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WebTitan DNS Filter

DNS filtering and DNS security solution providing AI driven threat protection and advanced web content controls. DNS Filtering is one of the best ways to protect your users against online threats such as phishing and malware.

DNS Filtering and DNS Security from WebTitan Key Product Features

Malware Blocking

Blocks Malware, Phishing, Viruses, Ransomware & Malicious Sites

Content Filtering

Business web filter eliminates malicious content at the source

Flexible Policies

Different considerations for different environments

Secure BYOD

Obligation for businesses to provide secure WiFi

Scalable & Fast

Solutions can handle any volume of usage with no latency


Delivering all the reporting you need to control and protect

All API Driven

Remote Management and Monitoring via API

Best Support

Renowned for our top class support team

Phishing Prevention

AI-Powered Protection Against Active and Emerging Phishing URLs including Zero-Minute Threats

Malicious Detection Service

Monitor and identify malicious threats in real-time with unmatched speed, scale, and accuracy.

Business Email Compromise

Protect against BEC and email account compromise

Data Offload

The ability to list and download DNS request history in file format. Logs are available via API.

Enhanced Reporting

Interactive reports and data visualization. Behavior, Blocked, Security and Trend Reports embedded in the WebTitan product.


DNSSEC strengthens authentication in DNS using digital signatures based on public key cryptography.

OTG Device Exceptions

A replacement for JSON Config (filters) for OTG Devices. Ease of adding exceptions to OTG devices via a simplistic user interface.

Real-Time Updates

Newly identified threats are immediately propagated to database deployments worldwide to provide maximum coverage and protection against emerging, zero-hour threats.

What our customers say

We have been very happy with WebTitan DNS Filter since deploying it. It’s given us a 360-degree view of internet use in the company allowing us manage internet usage and minimize non-work related browsing and access to unsafe sites.

Mr. Franklin Price, IT Manager Social Insurance Bank De Montfort University, UK

We looked at various enterprise Wifi security solutions before choosing WebTitan DNS filter. I was really taken aback by the price point, features and functionality we were going to get with WebTitan Cloud for WiFi,” he said. “Other solutions didn’t have all the features and functionalities we wanted; they could do some of what we now do but at a higher cost.

Mr. Alasdair Morison, IT Manager Selfridges De Montfort University, UK

After 16 years working as a network administrator, the WebTitan DNS Filter has been the best product I have implemented! It is highly granular, easily modified and technical support is quick to respond, very polite, thorough and will follow up with the customer to ensure all is working properly

Mr. Tim Maples, Network Administrator Will Lou Gray Opportunity School De Montfort University, UK

Watch our short video showing how easy and effective DNS Filtering and DNS Security from WebTitan is

WebTitan Deployment Options

Choose an implementation method that suits your network

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi - Cloud Based WiFi Filtering, Built for Your Business

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a cloud based content filter which allows you to protect your hotspot guests from being exposed to inappropriate content!

DNS filtering with WebTitan Cloud for Service Providers - Cloud Based Web Filtering, Built for Service Providers

WebTitan Cloud for Service Providers

The Purpose built multi-tenant web content filtering and protection solution for Wifi Providers and MSP's

DNS Filtering with WebTitan DNS Filter built for Business, MSP’s and the Education sector.

WebTitan Cloud

WebTitan Cloud is brilliantly simple, set up in minutes and is easy to use. It provides the best content filtering and malware protection for your company and staff when online.

DNS Security for Business

Our DNS filter provides a vital security layer blocking malware and ransomware at source while also allowing you to manage internet usage easily

DNS Filter for Business

DNS Filter for Education

You need to protect your students, faculty, and your network, while delivering a usable solution that works for all devices. Perfect for BYOD environments and eRate and CIPA compliant.

DNS Filter for K12

DNS Security Partner for MSPs

DNS Filter layer and malware blocking at source at a margin friendly price for MSP's. Our platform is easily accessible through our advanced API set

DNS Filter for MSPs

WebTitan DNS filtering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A cloud web filter is a cloud based web filtering solution allowing you to monitor, control and protect users when online. Requiring no on-premise software or end user client software, setting up the cloud web filter is simple and quick. Cloud-web filtering solutions make it possible to adapt to the internet protecting users and data from evolving threats.

The WebTitan Cloud web filter provides complete protection to users from online threats by blocking access to dangerous website categories including malware, phishing, spam, annonimiser sites. WebTitan allows adherence to corporate web usage policies by blocking access to categories such as adult, pornography, hate speech and nudity; or create usage policies to ensure resource protection, controlling or limiting access to social media, video or streaming sites.

You can sign up to a fully supported, free trial of WebTitan Cloud (no commitment required) and be up and running in 5 minutes. All you need to do is add your external IP address and choose a policy to suit your needs. Once you redirect your DNS to WebTitan Cloud you’re ready to begin.

WebTitan offers a comprehensive range of benefits. It proactively protects network uptime and remote/mobile/branch/roaming end users. WebTitan prevents internal employee breaches, including C2 call backs from phishing links and employs a layered approach to security. WebTitan relieves strain on other security solutions such as antivirus (AV) and firewalls and significantly reduces security incidents.

WebTitan Cloud offers a robust Rest API set with dedicated infrastructure, allowing easy incorporation of DNS filtering and customer onboarding directly into your existing cloud offering. Full set of keys and secrets are readily available for WebTitan Cloud administrators.

The key features include; Malware Blocking, Content Filtering, Phishing Prevention, Flexible Policies, Secure BYOD, Best-in-Class Support, Enhanced Reporting and Real-Time Updates.

The product leverages AI-powered protection to actively identify and block both active and emerging phishing URLs, including zero-minute threats.

Malware Blocking actively identifies and blocks malicious software, phishing attempts, viruses, ransomware, and other threats from infiltrating your network.

Content Filtering ensures that malicious content is intercepted and blocked at the source before it reaches your network, providing an additional layer of protection.

Flexible Policies allow you to customize security considerations for different environments within your organization, ensuring tailored protection where it's needed most.

Our solutions are designed to handle any volume of usage without introducing latency or compromising performance.

We provide comprehensive reporting tools that deliver the insights you need to effectively control and protect your network.

WebTitan is renowned for its top-class support team, ensuring that you receive the assistance and guidance you need to effectively implement and manage your security solution.

WebTitan Cloud supports multiple user identification methods, with options for both Microsoft Active Directory and Azure AD. User requests can be identified using Active Directory integration or WebTitan roaming agents, providing better reporting and granular control.

Newly identified threats are immediately propagated to database deployments worldwide, ensuring maximum coverage and protection against emerging, zero-hour threats.

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