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Web Filtering, Email Spam Filtering and Email Archiving

  • Award winning web filtering, malware blocking, email spam blocking and email archiving.
  • Providing threat protection at source; blocking malware, ransomware, spyware, phishing and malicious sites.  
  • WebTitan web filter, SpamTitan email filter and ArcTitan email archiving are powered by our team at TitanHQ.

TitanHQ: Email Anti Spam/Malware Solution, Web Filtering Platform & Email Archiving

Our products fit seamlessly into your existing network. They are functionally rich, offering multiple integration options via our advanced API set, granular policy controls, a full reporting suite and comprehensive web protection. We block over 60,000 new malware sites every single day. Engineered to be set up and managed in minutes. We provide threat protection at source. With over 25 years web security experience TitanHQ is trusted by over 7,500 businesses across 135 countries.

DNS Based Web Content Filtering. A vital web security layer and the ability to filter your web content. Can be deployed as a gateway, shared or private cloud.

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Email Anti-Spam and Malware Blocking. Blocks spam, viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing attempts and other email threats.

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ArcTitan Email Archiving. Cloud based email archiving built for business. Compliant, fast, secure and Office 365 enabled

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Web filtering and malware blocking for your business

WebTitan provides a key security layer blocking malware and threats at source. In parallel it allows you to manage web activity easily and intuitively on your network.

Web Filtering for Business

Education sector using our web filtering and spam blocking solutions

You need to protect your students, faculty, and your network, while delivering a usable solution that works for all. CIPA, eRate, BYOD we've got you covered.

Email and Web Filtering for schools

Managed Service Providers and Partners

Our products are now used by over 1,500 MSP's globally. Fantastic margin makers, we shrink and grow with our partners. Proud members of the HTG, Datto, Comptia, Kaseya, ConnectWise and ASCII communities. Products built for MSP's by MSP's.

Managed Service Providers Section
TitanHQ webtitan

Web Filtering and Malware Blocking

TitanHQ webtitan
TitanHQ spamtitan

Email Anti Spam Solution

  • Blocks 99.9% of Spam, Malware, Ransomware, Phishing & Viruses
  • Can be deployed as a shared cloud, private cloud or Gateway Solution
  • Easy to install, simple to configure, up and running in minutes
  • Low maintenance overhead, fully automated updating and end user spam management
  • Web interface that allows controlled access form the network and removes the need for client based management software.
  • LDAP, Dynamic and aliases file recipient verification
  • Multi award winning spam filter with 5 star industry renowned customer support. A source of huge pride for the business
  • MSP friendly anti-spam platform available 
TitanHQ spamtitan
TitanHQ arctitan

Email Archiving

  • ArcTitan guarantees secure email archiving  
  • Significantly enhances Office 365 email Search and Storage functionality. Massive cost and time savings
  • A powerful search tool. Your emails are archived and retrievable instantly. Slashes time and cost.
  • Flexible pay as you go email archiving model. Per live user subscription only. Save up to 75% email storage space
  • ArcTitan offers granular control by allowing the administrator to create different roles. 
  • The solution is legally complaint with Sarbanes Oxley, HIPPA, GDPR and all major regulatory standards. 
  • ArcTitan is compatible with all major mail servers and email services including Office 365.
  • ArcTitan’s reporting allows for fast automation of searches, which can be scheduled
  • ArcTitan can be securely accessed from any device
TitanHQ arctitan


WebTitan blocks malicious sites and links containing malware, ransomware and other threats. Allows you to manage web content in your business


SpamTitan stops email spam, viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing attempts and malicious links from your email network.


ArcTitan allows users to securely archive emails and simply retrieve these archived emails.

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