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WebTitan OTG, our On-The-Go agents, allows for off-network filtering and protection. ​ They allow for a WebTitan filtering policy to be applied to user's device when they are off the corporate network. ​OTG allows for per user filtering & reporting by associating a Device on WebTitan with each user's device. ​The OTG Agent is installed on the end user's device, DNS requests are routed through WebTitan where they are filtered and managed, providing for web filtering & device protection when users are remote working or traveling.​

Who Uses WebTitan OTG?

Amidst the rapid transition to remote work and learning, WebTitan OTG has experienced unprecedented adoption by businesses and educational institutions worldwide. WebTitan Cloud ensures employees and students are protected, regardless of their location, by shielding them from malicious websites and inappropriate or obscene content.

WebTitan OTG for Businesses

Our endpoint client safeguards remote workers, whether in-office or at home, from accessing malicious websites. With WebTitan Cloud, malware, phishing, viruses, ransomware, and malicious sites are blocked, ensuring secure remote work environments. Additionally, WebTitan empowers organizations to craft custom policies and implement them based on location or device, enhancing overall cybersecurity measures.

WebTitan OTG allows the owner to track the status of installed devices from the WebTitan Cloud UI, as well as manage the configuration settings and policies. Choose from a variety of reports or a real-time view of user's requests to provide insight on users traffic, what sites were requested, their categories and whether they were allowed or blocked.

WebTitan OTG for Education

A fast and cost-effective way to apply policies to your school's devices from the cloud, WebTitan OTG protects users by creating a safe working environment with security and safe search enforcement, while supporting schools CIPA compliance.

Why Deploy WebTitan On-The-Go:

•    Establishes a secure learning environment for students.
•    Offers comprehensive protection for remote workers against malware, ransomware, viruses, and other threats.
•    Enhances compliance with schools' CIPA regulations.
•    Simplifies deployment and management processes.
•    Provides fast, customizable, and precise DNS filtering.
•    Offers cost-effective solutions.
•    Implements user-level policies.
•    Facilitates comprehensive reporting across device users and locations.
•    Eliminates the need for additional on-premise hardware.
•    Removes the necessity for slow and costly VPNs or proxies for filtering purposes.

The Latest Version of WebTitan OTG 2:

The latest version of the WebTitan remote roaming agent, OTG (on-the-go) is now available.  The WebTitan OTG agent has been re-architected as a single-threaded application, meaning that the WebTitan OTG 2 agent is even more stable & secure and requires less CPU overhead from the users machines. WebTitan OTG 2 agent offers several other improvements: 

  • Remotely manage and configure OTG 2 devices after installation from your WebTitan Cloud, using the new device management UI. 
  • View detailed device information on all devices in WebTitan Cloud and apply global or individual configuration changes. 
  • Reliance on a user's IP address has been removed, with OTG 2 now using an EDNS tag to identify a user and their device. 
  • You can now automatically assign a specific policy to new devices during installation. 
  • OTG 2 uses a customer-specific install key that improves security during installation. The install key can also be regenerated in the WebTitan UI if necessary. 

Learn More about OTG 2

OTG is supported on:

  • Windows – Windows 10 and Windows 11*.​
  • MAC - macOS 10.15, 11.0, 12.0.​
  • Chromebook – On Google supported Chromebook devices.

Unlike traditional expensive solutions, WebTitan OTG is an affordable roaming client. There is no need for additional hardware on premises, or slow full-VPN solutions where all traffic is sent back to the school district to be processed, hence WebTitan OTG is a light and fast web filter.

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