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Webinar - ‘It Just Takes One Click’

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Webinar - ‘It Just Takes One Click’

Discussion on New Osterman Research Paper -  'It Just Takes One Click'

It's not the "one that got away" (fish), but rather the "one that got through" (phish)!

Just one click on a malicious link OR one phishing email that got through the net OR Just one employee who sent an email to the wrong person is all it takes to result in a data breach, malware download and serious reputational damage.

This webinar on April 24th will focus on some key finding in this latest whitepaper :

  • How phishing is getting more sophisticated
  • Threat actors are not standing still or relying on the same malicious playbook
  • New types of phishing attacks, for example, QR code phishing
  • Multi-stage phishing attacks
  • Why it's a problem if you are only relying on native security capabilities in Microsoft 365
  • How an inline AI-powered third-party email security platform can dramatically enhance your email security posture
  • Multiple layers of protection against email threats

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