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Best Practices for MSPs Implementing Automated Security Awareness Training

Posted by Selina Coen on Mon, Jul 3rd, 2023

The managed service provider has become critical in delivering vital security services. As a result, a recent report found that MSPs increasingly offer security services to clients year-on-year. In 2022/2023, Security awareness training was one of an MSP's most sought-after technologies and services. In response, 25% of MSPs intend to offer security awareness training packages as part of their portfolio. Another 2022 MSP benchmark report found that 38.7% of MSPs provide security awareness training. A service provider must stand out to thrive in this highly competitive MSP market.

One way that an MSP can offer exceptional security awareness training is to implement best practices. Here are some of the most critical considerations in delivering an effective security awareness training package to your clients.

Why do your Clients Need Security Awareness Training?

An MSP needs an exceptional SAT package to deliver a practical security awareness training (SAT) solution. By understanding the why and how of security awareness, you can ensure that the details of the solution, you provide fit a client's business model and employee base. The 'human in the machine' is why security awareness training arose. Human beings are behind 82% of data breaches, according to the Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR). The fallibility of employees and other business associates along the vendor supply chain is exploited by cybercriminals. Hackers target employees using psychological techniques, social engineering, and phishing to trick them into performing actions that benefit a cybercriminal. The result is data theft and ransomware damage, and financial losses due to scams such as Business Email Compromise (BEC).

However, accidents are also a severe threat to a business. Accidental data exposure can lead to regulatory fines, loss of customers, and reputation damage.

Security awareness training helps to prevent human-centric cyberattacks and accidental threats. Here are some figures that show just how effective security awareness training is: 

  • Security awareness training improves overall password security by an estimated 30-50% (source).
  • Security awareness training reduces the cost of phishing by more than 50% (source).
  • Even a modest investment in security awareness and training has a 72% chance of significantly reducing the business impact of a cyberattack (source).

As an MSP, you must choose a solution that can give your clients what they need and allow you to deliver security effectively, efficiently, and at a price, everyone can afford. Here are TitanHQ's best practice tips to ensure you stand out against the MSP competition.

Offer a Comprehensive Security Awareness Training Package

Security awareness training increases security and helps transform user behavior to decrease the likelihood of issues with compliance, lawsuits, breaches, and attacks. An MSP should look to align any solution they offer with the client's business situation. For example, the training solution should be able to deliver simulated phishing to employees that match the likeliest cybersecurity threats and match employee profiles. When choosing an SAT solution, look for a comprehensive offering that covers all aspects of training needs, from phishing simulations to engaging exercises that empower your employees against cyber-attacks and accidents.

Always on Phishing Protection

A 2021 Cisco Report found that 90% of data breaches start with a phishing email. Save time and money by teaching your employees how to spot and deal with real-world cyber threats like phishing. Security awareness training teaches employees how to identify and report phishing threats. By reducing the likelihood of a phishing-based attack, a client will reduce costs associated with security breaches and permanently improve employee behaviors related to phishing emails.

Choose an AI-Driven Security Awareness Training Solution

AI-driven phishing and smishing simulations help employees and vendors face security weaknesses and improve upon them. Also, a behavior-driven approach to security awareness is vital in changing poor security habits. An exceptional solution will adjust to the type of employee behavior identified during training, providing in-training feedback. As the training continues, employees will see real-time improvements in their behavior and ability to identify security risks.

Deliver Phishing Simulations that Meet your Client's Business Needs

A solution must be able to send personalized phishing simulations without manual intervention. Fully automated and AI-driven simulations are part of an advanced security awareness solution. Automated and AI-driven solutions will ensure that phishing simulations are personalized per individual recipient, making the training sessions more effective and aligned with unique business needs.

Offer a Solution that is Built for MSP Delivery

Not all security awareness training solutions are designed for delivery by an MSP. MSP requirements must be part of an SAT solution. Features that meet the remit of an MSP should include multi-tenancy, rebranding options, client reporting, easy to configure and deliver, cost-effectiveness and are priced for MSP delivery, and exceptional support for the MSP by the SAT vendor.

SafeTitan for MSPs and their Clients

SafeTitan is designed to deliver comprehensive security awareness training via an MSP. The SafeTitan solution includes all the features needed to ensure your clients have enterprise-grade security. This will save them time and money, protect them from harmful cyberattacks such as ransomware and BEC, and help them comply with various data security and privacy regulations. 

Some of the features of SafeTitan that allow an MSP to become a highly competitive MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider):

  • Engaging in phishing training
  • Instant, in-training feedback on the authenticity of emails and the risks posed
  • Real phishing threats are automatically quarantined and deleted from your employees' mailboxes
  • Behavior-driven content increases employee engagement and enforces permanent positive behavioral change
  • An "Auto Phishing Campaigns" automation tool enables MSPs to dramatically improve customer security awareness while reducing the time spent planning and managing cyber security initiatives.
  • Realistic phishing training that works, thanks to a strong focus on local brands and standards
  • Auto Campaigns streamline the security training process for MSPs and drive operational efficiency.
  • Auto Campaigns is fully automated and AI-driven, and because of this, it provides always-on security training to save time and resources.
  • Fully re-brandable solution
  • MSP Dashboard
  • Easy to understand training content in manageable pieces.
  • Support for mass campaigns and training. Select multiple customers and 'spin up a training session'.
  • Schedule: Create a campaign or training and schedule execution N times per week/month/year.
  • Dynamic User Management: We already have an active campaign and need to add additional users – no problem!
  • Scheduled client reporting

For further details on how you can become a competitive MSP, check out SafeTitan for MSP's Webinar - Security Awareness Training - Tips and Tricks for MSP's

Explore SafeTitan Security Awareness Training For MSPs Today and Enhance your Competitive Edge.

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