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Features and Benefits of SafeTitan

Integrates Seamlessly

Integrates with Outlook, 365, Teams and Azure AD, ADFS, SSO, G-Suite.

Simple Set-up & Migration

Get set up with SafeTitan in under 30 minutes.

Industry Leading Support Team

Committed to your success from day one, with our dedicated support teams.

MSP Success Stories

Check out the latest testimonial videos from our MSP Partners.

Hear From Our MSPs

Discover what Active IT Systems has to say about offering their customers the complete TitanHQ solution suite.

Customer Testimonials

Watch all of our video testimonials from MSP partners and see how TitanHQ has been instrumental in their success!

MSP Success Stories
Behaviour Driven Security Awareness

Behaviour Driven Security Awareness

Enhance cybersecurity by implementing comprehensive phishing simulation programs to proactively mitigate risks and bolster defense mechanisms.

BEC Protection

Educate users on spotting social engineering.

Modify User Behavior

Build a human firewall of users.

Multi Lure Feature

Delivers randomized lures during a phishing campaign, offering a realistic pseudo-phishing experience by keeping employees unaware of the lures in advance.

Deliver Varied Phishing Lures

Offer realistic pseudo-phishing exercises.

Maintain Element of Surprise

Guaranteed diversity in every phishing campaign.

Multi Lure Feature
Auto Campaigns

Auto Campaigns

MSPs can quickly create ongoing phishing campaigns with SafeTitan, streamlining security planning, saving time, and enhancing cost-effectiveness.

Time Efficiency

Setup takes 13.9 mins for four quarterly campaigns.

Cost Effective

Allows MSPs to allocate resources more strategically.

Real-Time Intervention Training

The only behavior-driven security awareness platform providing advanced, real-time security training.


Engaging, efficient security training with quick tests.

Reactive Training

Identifies insecure behavior for tailored training.

Real-Time Intervention Training


SafeTitan facilitates compliance with ISO, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, EU NIS, Cyber Essentials, and is SCORM compliant and LMS compatible.

GDPR & Security Awareness Traning

Remove any elements of human-related data exposure.

Develop a Security Culture

Mitigates data breach risks efficiently.

Did You Know?

92% drop

in phishing susceptibility with SafeTitan


of employees share passwords

$10.5 trillion

estimated global cybercrime cost


of data breaches involved a human being

Phishing Simulation Success Report

This report delves into research from 500+ organizations, analyzing their vulnerability before and after a year of rigorous phishing simulations and training. Discover the impact of automated security awareness training on susceptibility rates by organization size, industry, and region.

Open Report

SafeTitan For MSPs

Discover new features and the roadmap for SafeTitan that have been driven by our MSP customers and our MSP advisory board. It’s an ongoing journey and our MSPs will continue to play a critical role in keeping SafeTitan as a SAT leader.

Learn More

Defending Higher Education from Common Cyber-Attacks

In the UK, over 87% of universities suffered from a successful data breach according to a recent VMWare report. With the rise in cyber-attackers targeting universities, it’s clear that they need to review current cybersecurity infrastructure and find much more effective ways to stop threats.

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Inner & Product Scrolling Assets
Inner & Product Scrolling Assets
Inner & Product Scrolling Assets

Hear from our customers

Easy to use and at a great price point!

In today’s cyber environment and proliferation of cyber threats, all SafeTtian’s features are impactful and help prepare our users and customers for the challenges facing all organizations from threat actors. The product was easy to setup and integrate into our operations. We selected SafeTitan over KnowBe4 because of our experience and satisfaction with other TitanHQ products currently in use.

Thomas O


SafeTitan is the tool to use.

If you are looking for a diverse cybersecurity training platform, then look no further, SafeTitan is the tool to use. With the simple ease-of-use, I can set up my whole year of security training in a day or two, and know that it will execute without fail. We should have used this a long time ago.

John D.

Software Engineer

SafeTitan reduces security risks.

SafeTitan reduces security risks by creating end-user awareness of critical security threats such as phishing emails. It can tailor the training specific to the employee’s needs, rather than training the whole organistion. Reporting employee security training is perfect for compliance requirements.

Marie T.


One of the best awareness training tools.

One of the best awareness training tools I have seen and used. One of the benefits that I loved was the fact that I did not have to make any change to my current environment to get the software running, as everything is Cloud based. For us it was really important that the solution catered for more than just phishing.

Paul P.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does Safetitan's Behavior Driven Security Awareness Work?

SafeTitan tailors security awareness training based on the specific behaviors of each individual employee, creating a personalized approach to training.

How Long Does it Typically Take to Set Up SafeTitan?

SafeTitan offers a simple setup and migration process, suitable for MSPs and SMBs. Organizations can get set up in less than 30 minutes and start running phishing simulation campaigns.

What Sets SafeTitan Security Awareness Training Apart from Others in the Market?

SafeTitan focuses on empowering your staff to become a human firewall, recognizing that humans are often the target of cyber threats. It offers personalized training based on individual weaknesses and skills for long-term effectiveness.

How Does SafeTitan Track and Respond to User Behavior in Real-Time?

SafeTitan enables clients and MSPs to configure security alerts generated on the network. For example, it can send customized messages to users when risky behavior is detected, leading to measurable reductions in security incidents.

What are the Key Features Of SafeTitan's Security Awareness Training?

SafeTitan offers contextual training in real-time, unlimited phishing simulations, cyber knowledge assessment quizzes, risk and compliance reporting, behavior tracking, customizable alerts, and more. It also integrates seamlessly with AD/AAD for SSO.

How Does SafeTitan Handle Phishing Simulation Training?

SafeTitan allows for unlimited scheduled phishing tests, including a library of "known-to-work" phishing templates. It can recreate various phishing attacks, simulate internal email addresses, and provide detailed reporting on user interactions.

What Is the Multi-Lure Feature and How Does it Enhance Phishing Campaigns?

The Multi-Lure Feature delivers randomized lures during a phishing campaign, providing a realistic pseudo-phishing experience. This keeps employees unaware of the lures in advance, offering a more accurate assessment of their susceptibility to real-world phishing attempts.

How Does Safetitan Incorporate Gamification into its Training?

SafeTitan provides gamified, interactive, and enjoyable security awareness training with short and efficient testing. The training is designed to be completed in 8-10 minutes to ensure employee productivity.

Can Clients Upload their own Content for Training?

Yes, clients can upload existing content such as policies, courses, videos, PowerPoints, pdf, and word documents on any topic, not limited to security awareness.

How Does SafeTitan Handle Reported Emails from Staff?

SafeTitan automatically analyzes reported emails to determine if they are true or false positives. If a true positive is identified, all copies of that email can be quarantined to prevent users from being tricked.

How Does SafeTitan Help in Demonstrating ROI from Security Awareness Training?

SafeTitan provides enterprise-level reporting with metrics and charts for phishing simulations and training. It allows you to easily demonstrate ROI on technical defenses and communicate the value of behavioral change for long-term organizational security.

Tell Me More About SafeTitan's Reporting Feature?

SafeTitan offers comprehensive enterprise reporting, providing insights into ROI and a holistic view of the organization's security awareness. This includes detailed reports on security training and phishing simulations. Additionally, MSP clients have access to quick, customizable reports with flexible frequency options.

How Does SafeTitan Address Data Privacy Compliance?

SafeTitan covers various data protection regulations including GDPR, CCPA, Kenya Data Protection, POPI Act, and more. It helps companies meet the security awareness requirements outlined in articles 39 and 47 of GDPR.

Can You Explain the Auto Campaigns Feature for MSPs?

Auto Campaigns in SafeTitan allow MSPs to run always-on phishing campaigns. It enables the creation of an annual phishing simulation campaign in minutes, streamlining the security campaign planning process and saving time and resources.

Has SafeTitan Worked with Clients Globally to Meet GDPR and Other Regulatory Training Requirements?

Yes, SafeTitan has collaborated with clients worldwide to develop security-training programs that align with GDPR and other regulations, educating teams to support and safeguard systems and data.

Does SafeTitan Offer Customer Support?

Yes, SafeTitan provides world-class customer support to assist clients with their security awareness training needs.

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