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TitanHQ Web Filtering Videos by TitanHQ

Web Filtering Videos by TitanHQ

Web Filtering, WebTitan Cloud for Wifi. Cloud Based WiFi Filtering, Built for Your Business

The number one web filter for wifi solution. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a cloud based content filtering solution for your WiFi environment. It provides a secure setting for WiFi guests to browse online by preventing exposure to inappropriate content

Web Filter for K-12 Education, Schools and Universities - a real life case study with the Wil Lou Grey school

An Education case study of effective web filtering in a K-12 School Environment. The Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School had to ensure that students and staff could not access malicious sites or view inappropriate content.

How Cloud Based, DNS Web Filtering Actually Works

How our cloud based web filter actually works and the key features and benefits for customers. WebTitan Cloud is a DNS based web filtering solution, hosted and managed by TitanHQ in our shared cloud environment.

Web Filtering Live Demo Video - The 3 Steps to Web Filtering for your business

A recording of a real life demo showing exactly how easy it is to set up and run web filtering in your business.

SpamTitan – Our email anti-spam and malware blocking solution

An overview of how our award winning anti-spam email solution works and a detailed case study. SpamTitan blocks spam, viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing attempts and other email threats. SpamTitan provides advanced yet easy to use email security

WebTitan Web Filter Features: Facebook. How to allow Facebook but block Facebook chat

Web Filtering allows you to manage your staff internet usage. Using WebTitan here's how to allow Facebook but block Facebook chat

WebTitan Cloud Web Filter Features: Categories

How to use the website categories feature in WebTitan Web Filter

WebTitan Cloud Internet Content Filter Features: Whitelisting and Blacklisting Domains

How to Whitelist and Blacklist websites in WebTitan Internet Content Filter - Live demonstration of how easy it is to whitelist and blacklist sites using our web filter platform

WebTitan Cloud Features: How a web filter managers SSL Inspection  

SSL inspection for HTTPS traffic. How a web filter managers SSL Inspection  

Reasons your business needs a web content filter today

Don’t let Malware and ransomware attacks destroy your business. Watch our video on how web filtering has become a crucial web security layer

SpamTitan Spam and Malware Blocking. Features: Greylisting

How Greylisting works in SpamTitan email anti-spam and malware blocking

TitanHQ ArcTitan Email Archiving Demo

How to Archive Emails with ArcTitan. ArcTitan is an email archiving product which allows users to securely archive your organisation’s emails and simply retrieve these archived emails.

TitanHQ at Wi-Fi Now, Washington 2017. Web Content Filtering for Wi-Fi Presentation

Our sales director Conor Madden presents 'An Opportunity for Monetizing WiFi'. A 'must watch' for MSP's active in the Wi-Fi world or those considering getting involved.

How Much Time Do Staff Waste on Social Media

Great presentation outlining how much time and money how much time staff waste on Social Media. WebTitan web filter allows business to manage staff internet usage. It also mitigates the risk when a staff member clicks on a malicious link.

Clean Internet - TitanHQ Presentation from Wi-Fi Now in The Hague October 2017

Clean internet - WebTitan the leading web filter for Wi-Fi. How MSP's can profit from DNS based web filtering

Wi-Fi Now Show London 2016 - Web Filtering and Web Security Keynote

DNS Based Web Filtering for Wi-Fi

TitanHQ Web Filtering and Email Anti-Spam

An introduction to TitanHQ

TitanHQ Wi-Fi Now Washington 2017 Keynote

Monetise Wi Fi with web content filtering and wi-fi security

Web Filter for Education - How web filters in a school environment work

Web filtering video outlining how and why you need a web filter in a school or education environement

Time wasted at work on social media 2018

Time wasted at work on social media 2018. A breakdown of how much time is wasted at work by staff surfing social media sites

Web Filtering The Need For Web Content Filtering in Business

Detailed video on why Web Filtering is essential in business environments. 40% of global security attacks targeted the US

Block Malware with DNS Content Filtering

A short two minute web filtering video showing how dns security blocks malware and ransomware threats on your network

Why are cyber criminals targeting the hospitality sector?

The hospitality sector has ben a massive target for cyber criminals over the last few years with some major breaches. This video will tell you why

Why choosing SpamTitan Cloud for your email and malware blocking makes sense

Why choosing SpamTitan Cloud for your email and malware blocking makes sense. Block spam, malware, ransomware, phishing emails and spoofing attempts with SpamTitan - quick intro video here

Emotet Banking Trojan - How a Single Mouse Click Cost a North Carolina School District $314,000

TitanHQ special report: The Emotet banking trojan is one nasty threat. Part Trojan, part network worm that steals banking information, contact address books and performs DDOS attacks. How was Emotet able to infect a school district and cost them $314,000?

Why are Data Breaches in the Healthcare Industry Rising Rapidly?

According to BusinessWire, 2017 saw a 23.9% increase in cybersecurity incidents involving the healthcare industry with a total of 3,442,7748 records being compromised for the year.

Web Filtering Recommendations for K-12 Schools

Today, nearly a third of all middle and high school students in the United States receive some sort of school-issued computer device. A large percentage of the remaining students bring in and utilize some sort of personal device during the school day.

Keep Remote Staff Safe with Cloud Based DNS Web Filtering

For those in charge of IT security, ensuring mobile and web security for the road warrior is a big challenge. We live in a highly mobile world. The company model where thousands of employees congregate in cubicles to sit in front of a dedicated computer

The Most Dangerous Word When it Comes to Wi-Fi Security

So what is the most dangerous word or phrase when it comes to Wi-Fi? Could it be jamming or sidejacking? Password Theft? How about rogue access points?

4 Myths about DNS Filtering

Even though the concept of DNS is simple to understand, you might have some misconceptions about DNS filtering that could affect getting it to work safely and reliably. We look at some myths and truth when it comes to DNS filtering.

Ransomware Attacks and Cryptocurrency

It's important to understand the correlation between the growth of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies & #Ransomware attacks as it becomes an increasing issue.

How email archiving helps you with GDPR compliance

How email archiving helps you with GDPR compliance. A video outlining how email archiving helps you being GDPR compliant by allowing you to search, retrieve and delete personal email

PayPal Phishing Scam

How to protect yourself from the current PayPal Phishing scam
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