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Phishing Protection

Best in class email security and phishing solution. Advanced phishing protection with AI-driven threat intel, zero-day threat intelligence not found in any other anti-phishing solution.

Phishing Protection Key Product Features

Advanced Phishing Protection

SpamTitan Plus is a leading edge, AI driven anti-phishing solution, with zero-day threat protection and intelligence.

Protection from Zero Day Attacks

The newest “zero-day” threat protection and intelligence protects against phishing, business email compromise and zero-day attacks by neutralizing malicious links in emails.

MSP Ready

SpamTitan Plus is a multi-tenant solution that seamlessly integrates into your infrastructure, with simple & fast deployment for your clients.

Predictive Phishing Detection

Predictive phishing detection combats automated bot phishing campaigns and prevents personalized URL attacks.

Email Protection

SpamTitan advanced spam protection protects your business by blocking spam, viruses, malware, ransomware and links to malicious websites from your emails.

Advanced Threat Protection

SpamTitan’s ATP defense uses Inbuilt Bayesian auto learning and heuristics to defend against advanced threats and evolving cyberattack techniques.

Click Time Verification

Malicious URLs detection in real-time when the user clicks on the URL.

Malicious URL Protection

Protection against URL-based email threats including malware-based threats and phishing.

Proven Spam Solution

Zero-day Threat intelligence not found in ANY other phishing product, with the lowest false positive rate of any feed. 100% coverage of ALL current market leading anti-phishing feeds.

5 Star Anti-Phishing Solution

SpamTitan Plus is a multi-award winning phishing prevention solution. Rated a 5-star anti-spam solution by the users of G2 Crowd, PeerSpot, Capterra & Spiceworks.

Industry Leading Support Team

Renowned for our focus on supporting customers with 98% satisfied customer rate in 2020

Microsoft 365 Protection Layer

Strengthen your Microsoft 365 accounts against phishing through an advanced phishing prevention solution.

What our customers say

spamtitan When we receive an email containing a link, it is checked before it gets to our employees. That is the best feature.

Milovan Milic, Head of IT Ichthus College Ichthus College

SpamTitan Plus is our primary defense for email against spam and viruses. Using SpamTitan saves us a ton of time.

Vipin Malhan, Network and Security Engineer Total Outsource   Total Outsource

SpamTitan is fully featured. It has an insanely high spam catch rate. It very rarely quarantines good emails and if it does, there are many tools for users to recover and whitelist future emails. The SpamTitan software has been the best email security investment I have made. The number of features and availability of support makes this the best email protection choice in a crowded marketplace.

Dave O'Brien, Network Administrator Diversified Dynamics Corp Diversified Dynamics Corp

Highly recommended anti-spam solution. The whole interface is user-friendly, easy to navigate and well designed. Easy to deal with spam/email viruses due to the fact it can detect spam through multi-layered analysis including: real-time blacklists, sender policy frameworks, and Bayesian analysis. It easy to administer and pretty much hands off once you get it configured. In simple terms, SpamTitan reduced the amount of spam our business received. As an IT Administrator, I rarely deal with spam

Andy Waver, IT Administrator Wholesale Mid-Market Wholesale Mid-Market

Cloud Version is Great for Managed Services Providers. We are an MSP with clients of all sizes that desire managed spam protection. They need the ability to see what messages are blocked and whitelist if necessary, in a format that all of their users can understand. We appreciate the simple, clean interface that gives us the ability to quickly setup new clients, as well as quickly find and take action on messages that the client needs to find right away. The support has been great

Andrew Burke, Vice President IT MSP MSP

Great Buy for MSP. I was a GFI customer with multiple clients using their services. I was elated to find SpamTitan and its ability to serve my customers privately from an MSP perspective. Also, I was able to get quick answers and I was able to buy the product directly from their website in minutes. Hands down, best product I have found in the past 5 years. Favorite thing is the level of control I have over inbound and outbound mail from an MSP perspective.

Mark Nunan , Senior Support Tech MSP

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Phishing Protection

Choose an implementation method that suits your network

SpamTitan Plus

  • SpamTitan Plus provides leading edge, AI driven anti-phishing solution with the newest “zero-day” threat protection and intelligence to protect users from harmful phishing threats.
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SpamTitan Plus for MSPs

  • SpamTitan Plus for Service Providers is an AI-Driven phishing detection solution that equips service providers and enterprises advanced phishing detection and prevention against harmful links.
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Business & M365 Phishing Prevention

You need a safer network, with reliable products that are supported by people who care about making your life easier. A vital Microsoft 365 email security layer


Malicious URL Protection for Schools

You need to protect your students, faculty, and your network, while delivering a usable solution that works for all. Let us help make it easier for you.

Malicious URL Protection for Schools

Phishing Prevention Solution for MSPs

You need to ensure that your customers are able use all your services safely, without risking your networks reputation. We deliver easy, customisable solutions.


Email Protection Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SpamTitan Plus is an advanced phishing protection solution, it includes AI-driven click time anti-phishing protection. It protects against phishing, business email compromise and zero-day attacks by neutralizing malicious links in emails.

SpamTitan Plus fits easily and seamlessly into an MSPs technology stack. SpamTitan Plus Phishing Protection is functionally rich, offering multiple integration options, granular policy controls, a full reporting suite and comprehensive protection. Engineered to be set up and managed in minutes.

SpamTitan Plus inspects all URLs to identify links to malicious websites using market leading anti-phishing feeds. It rewrites all URLs and provides time-of-click analysis to protect against links to websites that appear to be safe on delivery but are later weaponized with malware.

Human error remains the highest cause of successful phishing attacks worldwide, as 97% of users fail to identify phishing emails. With SpamTitan Plus an accidental click on a phishing email won't take you somewhere that suddenly starts downloading or running scripts against your computer to gather data. This layer of protection is critical in responding to phishing attacks.

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