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The new Multi-Lure feature ensures randomized lures are delivered during a phishing campaign. Humans are quick to see patterns, so sending out campaigns on a random basis means delivery is unexpected.  These randomized lures delivered during a phishing campaign reduce 'cheating' as the chance of internal communication of lures is avoided as there is no advance notice and lures are randomized. Randomized lures are sent during working hours, providing a realistic pseudo-phishing experience. Frequent bursts of randomized phishing campaigns followed by training reinforce the learning experience.  

Hear from our Customers

One of the best awareness training tools.

One of the best awareness training tools I have seen and used. One of the benefits that I loved was the fact that I did not have to make any change to my current environment to get the software running, as everything is Cloud based. For us it was really important that the solution catered for more than just phishing.

Paul P.


A great all round product

Comments: Its a good product for the price, easy to use and setup. Its a low upkeep product, once its setup and you have scheduled in your training campaigns, its all automatic from there.


IT Technician

Easy to use and at a great price point!

Comments: Our overall experience with SafeTtian has been excellent! The tool provides our organization and customers with the tools required to combat cyber threats. Pros: In today’s cyber environment and proliferation of cyber threats, all SafeTtian’s features are impactful and help prepare our users and customers for the challenges facing all organizations from threat actors. The product was easy to setup and integrate into our operations. Cons: There is really nothing to dislike about SafeTitan and the product is continually being improved. If we ever have a question or issue, support is immediate and first class!



SafeTitan reduces security risks.

SafeTitan reduces security risks by creating end-user awareness of critical security threats such as phishing emails. It can tailor the training specific to the employee’s needs, rather than training the whole organistion. Reporting employee security training is perfect for compliance requirements.

Marie T.


SafeTitan is the tool to use.

If you are looking for a diverse cybersecurity training platform, then look no further, SafeTitan is the tool to use. With the simple ease-of-use, I can set up my whole year of security training in a day or two, and know that it will execute without fail. We should have used this a long time ago.

John D.

Software Enginner

By leveraging sophisticated randomization techniques, our new feature maintains the element of surprise while ensuring prompt and timely delivery, guaranteeing high levels of diversity in every phishing campaign you conduct.  

The new Multi-Lure feature is a powerful tool in the MSP arsenal, helping MSPs create dynamic and adaptive training scenarios that genuinely resonate with your team. By exposing users to an array of phishing lures, you equip your workforce with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively identify and mitigate potential risks.  

Find out more about the SafeTitan Multi-Lure Feature:

To learn more about SafeTitan Security Awareness Training or to see these new features in action, please request a demo here. 

J.P. Roe

J.P. Roe


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