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Email Archiving Solution with ArcTitan

Email archiving solution that is Office 365 integrated and automated with lightening fast email search speeds, easy to set-up and cost friendly deployments. Our email archiving solution stores an email copy in the email archive turning that data into a repository for daily use. All business-critical data sent or received using email is securely stored and easily retrievable in ArcTitan. Your email data is always available, replicated and secure. Meet all your business compliance requirements and address archiving requests easily

Email Archiving Solutions with ArcTitan

Office 365 Email Archive Solution

A seamless integration with Office365, ArcTitan simplifies email archiving. An essential function for compliance, ArcTitan is the cost effective and most time efficient way of managing email storage for your organisation.

Lightening Fast Search and Retrieval

Quickly navigate emails in the cloud-based archive solution within seconds. Instant access to emails on demand improves time efficiency for employees. MS Outlook plugin, search within the plugin without leaving Outlook.

A Simple to Use Email Archive Solution.

Easy to use for both admins and end users, ArcTitan ensures easy setup and easy access to email archives. Find and retrieve any archived email in seconds.

Secure and Perpetual

Email encryption ensures 100% protection against data loss. All emails are encrypted in transit and when stored.

eDiscovery and EU GDPR

ArcTitan allows your business to meet legal compliance obligations such as GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and eDiscovery. Access customer data in the cloud based email archive, instantly and effectively when required.

Remote Access to Archived Emails

Cloud-based email archiving offers a simple and secure way to manage corporate emails to ensure compliance, security, and privacy for your remote workforce.

Cloud Based Archive Solution

No on-site hardware required. Store unlimited email to a secure archiving solution. Archiving for Public and Private Chats in MS Teams. Ultimate scalability.

Save up to 75% Email Storage Space

Reduce the load on your mail servers with ArcTitan email archiving. Reduces from 1,000 GBs to 200 GBs.

Huge Savings in Email Storage Costs

A cost effective and efficient email archive solution that will save you up to 80% on storage space.

Protection and Back Up

Never lose data again with ArcTitan. Full protection against data loss. Protect mail servers against outages.

Simple Administration.

Easy to use for both admins and end users. Ability to manage the entire sytem from your Outlook.Manage your Billing and Users from within the Billing UI.

GDPR Compliance

This GDPR compliant solution, allows users to find and remove a customer's data instantly when required.

What our customers say

Exceptionally easy to install and insert into our email infrastructure. The effect and affect of ArcTitan cloud Email Archiving solution was dramatic. The load on our Exchange server was reduced by 80% immediately.

Mike Pluta, IT Director NRC Broadcasting De Montfort University, UK

Fast search, scalable, very easy to operate and has all the email archiving features a company needs to have. Safe and the cost was fantastic. A truly superb cloud email archiving tool that has saved us in both ways - pricing and compliance.

Jesse Gusmao, IT Manager Sociedade Hospital Samaritano, Brasil De Montfort University, UK

I can tell you our experience has been outstanding. ArcTitan email archiving solution has been the most effective solution we've found. Initially, we tested it for ourselves, but given the success we've had, we're now signed up as a reseller and are confidently introducing the product to our small and medium clients. It's a perfect fit for our marketplace.

Lou Liberio, IT Director Clarion Data Systems De Montfort University, UK

ArcTitan email archiving is one of the best services we have. I can't begin to figure out how many times it has solved problems or how much time it has saved me from having to search PST files

Steven Davis , VP of MIS Parabit Systems De Montfort University, UK

Very easy email archive to use. much better search tool than Microsoft E-discovery when searching for emails. once in place, users can safely delete, clean up their mailboxes knowing that ArcTitan has a permanent record for them to search.

Adrian Lane , Director of IT Recruitment De Montfort University, UK

Arctitan cloud archiving is providing us with the peace of mind of knowing that all company mails, without exception, are being captured and archived. This is all being done without any impact to mail performance and with an incredibly straight forward implementation.

Dave Kelly , IT Infrastructure Lead Applegreen PLC De Montfort University, UK

Learn More About our Email Archiving Solution

Email Archiving Solutions with ArcTitan

ArcTitan Cloud Email Archive

Email Archiving in the Cloud. Secure, Powerful, Compliant, Encrypted, Fast. Quick to setup. Easy to use and manage.

Email Archiving Solutions with ArcTitan

Email Archiving Solutions for Business

You need robust search capability, using a dedicated archiving tool is more powerful and robust than using your email client. Save 75% on storage costs.

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Email Archiving Solutions with ArcTitan

Cloud Email Archiving for Education

Educational organisations need to manage massive amounts of email.With ArcTitan there are no storage limits

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Email Archiving Solutions with ArcTitan

Email Archiving Solutions for Managed Service Providers

With ArcTitan your customers are able to store and access email as required. With ArcTitan they get automatic back up, no tape machines/discs required, no off-site storage and no question when it comes to data recovery.

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Email Archiving Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Email archiving is a software which can preserve emails in a format which can be stored digitally and retrieved later on if needed. It is a great way to retrieve important emails you may need to reference in the future.

ArcTitan is a leading cloud based email archiving solutions that offers a secure and easy way to manage corporate emails to ensure compliance, security & privacy for all users whether on site or remote. Every email is given a unique identity which remains with it for its entire life in the archive and fully indexed.

Because many organizations need to keep their emails for several years to meet regulations, good practice & corporate governance standards, email archiving is essential. As email usage continues to grow, a cloud email archive provides infinite scalability.

ArcTitan email archiving allows you to offer your customers email archiving as-a-service to keep their business email data safe & secure in a tamper-proof email archive. ArcTitan is a fast & secure cloud based email archiving solution, with encrypted email transfer and IL5 certified cloud storage, & rapid searches & email data retrieval.

ArcTitan is a cloud-based email archiving solution that is Microsoft 365 integrated and automated with lightening fast email search speeds. The easy-to-use solution allows financial services to meet the highly regulated compliance laws in the event of an audit trail in the event of litigation.

ArcTitan costs $4.40 per user per month & $4 per user bought annually with a 25 user minimum size. Try our demo today to see how ArcTitan can help your business.

ArcTitan employs advanced technology to ensure lightning-fast email search speeds. This means that users can quickly navigate through emails in the cloud-based archive, improving overall time efficiency.

Yes, ArcTitan is designed to meet legal compliance obligations, including GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and eDiscovery. It enables businesses to access customer data in the cloud-based email archive instantly and effectively when required.

Yes, ArcTitan is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It offers a straightforward setup process for both administrators and end users. Accessing and retrieving archived emails is a simple task that can be completed in seconds.

ArcTitan can significantly reduce the load on mail servers, often resulting in a reduction from 1,000 GBs to 200 GBs, saving up to 75% of email storage space.

Absolutely, ArcTitan is a cost-effective solution that can save up to 80% on storage space, resulting in substantial cost savings for organizations.

ArcTitan is GDPR compliant, allowing users to quickly find and remove a customer's data when required, helping businesses meet GDPR requirements.

ArcTitan provides full protection against data loss, ensuring that emails are safeguarded. This protects mail servers from experiencing outages and ensures continuous access to critical data.

No, ArcTitan is a cloud-based archive solution, eliminating the need for on-site hardware. It allows for unlimited email storage in a secure archiving environment, making it highly scalable.

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