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Phishing Prevention: Best Practices for MSPs

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Phishing Prevention: Best Practices for MSPs

As purported experts in IT services and cybersecurity, clients depend on managed service providers (MSPs) to protect their systems and data. MSPs are expected to address all kinds of cybersecurity risks, the prominent of which is phishing attacks.

Phishing has become an incredibly common and highly sophisticated scam that people encounter regularly, and it accounts for the lion’s share of all cybersecurity attacks. Hackers, black hats, and fraudsters know very well that email accounts are where users remain quite vulnerable to being the victim of cyberattacks. A simple phishing scam serves as their entry point into a vulnerable system, after which they can levy more severe and damaging attacks.

Preventing phishing attacks is now a crucial element of any cybersecurity strategy, and it must be applied for businesses of all sizes and by employees on all levels. Here are the phishing prevention best practices that MSPs must effect across their clients’ IT infrastructure. They can be broadly classified into three categories: tools, measures, and awareness.


Implementing Relevant Security Tools and Solutions

Malicious third parties that levy phishing attacks bank on human errors, manipulation, or the presumption of safety. MSPs must provide various tools for enterprises to improve their defenses and avoid phishing attacks and cybersecurity risks in general.

These tools include endpoint security solutions, multifactor authentication, anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-phishing tools that are designed to tackle known phishing tactics.

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Defining Security Policies and Procedures

MSPs can assist clients in developing security policies and procedures that address phishing threats, including incident response plans in case of an attack. This encompasses policies for handling suspicious emails and reporting suspected phishing scams.

These policies and procedures are crucial preventive measures for phishing attacks or attempts. They must also outline the first steps to take in the event of an attack. MSPs are usually the first to be summoned under such circumstances, and it is often a race against time to mitigate the damage. If everyone knows what to do, it will be easier to isolate the attack

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Providing Comprehensive Cybersecurity Awareness Training

The human element is undoubtedly the weak link in any cybersecurity equation. This is why security awareness is crucial for safeguarding organizations from phishing scams.

MSPs should provide regular cybersecurity awareness training sessions to their client’s workforce, either in-person or online. The sessions should cover topics such as identifying phishing scams, the importance of strong passwords, and best practices for staying safe online.

These training sessions can also help users become more familiar with the cybersecurity solutions the MSP brings to the table.

Using Phishing Simulations

Awareness alone won’t guarantee that employees will be fully prepared and able to identify and avoid phishing attacks. To that end, reinforcement is key—and demonstrating real-world scenarios is some of the most effective methods for it.

Phishing simulation services involve sending simulated phishing emails to employees as a test. If an employee falls for the simulated email, they will receive additional training on identifying phishing scams in the future.

MSPs can use specialized tools or services to manage these simulations, including tracking and reporting features. This is where SafeTitan’s holistic security awareness solution helps MSPs provide phishing simulation and security awareness training at once.

Running Awareness Campaigns

Ideal for post-training engagement and continuous education, security awareness campaigns further reinforce the lessons from cybersecurity training. These awareness campaigns can reach a wider audience than traditional training sessions, making it easier to educate employees on all departments and levels.

Continuous cybersecurity awareness programs also provide a variety of ways to communicate crucial information. Videos, social media infographics, charts, cheat sheets, posters, email blasts—there are many ways to engage employees and keep security at the front of their minds.

MSPs can also use these campaigns to measure the success and impact of security awareness. For example, they can track the number of posters displayed, emails sent, or social media posts shared.

These security tools, internal measures, and awareness endeavors are sure to help organizations maintain a strong line of defense against phishing attacks and other cybersecurity risks.


Streamline Phishing Prevention with SafeTitan

SafeTitan security awareness training from TitanHQ is designed to provide a comprehensive and practical approach to reinforcing cybersecurity awareness and best practices among employees. The product is carefully crafted to engage and enlighten workers—delivering a holistic approach to cybersecurity training rather than forcing them or hindering their productivity.

SafeTitan is a fully re-brandable enterprise-grade security awareness training and phishing simulation platform designed specifically for MSPs. It has a central console-like MSP dashboard with live analytics, which provides a clear and concise view of the organization's security posture.

The platform includes powerful phishing simulation tools, including training content with over 1,800 regularly updated phishing templates, 80+ videos, and training sessions and webinars, so employees stay informed and vigilant.

SafeTitan generates smishing and phishing reports in a matter of minutes, providing MSPs with the data they need to make informed decisions. The platform also features mass campaigns and training features, eliminating the hassle of training clients one by one. SafeTitan includes Single Sign-On (SSO), scheduled reporting capabilities, and dynamic user management, making it easy to manage and monitor employee training and behavior.

SafeTitan can also automatically re-enroll employees who have demonstrated risky behavior, thus keeping the organization secure.


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SafeTitan is a powerful Phishing Simulation Tool for MSPs that trains & protects users & business from advanced email security threats. Sign up for a FREE Demo of SafeTitan to see how the solution works for phishing prevention.

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