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Features and Benefits of PhishTitan

Insightful Reporting

Threat data and analytics help customers to assess their risk profile.

Industry Leading Support Team

Committed to your success from day one, with our dedicated support teams.

High Detection Accuracy

Best-in-class phishing protection for M365 with additional layer of security.

AI & LLM Driven Analysis

AI & LLM Driven Analysis

PhishTitan employs layers of analysis and machine learning (ML) models to detect phishing emails. Curated feeds identify malicious URLs.

Next-Gen Phishing Protection

Cutting-edge defense against phishing threats.

High Detection Accuracy

Catches threats Microsoft misses.

Auto Remediation

Post Delivery Remediation allows MSPs to swiftly eliminate threats from users’ inboxes, promptly removing malicious mail that has already been delivered.

Instant Inbox Threat Removal

Identify and remove emails containing malicious URLs.

Tenant-Wide Instant Remediation

Robust cross-tenant features for detection and response.

Auto Remediation
URL Rewriting

URL Rewriting

PhishTitan rewrites URLs to ensure Link Lock protection. It inspects and rewrites all URLs to detect links to malicious sites, ensuring safety.

Link Lock Service

Link rewriting provides a defense against harmful URLs.

Time of Click Protection

Safeguard users by inspecting and evaluating URLs.

Advanced M365 Security

Integrated with M365, it scans all emails (internal and external), augmenting EOP and MS Defender for unbeatable phishing protection.

Augments EOP and MS Defender

Strengthen M365 security measures.

Native and API-Based Integration

Seamless communication and compatibility.

Advanced M365 Security
Stop Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Stop Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Through real-time analysis and threat assessment, PhishTitan neutralizes Business Email Compromise (BEC) and spear-phishing scams before they begin.

Stop CEO & Invoice Fraud

Prevent targeted employee email attacks.

Block Supply Chain Scams

Protecting assets, trust & reputation from BEC.

Did You Know?


cyber attacks begin with phishing

10 minutes

to seamlessly install PhishTitan

$10.5 trillion

estimated global cybercrime cost

295 days

to stop & spot a phishing attack

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PT Product Page
PT Product Page

Hear from our customers

TitanHQ is ever-evolving and advancing its tool stack to help businesses protect their data.

As a TitanHQ partner, we have used all their other products to help secure our customers. The addition of PhishTitan shows that TitanHQ is ever-evolving and advancing its tool stack to help businesses protect their data. PhishTitan is helping us layer in more protection right inside the M365 mailbox. With threat actors now having the assistance of AI to help them form their malicious email attacks, it is more important now than ever for us to utilize an AI-driven tool like PhishTitan.

Hunter McFadden, GreenCube


We are planning to deploy to all our clients.

Since we deployed PhishTitan our users are more aware and better protected from phishing emails. The visual cues users get with suspicious emails is a great help. The Outlook Add-In also works fantastically. We are planning to deploy to all our clients. This is a definite win-win.

Hugh Meighan, PrincipaL-IT


Saves time and money.

I can guarantee you that we have seen ROI if only because it's blocking the phishing links. That one piece alone saves time and money.

Cindi Cockerham, Purple Language Services Co.

Network Engineer

Happy with PhishTitan!

PhishTitan does a good job of identifying possible threats and flags the email with a warning header to alert the email user.


IT Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is PhishTitan?

PhishTitan is a cloud-based, phishing prevention and remediation AI-driven security solution for companies using M365. It is powered by LLM intelligence.

Is PhishTitan a Phishing Prevention Solution for MSP's?

PhishTitan fits easily and seamlessly into an MSPs technology stack. PhishTitan Phishing Protection is functionally rich, offering multiple integration options, granular policy controls, a full reporting suite and comprehensive protection. Engineered to be set up and managed in minutes.

How Does a Phishing Prevention Solution Work?

PhishTitan inspects all URLs to identify links to malicious websites using market leading anti-phishing feeds. It rewrites all URLs and provides time-of-click analysis to protect against links to websites that appear to be safe on delivery but are later weaponized with malware.

Does my Organization Need an Anti-Phishing Solution?

Human error remains the highest cause of successful phishing attacks worldwide, as 97% of users fail to identify phishing emails. PhishTitan will prevent more then 99% of phishing emails ever arriving in the user mail box whilst adding a second layer of protection by URL re-writing.

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