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Cyberattacks are on the rise, and cybercriminals are no longer targeting organizations, but the employees within an organization. 

Human error is the cause of 95% of cyber-attacks, the average cost of an attack in 2021 was $3.33 million.

96% of all data breaches start with a phishing email. (Symantec 2021)

Empowering employees with the knowledge to help your company to protect itself against human-centric cyber-threats, is one of the most cost-effective and proactive cybersecurity measures.
SafeTitan and KnowB4 are both market-leading Security Awareness Training (SAT) solutions. This report will compare the two solutions to help you evaluate what solution is better for your business. 

What is the Best KnowBe4 Alternative?

Deciding what SAT solution may be difficult, this report shows an independent review of what both customers are saying about KnowB4 and SafeTitan. 


Independent review site Gartner.com shows customer ratings of SafeTitan Vs KnowBe4. 
SafeTitan is ranked higher than the conventional, KnowBe4, with a rating of 4.8/5. 

SafeTitan Knowbe4 alternative


Security Awareness Training (SAT) solutions, consist of similar feature sets to train staff to prevent phishing. So, what sets SafeTitan and KnowBe4 apart?

Take a look at the feature comparison table.

As identified in the table, there are very few features that are different from SafeTitan and KnowBe4. However, what sets SafeTitan apart from all other SAT solutions is that SafeTitan is the only solution that delivers contextual training in real-time. 

What does Contextual SAT in Real-time mean for Organizations?

SafeTitan’s real-time training is based on actual staff activities that are monitored and alerts are triggered when a high-risk action is taken by an employee.

For example: If a user downloads a free software, SafeTitan triggers a message to that user explaining the danger of downloading free software and has the ability to show the user the specific company policy is, related to this risky action.  

Other examples of real-time training and policy notifications include: Saving data with public file sharing, accessing illicit websites, and so on. See how SafeTitan’s real-time training works in a free demo.

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Security Awareness Training (SAT) Benefits

SafeTitan allows you to create a culture of security awareness in your business by delivering human cyber risk management and behavior change technology that helps staff in their exact moment of need.

It can demonstrate the long-term value of real behavior change through advanced reporting.

Sample Report of Effectiveness of SafeTitan

SafeTitan Knowbe4 alternative

The above diagram shows how slow nurturing can lead to incredible organizational security.

Impact of SAT

The advanced reporting of SafeTitan shows us how susceptible staff are to phishing emails. Through implementing SafeTitan, here are the following results of SafeTitan effectiveness in training employees. 

Susceptibility of staff are to phishing emails with the use of SafeTitan: 

  • Susceptibility of employees targeted by phishing emails across all sectors = 33.33%
  • Results after 30-days of SAT & phishing testing = 9.33%
  • Results after 90-days of SAT & phishing testing = 2.56%
  • Average overall improvement after 90 Days of our clients using SafeTitan= 92.44%

SafeTitan’s advanced reporting features can measure the impact of training on employees and clients, to showcase the effectiveness and the return on investment.


Communication and consistency are vital elements in building a security-first culture in an organization. Prevention is far superior and more affordable than responding to a security breach. Hence, harnessing the value of security awareness training is critical to organizations in all sectors.

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What our Customers Say about SafeTitan

"This is an overall good product. Their training is real-time, very engaging, and is of short duration to develop the interest of the workforce. If we didn't deploy this product, there would have been an increased risk of cyberattacks and a lack of employee security awareness. With this product, employees are trained in advance of a cyber threat occurring. It is very important for every organization to protect their data from all threats and hence, this is the best product.” IT Manager, Taxation. Using SafeTitan since 2020.

“From the objective they have, that is to make sure that staff are aware of the risk associated with using internet services. This has allowed us to measure the level of our staff...even so it has allowed us to see where we need to improve in terms of awareness to our staff. This is a very good product that we are still working on improving especially in areas of conducting consistent training. This product has allowed us to identify risks and mitigate them accordingly based on user interaction with internet services." - Cybersecurity Expert, IT Services. Using SafeTitan since 2018

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