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Features and Benefits of WebTitan

Advanced Reporting

Different considerations for different environments.

Scalable & Fast

Solutions can handle any volume of usage with no latency.

Industry Leading Support Team

Committed to your success from day one, with our dedicated support teams.

All API Driven

Remote management and monitoring via API.

MSP Success Stories

Check out the latest testimonial videos from our MSP Partners.

Hear From Our MSPs

Discover what Active IT Systems has to say about offering their customers the complete TitanHQ solution suite.

Customer Testimonials

Watch all of our video testimonials from MSP partners and see how TitanHQ has been instrumental in their success!

MSP Success Stories
Content Filtering

Content Filtering

Content filtering is a critical function for maintaining a secure network. It ensures access to malicious sites are blocked, thwarting malware and breaches.

Enhanced Security

MSPs can enhance the security posture of clients.

Low Overhead

No additional hardware or software required.

Malware Blocking

Prevent malware entering an organization, filters can be set to block sites that commonly host malware, such as those related to pornography or gambling.

URL Classification

Over 500M visited URLs inform our threat corpus.

Increased Productivity

When known distractions like social media and streaming video sites are blocked, productivity increases.

Malware Blocking
Flexible Policies

Flexible Policies

Define URL filtering policies and control Internet access for users or groups, blocking or allowing specific URLs or website categories.

Control Network Access

Tailor policies by network, group, user, or device.

Corporate Usage Policies

Block adult, gambling, hate, and illegal sites.

Malicious Detection Service

Implement robust measures to prevent malicious spyware and hackers from accessing sensitive user and company information.

Real Time Threat Detection & Monitoring

Crowd-sourced approach for URL analysis.

URL, Domain and Path Coverage

Deep analysis due to full path detection.

Malicious Detection Service
Phishing Prevention

Phishing Prevention

Offering time-of-click protection in phishing emails, WebTitan prevents users from accessing malicious sites, breaking the phishing cycle.

Protect Client Data

Restricts clicks/links from launching malicious websites.

Enforce Regulatory Compliance

Promotes compliance with internet usage policies.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an additional layer of security used to protect your WebTitan account from unauthorized access.

Enhanced Security

MSPs can now enable the enforcement of 2FA, reset 2FA for both MSP and customer admins and can see if 2FA has been setup for each administrator.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Even if your password is compromised, 2FA prevents unauthorized access to your account.

Two-Factor Authentication

Did You Know?


businesses experienced DNS attack


malware & spyware domains categorised a day


predefined categories by default


of websites tested by Google for malware were infected

DNS Security Report for MSPs

The internet provides businesses with ample opportunity and unprecedented scope for growth, but alongside its many positives comes risk. It's important your MSP clients are aware of the threat posed by not taking their DNS security seriously.

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Cisco Umbrella Alternatives and Competitors

WebTitan offers a seamless replacement for OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella. Over the past 24 months, numerous OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella clients have migrated to WebTitan DNS Filtering. This guide compares both solutions, highlighting the reasons users migrate to WebTitan as a preferred web filtering and DNS security solution.

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Powerful Phishing Protection & Remediation for MSPs

Discover how PhishTitan's dedication to phishing protection empowers your MSP business for growth and allows you develop a security portfolio to enhance profitability. This datasheet explores PhishTitan's essential MSP features, equipping you to achieve precisely that.

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Inner & Product Scrolling Assets
Inner & Product Scrolling Assets
Inner & Product Scrolling Assets

Hear from our customers

Reasonably priced, great support, and easy to set up and block what I need to block.

It gives us peace of mind. We don't have to watch what kids are doing as much as we used to in order to ensure they're not getting into things they shouldn't be getting into. Knowing that they're being protected gives us peace of mind. I do not get as many viruses, phishing, or malware attacks since using WebTitan.

Lill Batson

Director, Viola Public Library

Setting up web filters is simple and quick, and once installed and configured, it pretty much works on its own.

We use it to keep people from streaming in our main office. Everything goes through our main office, and we don't want it to be clogged so that nobody can get to it. We have to limit the streaming capabilities of the users and access to any inappropriate sites.

Bob Miller

Information Services, Vista Hill

Keeps us from getting compromised with something that will impact the day-to-day business.

Not a whole lot of oversight is required after WebTitan is installed. I get email notifications and occasionally browse the reporting. This is pretty important because I don't have the bandwidth to actively monitor all this stuff 24/7. It is just not possible. Therefore, it is important that it doesn't require a lot of my time once it is deployed and working.

Joe King

Director, Information Technology

Webtitan has been a vital part of our Cyber Security stack.

I'm very pleased with the product overall. The purchase and deployment was smooth and have very little issues. Ease of deployment can be done with on prem relay or via agent install. The deployment and setup can be done in minutes and pushed out via RMM.

Elwood K.

Project Manager

Good Product, Great Support.

The product has been a success. Deploying has been easier than expected and the support from the WebTitan team has been great. The customizable client facing response is easily managed. The support team has been outstanding.

Adam M.

Senior NOC Manager

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Cloud Web Filter?

A cloud web filter is a cloud based web filtering solution allowing you to monitor, control and protect users when online. Requiring no on-premise software or end user client software, setting up the cloud web filter is simple and quick. Cloud-web filtering solutions make it possible to adapt to the internet protecting users and data from evolving threats.

What does the WebTitan Cloud Web Filter Block?

The WebTitan Cloud web filter provides complete protection to users from online threats by blocking access to dangerous website categories including malware, phishing, spam, annonimiser sites. WebTitan allows adherence to corporate web usage policies by blocking access to categories such as adult, pornography, hate speech and nudity; or create usage policies to ensure resource protection, controlling or limiting access to social media, video or streaming sites.

How do I set up WebTitan DNS Filtering?

You can sign up to a fully supported, free trial of WebTitan Cloud (no commitment required) and be up and running in 5 minutes. All you need to do is add your external IP address and choose a policy to suit your needs. Once you redirect your DNS to WebTitan Cloud you’re ready to begin.

What are the Benefits of Using WebTitan?

WebTitan offers a comprehensive range of benefits. It proactively protects network uptime and remote/mobile/branch/roaming end users. WebTitan prevents internal employee breaches, including C2 call backs from phishing links and employs a layered approach to security. WebTitan relieves strain on other security solutions such as antivirus (AV) and firewalls and significantly reduces security incidents.

How Do I Integrate WebTitan Cloud into my Existing Cloud Offering?

WebTitan Cloud offers a robust Rest API set with dedicated infrastructure, allowing easy incorporation of DNS filtering and customer onboarding directly into your existing cloud offering. Full set of keys and secrets are readily available for WebTitan Cloud administrators.

What are the Key Features of this Product?

The key features include; Malware Blocking, Content Filtering, Phishing Prevention, Flexible Policies, Secure BYOD, Best-in-Class Support, Enhanced Reporting and Real-Time Updates.

How Does WebTitan Protect Against Phishing Attacks?

The product leverages AI-powered protection to actively identify and block both active and emerging phishing URLs, including zero-minute threats.

How Does Malware Blocking Work?

Malware Blocking actively identifies and blocks malicious software, phishing attempts, viruses, ransomware, and other threats from infiltrating your network.

What is Content Filtering?

Content Filtering ensures that malicious content is intercepted and blocked at the source before it reaches your network, providing an additional layer of protection.

How Can Flexible Policies Benefit My Organization?

Flexible Policies allow you to customize security considerations for different environments within your organization, ensuring tailored protection where it's needed most.

How Scalable is WebTitan's Solution?

Our solutions are designed to handle any volume of usage without introducing latency or compromising performance.

What Reporting Capabilities Are Available?

We provide comprehensive reporting tools that deliver the insights you need to effectively control and protect your network.

What Level of Support Can I Expect?

WebTitan is renowned for its top-class support team, ensuring that you receive the assistance and guidance you need to effectively implement and manage your security solution.

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