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TitanSecure - Triple Threat Cyber Protection for Non Profit Organisations

TitanSecure is a security solution featuring SpamTitan, WebTitan, and ArcTitan. It allows you to implement a multi-layered defense system to minimize potential weaknesses and enhance your cybersecurity infrastructure's overall strength, ensuring all fronts are fortified.

Protect your end users from phishing, malware, and cyber attacks using our advanced AI-driven threat intelligence.

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Top 6 Reasons to Choose TitanHQ

Office 365 Protection

Strengthen your Office365 email security against malware through a defence in-depth approach.

Secure Environment

Email data is always available, replicated and secure.


Use machine learning and behavioural analysis to enable your security team to safety detonate suspicious files.

Ensure Business Compliance

Ensure GDPR, SEC and FCA and SAR compliance.

Zero Day Attack Protection

Anticipate new attacks using predictive technology providing a secure solution for email.


Devices and device management using eDNS.

Enhanced API Layer

Full Data offload via API.

OTG Agents

For Windows 11, MacOS and Chromebook.

Lightening Fast Search

Lightening fast email search speeds.

Why choose TitanSecure?


Email security blocking phishing, malware, spam, viruses and other malicious email threats.


Highly effective security layer. Network umbrella for malware and phishing attacks.


Email archiving solution that’s easy to deploy and manage. Cost friendly with immediate ROI.

Triple Threat Protection

All-in-one advanced Email Security, Network and DNS Protection, Data Loss Prevention & Email and Teams Archiving.

Hear from our customers

Everything has really been great with the pricing and licensing. In fact, we just implemented ArcTitan because everything was going so well with SpamTitan.

Tech Services Company


[WebTitan is] easy to roll out and add to someone's layers of security, which makes it an easy and affordable solution. Also, it's not extremely expensive. In addition, WebTitan and SpamTitan work hand and hand. I recommend getting both.

Paul Rubera

President at Powerhouse Systems MSP

SpamTitan has other suites. They have WebTitan and ArcTitan. We recently purchased ArcTitan and are using it. We will also probably be moving into WebTitan. I would rate it as 10 out of 10. It is a great product.


IT Services

I love how seamlessly it integrates with Microsoft365. It is also one of the easiest tools I've had to set up, and it is very easy to scale up as an organization grows. I've had to simulate several targeted phishing attacks against my organization and each time, the tool does it job like the Titan it is.

Goodness I.

Information Security Analyst

1st of All, Spam Titan is Users Friendly GUI; secondly, Support Team is very professional and helps you out of the way to resolve the opened Tickets, even sharing screenshots and step-by-step solutions.

Farrukh Ali Q.

Information Technology System Administrator

Simple to use, and great support. Every support rep who answers the phone can solve your problem. They can even take over the session and walk you through it, or fix it for you. In a business where service is dying, they exceed expectations. Daily spam reports, easy block and allow setup. You can go shared cloud or private cloud and prices are great.

Geff M.

IT Administrator

Want to Learn More?

Want to Learn More?