”
Gary, MSP owner, New York, US

“I don’t remember the last time one of our customers got Cryptolocker. I bundle it with our offering so that they get it no matter what just to make my life easier on virus removal or data problems.”
Benjamin, sys admin, MSP, Seattle, US

“Filtered DNS that doesn't allow your clients to participate in botnets or any command and control network? Yes please”
David, CTO MSP, San Francisco, US

“a key part of our security stack as we've scaled to over 6,000 managed endpoints, while decreasing virus and malware related tickets by 70%.”
Jon, MSP CEO, Boston, US

“It has paid for itself many times over by reducing malware calls.”
Simon, MSP owner, Toronto, Canada

"If you are looking for the best software to block malicious content then WebTitan is the best choice indeed. Furthermore I like how responsive TitanHQ's support is. WebTitan is really super easy to use, install and set up. This is the best software that is offering very excellent security to us by keeping our workstations safe and free of simply by filtering dangerous websites."
MicroAge, The IT Solution Experts

"When I write about WebTitan’s pros, they are really uncountable. It provides really easier and quick ways of blocking malicious content and spam. With the help of this software viruses can be easily minimized. In order to have granular control over user web filtering, this software is considered to be the best among all. As far as administrative perspective is concerned, this software no doubt provides easy ways. WebTitan is a really superb product through which one can easily kick out bad stuff. Ultimately I can say WebTitan is really effective that has provided much convenience and fulfills all web filtering issues across my organization."

"The WebTitan platform is fast and I can adjust the filters as I like them. WebTitan is a great product at a fraction of the cost of some of their competitors. With WebTitan we are protecting end points from phishing sites and infected URL’s."
Andre Zanoncello - MSP and Cyber Security Professional

"We have been using SpamTitan for around six months. During this time, we have found the software to be extremely customisable. The ability to whitelist/blacklist at both a global level as well as a domain level is a great feature and is very easy to do. The history/reporting feature also stands out and gives you the ability to search for emails using a number of different fields.

I have had experience contacting support via telephone as well as email and find them very friendly and always available to assist remotely and answer any questions. I like the automated reports on the licensing (Domain level). SpamTitan also offers LDAP Synchronisation. We have seen overall improvements through the reduced level of spam reaching users."
David Allen IT Solutions

"What I like the most about SpamTitan is the fact it is an appliance that can run as a Virtual Machine. It highly simplifies the implementation of the product in any environment or architecture. With SpamTitanit is easy to manage any internet domain and all the rules to them related. 
I'm very satisfied with SpamTitan. We manage several installations on both single mail server and multi mail server configuration. SpamTitan is very easy to setup and maintain which makes it a perfect software for production environments."

2S Tech

"SpamTitan is easy to use and the support is first rate. I never dread contacting TitanHQ like I do with so many other companies. There isn't anything that I dislike. I could say that the price should be lower but it is really fair and competitive.
I recommend stop waiting and give SpamTitan a try. TitanHQ are non pressure and their products speak for themselves. The free trials are the best way to check out the products and see how wonderful they are. Customers need a spam filter for their exchange system. Because of this we deployed SpamTitan."

Brandon Friesen - IT Sales Consultant, Information and Technology Services

Meet the TitanShield Team

To start a conversation immediately email Conor Madden our Director of sales at partners@titanhq.com

Conor Madden TitanHQ

You might also have met Conor and the TitanHQ team at the following MSP events last year.
So far in 2021 our events have been virtual - however we are delighted to be returning to the road: 

You'll find the TitanShield team at the following Managed Service Provider events: 

January 2022

- Channel Pitch, Online, January 22nd. Register for FREE today.

- IT Nation Evolve, January 31st. Register for IT Nation Evolve.

February 2022

- Zero Trust World, Threatlocker. Orlando, Florida. February 21st-23rd. Meet us in Orlando! Register your place.


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