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SafeTitan Security Awareness Training For MSPs

SafeTitan for MSP's is an enterprise-grade Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulation platform for MSP's and their SMB clients.It is purpose-built for MSP's to deliver exactly what your clients need to guard against phishing threats.

MSP's can’t underestimate the serious threat phishing presents their clients and their businesses. Cybercriminals use all kinds of scams, and any one of your customers can be a target.

SafeTitan for MSP's empowers you to train your clients on how to defend against cybercrime, offering MSP's an affordable and scalable security awareness training solution to enhance your security stack, grow your security business and realize ROI. SAT increases security and helps transform user behaviour,  decreasing the likelihood of issues with compliance, lawsuits, breaches, and attacks.

The SafeTitan Auto Campaigns automation tool enables MSPs to dramatically improve customer security awareness while reducing the time spent planning and managing cybersecurity initiatives.

Auto Campaigns streamlines the security training process for MSPs and drive operational efficiency. Save time and money by teaching your employees the skills to spot and deal with real-world cyber threats. Because Auto Campaigns is fully automated and AI-driven, it provides always-on security training to save time and resources.

SafeTitan For MSP's Allows You:

  • Offer a fully rebrandable solution to your customers. 
  • MSP Dashboard: View all quick actions and live analytics in one place with our MSP dashboard.
  • Provide phishing simulation, training, quizzes, videos, smishing and phishing reporting in a matter of a couple of minutes.
  • Access to over 1.8K phishing templates, 80+ Videos, trainings sessions & webinars.
  • Auto Campaigns : Provides MSPs with always-on SAT campaigns. Allows you create an annual program of phishing simulation campaigns in minutes. Streamline the security campaign planning process. Save time & money.
  • Multi-Lure Feature: Delivers randomized lures during a phishing campaign, offering a realistic pseudo-phishing experience by keeping employees unaware of the lures in advance.
  • Reactive Training: Exclusive to the MSP layer, Reactive Training enables real-time identification of insecure behavior that allows for tailored follow-up training.
  • Easy to understand training content in manageable pieces. 
  • Mass campaigns & Training. No need to spend hours selecting customers and assigning one-by-one. Select multiple and spin up a training. 
  • Schedule: Create a campaign or training and schedule execution N times per week/month/year. 
  • SSO ready
  • Direct Email Injection (Graph API): Phishing simulation emails delivered directly into the user`s mailboxes. No need to spend resources and time configuring allowed lists or firewalls. 
  • Dynamic User Management: Already have an active campaign and need to add additional users – no problem!
  • Auto enrolment for risky clickers: If a predefined action is performed (i.e. user clicked a link in training phishing email) the user is automatically assigned to a training simulation.
  • Scheduled client reporting: Configure reports in a couple of clicks and enjoy new data weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

Did You Know?

92% drop

in phishing susceptibility with SafeTitan


of employees share passwords

$10.5 trillion

estimated global cybercrime cost


of data breaches involved a human being

Key features:

Why Safetitan For Your MSP?

  • Simple Deployment & Scheduling
  • Easily add SafeTitan to your technology stack to deliver security awareness training to your customers
  • Scale your security awareness offering profitably as you grow and acquire new security training clients
  • Effortlessly create and execute a campaign or training course and schedule for N times per week/month/year. Once scheduled the training will run until the selected end date.
  • Direct Emails Injection (Graph API): Phishing simulation emails will be delivered directly into user`s mailboxes. No need to configure allowed lists or firewalls.

Generate ROI

  • Get phishing and training campaigns up and running in minutes and easily add more customers with our automated platform and courses
  • Mass Campaigns & Training: You don’t have to spend hours selecting customers and assigning training courses one-by-one. Select multiple customers and spin up a training course or simulation at once or create a group of customers for future course deployments.

Access to over 1.8K phishing templates, 80+ Videos, trainings sessions & webinars.

Wide Ranging Security Course Selection

  • Conduct powerful user training programs with an extensive line-up of engaging, animated training videos available in multiple languages
  • We care about quality. Each our courses is hand made, verified and tested before publishing. Always Up-To-Date.
  • New phishing simulations and training content added monthly, ensuring your customers training materials are always up to date with the latest threats
  • SafeTitan phishing simulation tool emails look exactly like the real thing, these are designed to fool even the savviest user.Totally rebrandable for your business
  • Identify a user's insecure behaviour in real-time and appropriately tailor any follow-up training with Reactive Training. This approach ensures you stay one step ahead in maintaining a highly trained and vigilant team.
  • Deliver randomized lures during a phishing campaign, offering a realistic pseudo-phishing experience for employees with our Multi-Lure Feature.
  • White-label every aspect of the end users’ training experience and keep your MSP’s brand front and centre with custom URLs and your/your client’s logo in the training portal and emails
  • Deliver a superior customer experience that can be white-labeled from start to finish.
  • Give your customers access to manage their own campaigns and training.
  • Dynamic User Management
  • Communicate training program results to the client via insightful, automated reports that prove the value of training
  • Results from simulations provide the evidence you need to convince any sceptics of the value of user awareness training

How Does SafeTitan Compare Against Competitors?

SafeTitan vs Mimecast Security Awareness Training

SafeTitan vs. KnowBe4

Jennifer Marsh

Jennifer Marsh


Talk to our Team today

Talk to our Team today

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is SafeTitan for MSPs?

SafeTitan for MSPs is an enterprise-grade Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulation platform designed specifically for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) clients. It equips MSPs with the tools to effectively train clients in defending against phishing threats.

How Does SafeTitan for MSPs Enhance Security?

It offers an affordable and scalable security awareness training solution that strengthens your security offerings, improves user behavior, and reduces the likelihood of compliance issues, lawsuits, breaches, and attacks.

What is the Auto Campaigns Automation Tool?

Auto Campaigns is an automated tool that significantly enhances customer security awareness while saving time and resources. It streamlines the security training process, providing continuous training to employees.

What are the Key Features of SafeTitan for MSPs?

Some key features include: Rebrandable solution for customers; MSP Dashboard for quick actions and live analytics; Phishing simulation, training, quizzes, videos, smishing, and reporting in minutes; Access to a vast library of phishing templates, videos, training sessions, and webinars; Multi-Lure Feature for realistic phishing experiences; Reactive Training for real-time identification of insecure behavior and much more. 

How Does SafeTitan for MSPs Help Generate ROI?

It allows MSPs to quickly set up phishing and training campaigns, add more customers effortlessly, and conduct mass campaigns without the need for individual customer selection. This efficiency leads to a positive return on investment.

What Does the Course Selection Include?

SafeTitan for MSPs offers a wide range of engaging, animated training videos available in multiple languages. These courses are meticulously crafted, verified, and regularly updated to ensure they are always current with the latest threats.

Can SafeTitan for MSPs be Customized to Match Our Brand?

Yes, it offers white-labeling options, allowing you to customize the end user's training experience, including custom URLs and logos in the training portal and emails.

How Can I Get a Free Demo of SafeTitan for MSPs?

You can sign up for a free demo to learn how SafeTitan can help train and protect your SMB clients.

How Can I Incorporate SafeTitan into my Technology Stack?

SafeTitan can be easily added to your technology stack to deliver security awareness training to your customers, providing a simple deployment and scheduling process.