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TitanHQ WebTitan MSP Alliance Program

WebTitan MSP Alliance Program

A DNS Filter for MSP’s; Save on Customer Support Time and Prevent Malware Infecting your Customers

TitanHQ has been working with Managed Service Providers globally since 1999.  We developed WebTitan for the MSP sector to meet the specific requirements of the SMB marketplace. This focus has culminated in our go-to-market strategy for WebTitan; the MSP Alliance Program designed for strategic OEM, ISP and MSP Partners.

Click below to download the WebTitan for Service Providers Datasheet.

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TitanHQ WebTitan MSP Alliance Program

What will the WebTitan Alliance Program bring you?

Your Benefits : 

  • Save on costly customer support time, hours and cost. Reduce your number one uncontrollable expense; the people on your IT operations team. Spend less time cleaning infected customer networks and devices. No more costly Cryptolocker support calls.
  • WebTitan is a highly effective DNS based web filter that’s scalable, quickly and easily installed, configured and managed for multiple domains. Stopping malicious requests at the DNS layer is preferred over waiting for the payload to be delivered onto the machine and then removed. By stopping it at the DNS layer you're reducing not only malware infections, but containing machines already infected by preventing them from communicating out to their C&C servers.
  • It’s Multi-Tenant and API driven with a MSP dashboard. We’ve been working successfully with the MSP sector since 1999. 
  • White Labelling – rebrand WebTitan Cloud with your corporate logo and colours and resell it as a hosted service add-on for your clients. 
  • URL Filtering - WebTitan offers real-time URL filtering of up to 53 predefined and 8 customizable categories of over 500 million websites, 6 billion web pages, in 200 languages.
  • Provide customers with statistics on malware infections prevented and leverage the top allowed domains feature to sell your customer monitoring and ‘Web Filtering as a Service’.
TitanHQ WebTitan MSP Alliance Program

Feedback from MSP’s

Here’s what our MSP customers are saying about offering web filtering and anti-malware:

“By reducing malware-related security incidents, you're reducing your number one uncontrollable expense: the people on your IT operations team, like your help desk techs.”

MSP, Washington, US

 “It's baked into our fees as well, and our Crypto calls dropped to 0”

MSP, London, UK

 “Web filtering is one of the, if not the greatest bang for your buck services. It’s built in anti malware has protected our clients, saving us thousands of hours of repair time I am absolutely certain.”

MSP, New York, US

 “I don’t remember the last time one of our customers got Cryptolocker. I bundle it with our offering so that they get it no matter what just to make my life easier on virus removal or data problems.”

MSP, Seattle

 “Filtered DNS that doesn't allow your clients to participate in botnets or any command and control network? Yes please”

MSP, San Francisco

“a key part of our security stack as we've scaled to over 6,000 managed endpoints, while decreasing virus and malware related tickets by 70%.”

MSP, Boston

 “It has paid for itself many times over by reducing malware calls.”

MSP, Toronto

TitanHQ WebTitan MSP Alliance Program

What can your customers expect?

What your customers will get :

  • Ransomware and malware blocking. Protection from malware, ransomware and other web threats. 60,000 Malware iterations blocked every day. 
  • A quick and easy to use DNS filter to manage and control web usage. Block malicious sites.
  • Easy to implement; Easy to use. Customer accounts are up and running within 20 minutes
  • Improve Network Performance: No Latency DNS filtering. Reduce bandwidth waste and abuse.
  • Granular content filtering and flexible user policies
  • Support dynamic IP’s
  • Works with any device
  • Full reporting suite. WebTitan contains a comprehensive reporting suite providing automated graphical reports.
  • Fully automated updating, thus requiring minimal management overhead possible while ensuring maximum security.
  • Whitelists and Blacklists Global whitelists and blacklists and custom categories can be configured to allow/block by full website address or by IP

TitanHQ WebTitan MSP Alliance Program
TitanHQ WebTitan MSP Alliance Program

Join our WebTitan MSP Alliance Program Today

Why Join: 

  • Save on customer support time, hours and cost. No more costly Cryptolocker call outs.
  • Easy to deploy, manage and sell our industry leading cloud based web filtering solution
  • Simple Integration into your existing Service Stack through API’s and RMM integrations
  • Competitive pricing strategies and core focus on the SMB market. Includes monthly billing as we understand that you bill your clients monthly, we’ve aligned our billing cycles to make life easier for you. No minimum sign ups or unreasonable monthly targets.
  • Grow Your Revenue. Recurring revenue model on a high margin, subscription based SaaS solution
  • White Labelling. WebTitan can be fully rebranded with your branding. We work seamlessly in the background.
  • Set & Forget. WebTitan requires minimal IT service intervention
  • Short Sales Cycle. Only 14 day free trial required to test
  • World Class Support. Best customer service in the industry with scalable pre-sales and technical support and sales & technical training
  • Multi-tenant dashboard. MSP-client hierarchy enables you to keep clients separated and choose whether to manage client settings in bulk or on an individual basis
  • Become a TitanHQ Certified Partner, receive One to One Training with Our Sales Engineers and have a Dedicated Alliance Manager

If you have any questions or would like to start a conversation, please contact our Global Program Director Conor Madden at or call us direct on +1 813 304 2544.

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TitanHQ WebTitan MSP Alliance Program

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