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OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella Top Alternatives 2019

OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella Top Alternatives 2019

OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella Top Alternatives 2019

OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella customers are looking for alternative web filtering solutions. Here are the reasons why.

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In general terms, WebTitan is a direct swap out for OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella. In the last 36 months, many OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella customers have switched to WebTitan. This guide examines the 12 reasons that so many OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella users move to WebTitan as an alternative filtering and malware blocking solution.

The number one reason in 2019 is a simple one: Open DNS Cisco Umbrella Pricing.
The current 2019 OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella pricing comparison that we are seeing in the MSP market when talking to prospective customers is as follows:
OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella: $2.70
TitanHQ WebTitan:  $1.50


This Guide Examines

  • OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella Pricing
  • Ease of Use & Management
  • Twice as much custom reporting with WebTitan than Cisco Umbrella OpenDNS
  • WebTitan Extensive API
  • Lack of Post-Sales Support from Cisco Umbrella
  • Private Cloud in Your Environment, not Cisco's
  • Differences in Support levels - overly complex support structure
  • Data Compliance - Where exactly is your data?
  • Google Safe Search problems with OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella
  • Alerts
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Only pay for what you use with WebTitan

Open your FREE 2019 guide for more detail on why WebTitan is a great alternative to OpenDNS Umbrella. If you are interested and feel some of these reasons apply to you as a customer or as a managed service provider feel free to drop us an email on info@TitanHQ.com . 

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