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Phishing Simulation Tool

Phishing is a social engineering cybercrime that attacks MSPs and other businesses by sending fraudulent emails, text messages, or telephone calls. It is a well-thought scam method, where an impersonator pretends to be a legitimate authority or institution to lure you into providing your business’s sensitive data and financial information.

When targeting your business online, the common arsenal used by cybercriminals includes malicious software. Phishing emails usually contain a URL link to click or download a file.

Once you click on these files or links, it installs a malicious Trojan horse or other kind of ransomware on your computer to block your access. The fraudsters blackmail your organization into paying ransom money to regain access to your computer, servers, or the entire network.

While many businesses have no option but to pay the money, it does not guarantee you will get the access back. Even if you do get the access, the cyber attackers probably made a copy of your data to initiate further cyber scams.

This is where phishing simulation can help. The simulation will not only help prepare your company against any potential risks, threats, and scams, but also educate your employees' hierarchy from top to bottom.


What is Phishing Simulation?

Phishing simulation protects your organization from any phishing threats and attempts by training your workers. This training educates your employees about the latest phishing threats. Moreover, it will help them identify and report potential attempts.

How does Phishing Simulation work?

Phishing simulation has the primary purpose of increasing cybersecurity awareness amongst your staff members. This is an essential measure that can help prevent your employees and organization fall into the trap. By implementing phishing simulations in your organization, you can protect your financial and sensitive data from any external and internal cyber threats.

This training will also help your staff learn how to use the latest preventive techniques. Phishing simulation allows your business to detect any social engineering threats, potential attacks, and unauthorized attempts to access your data. Furthermore, you will learn about the appropriate actions you can take to implement cybersecurity best practices.

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What is a Phishing Simulation Tool?

A phishing simulation tool is an excellent preventive measure that can help your business, irrespective of its size and industry. If you deal with customers’ data, financial transactions, or sensitive information, a phishing attack simulation tool is for you.

Remember, all it takes is one employee to click on a wrong link, and you can face the devastating consequences of phishing attacks. Over 90% of data breaches are a result of successful phishing attacks. Therefore, you can imagine how clever and convincing phishing messages can be.

A phishing simulation tool ensures that everyone in your organization receives training for phishing simulation. Every person, from an administrative employee behind a computer screen to your company’s CEO, must receive the same level of training. The knowledge will help them keep an eye out when dealing with day-to-day correspondences and emails.

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Why is a Phishing Simulation Tool Important?

In 2021, a phishing attack can cost your business up to $3.2 million. On the other hand, emails are the primary medium cybercriminals use to deliver 94% of malware. Therefore, it is a must for your employees to learn how to recognize suspicious email messages, and flag and report the threat to the relevant authority.

Reinforcing Best Practices

The phishing simulation tool sends out regular training requests to your employees. All your employees need is to click on the phishing simulation email attachments and links to complete their training. This will educate your employees to learn how to identify threats and avoid real-life phishing attempts.

As you continue to train your staff from time to time, this will enable your employees to slow down when interacting with emails. Your employees will learn to pay attention to details, such as identifying the sender or checking if the attachment and link are safe.

Creating a Team of Cyber-Defenders

A phishing simulation tool will help you train your employees to be cyber-defenders. This can be a helpful aid as all your staff members will be well-versed in recognizing phishing threats and reporting them to prevent any damage to the company's data and reputation.

Some of the common benefits of a phishing attack simulation tool are:

  • A phishing attack simulation tool will manage training schedules. The tool will build and launch training campaigns, produce and share statistic reports, etc.
  • As a senior leader or manager of an MSP, you will be able to use statistics from the phishing simulation tool to gather data on clicks and training completions. This insight will help you understand your employees’ preparedness to deal with phishing attacks.

As your employees grow aware of the latest phishing trends and how to identify them, your business will become better at avoiding those threats.

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What Makes a Good Phishing Attack Simulation Tool?

The phishing simulation tool exposes your employees to fake phishing emails in a controlled environment and observes how they react to these threats. A well-reputed and effective tool will allow you to combine phishing testing and training in order to gauge the alertness and effectiveness of your cybersecurity awareness training.

Easy to Use

A solution such as SafeTitan is a perfect phishing simulation tool that is not only easy to install but learn as well. The solution is highly customizable, and it can easily integrate into your organization's existing infrastructure.

Cloud-based Security Solution

SafeTitan is the best-in-class cloud-based cybersecurity solution. This platform will not only deliver multilayered cybersecurity solutions but also prevent your employees from falling prey to phishing or other cyber scams.

AI-driven Security Protocols

The email phishing protection feature in SafeTitan is purely AI-driven and promises zero-day threat intel. No matter how advanced the ransomware or malware is, the solution will be able to detect the threat and protect your organization's data and networks at all times. The cybersecurity awareness training will prepare your employees and turn them into your first line of defense against phishing attacks.

Email Data Protection (EDP)

Furthermore, SafeTitan also comes with a built-in feature of email data protection (EDP). This allows you to archive and encrypt your emails and confidential data enclosed within the messages. This way, even if an unauthorized person manages to gain access, they will not be able to steal or abuse your data.

This is important because emails are the primary tools cybercriminals use to defraud companies. Therefore, you must ensure that apart from training your employees, your cybersecurity protocols must have a tool to automate threat detection and block any malicious and downloadable links and content from ending in your employees' email inboxes.


Increase Your Cybersecurity Awareness with SafeTitan

Managed service providers are always a lucrative target for cyber attackers and hackers. Therefore, running phishing simulations and integrating a phishing simulation tool into your business can make a significant difference to your cybersecurity.

If you are a managed service provider looking for cybersecurity designed explicitly for the MSP industry, SafeTitan is the answer. SafeTitan can block 99.9% of phishing emails, malware, ransomware, and viruses. The solution also offers advanced sandbox protection.

Apart from offering you a chance to deploy security awareness training within your company, the solution will give you access to AI-based anti-phishing features. SafeTitan even helps you strengthen Office365 by adding a layer of security to block any emails containing malware.


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