Powerful Phishing Protection for M365.

PhishTitan is a next-generation phishing protection and remediation solution powered by TitanHQ. Our proprietary machine-learning algorithm integrates directly with Microsoft 365, catching and remediating sophisticated phishing attacks Microsoft misses. These sophisticated, zero-day attacks are currently being missed and are where the real damage occurs. Post-delivery remediation (PDR) allows you to remove all phishing emails from your user's inbox, removing risk instantly. Our curated and unique email threat intelligence data is unmatched in visibility, coverage, and accuracy.

Phishing Protection Key Product Features

AI Driven Analysis

Multiple layers of analysis (textual analysis, link analysis, attachment scanning ) and machine learning (ML) detection models are used to analyze the email body and determine if an email is a phishing attempt. URL analysis via numerous curated feeds detects malicious destinations linked to phishing emails.

Post Delivery Remediation

MSPs need a way to remove threats already delivered to their users’ inboxes. Post Delivery Remediation, provides the capability to remove malicious mail that has arrived in an inbox. MSPs can instantly remove a threat from multiple users’ inboxes at once.

URL Rewriting

We rewrite URLs to ensure they are protected by our Link Lock service. PhishTitan inspects and rewrites all URLs to identify links to malicious websites. When PhishTitan checks a URL it's rewritten and verified as safe.

Time of Click Protection

When a user clicks on a link, we analyse the destination of that link and if we deem it to be dangerous, we block access to that site. The phishing catch rate is exceptional.

Banner Notifications

To inform and educate users, we provide banners at the top of unsafe emails indicating that this mail has been identified as malicious. If anomalies or suspicious activities are discovered, these in-the-moment user warnings are displayed.

Native M365 Integration

PhishTitan is inline within M365 and scans all emails, internal and external. The native and API-based integration augments EOP and MS Defender where they need it most, providing unbeatable phishing protection; no MX changes are required. The application works seamlessly with M365 and pulls usage data from Azure AD.

Detailed & Insightful Reports

PhishTitan surfaces threat data and analytics to help customers assess their risk profile. Provides automatic warning of suspect emails. Feedback using Outlook add-in.

Quick Deployment

Protection is up and running in less than 10 minutes and is managed from a single interface, allowing administrators to cleanse multiple inboxes in one click. Onboarding is super simple. See more.

TitanHQ Add- In

The outlook add-in enables users to provide phishing or clean mail feedback to the PhishTitan administrator, enabling analysis and further action by the administrator. If a user receives a suspect email, they can report it using the Outlook add-in. The data from these user reports helps improve the AI engine for future email classification.

Spam & Malware Protection

PhishTitan uses the Microsoft API to integrate into Outlook and scan emails for the most dangerous malicious threats. PhishTitans, multiple layers of analysis and detection methods, offer unbeatable anti-phishing accuracy for zero-day attacks, with minimal false positive results.

Industry Leading Support Team

Renowned for our focus on supporting customers with a 98% customer satisfaction rate in 2022. TitanHQ is committed to providing the best service and goes above and beyond for our customers.

Advanced Phishing Protection

PhishTitan provides next-generation phishing protection and remediation. Our proprietary machine-learning algorithm integrates directly with Microsoft 365, catching and remediating sophisticated phishing attacks Microsoft misses.

Phishing Protection

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Phishing Protection

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Email Protection Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PhishTitan is a cloud-based, phishing prevention and remediation AI-driven security solution for companies using M365. It is powered by LLM intelligence.

PhishTitan fits easily and seamlessly into an MSPs technology stack. PhishTitan Phishing Protection is functionally rich, offering multiple integration options, granular policy controls, a full reporting suite and comprehensive protection. Engineered to be set up and managed in minutes.

PhishTitan inspects all URLs to identify links to malicious websites using market leading anti-phishing feeds. It rewrites all URLs and provides time-of-click analysis to protect against links to websites that appear to be safe on delivery but are later weaponized with malware.

Human error remains the highest cause of successful phishing attacks worldwide, as 97% of users fail to identify phishing emails. PhishTitan will prevent more then 99% of phishing emails ever arriving in the user mail box whilst adding a second layer of protection by URL re-writing.


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