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Vital MSP Security Tools

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Vital MSP Security Tools

The market for managed security services and managed service providers (MSP) is highly competitive. In the latest Datto "Global State of the MSP" report, competition came out as the top concern for an MSP. Market differentiation is, therefore, critical for an MSP to succeed. One way that an MSP can stand out in a competitive marketplace is to provide best-of-breed security solutions.

Here, TitanHQ looks at some of the essential security tools that an MSP should have in its portfolio.

Why Should an MSP Offer Security Solutions?

Ransomware, data breaches, credential theft, email scams, etc., threaten companies of all sizes and sectors. The cost to organizations from these threats is high. For example, according to a Sophos report, in 2021, two-thirds (66%) of businesses were victims of ransomware, with 90% impacting business operations. 

According to the Datto report, cybersecurity is still seeing significant growth in the MSP sector. The report details that services for ransomware and phishing/email security are the top priority for MSPs.

An MSP who can deliver security solutions that protect a business can create a competitive edge. But the security solutions must be advanced, state-of-the-art solutions proved in the field to prevent cyber-attacks. In addition, these solutions must also be designed for use by an MSP, that is, easy to configure, deploy, and maintain.


Six Key Security Tool Areas for an MSP

Preventing cyberattacks can be a complex area with lots of room for maneuver. However, with almost 80% of ransomware attacks linked to malicious emails and a similar number associated with Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams, offering security tools that deal with phishing emails and malicious websites are excellent portfolio items for an MSP. In addition, an MSP can provide security tools to clients to protect against ransomware, BEC, data breaches, lost credentials, and other network and device attacks.

Spam and Email Filtering

Phishing is the number one way that malware enters a corporate network. Around 90% of data breaches are initiated by a phishing email; an employee clicks a malicious link and is taken to a spoof website or downloads an infected attachment. 

A spam and email filtering solution must deal with massive amounts of emails daily. Therefore, any email filter solution that adds value to an MSP must be advanced enough to ensure that legitimate emails are not falsely quarantined. Still, malicious emails are stopped from entering the inbox of employees. 

Email filters such as SpamTitan use multiple layers of increasingly sophisticated email filtering to ensure that false positives are reduced to 0.0003% of email detections. These layers of security include Real-Time Blacklists (RBLs), Bayesian Analysis, AI-enabled auto-learning, and heuristics.

Email Encryption

Email is, by definition, a fluid communication method. Therefore, email security solutions must provide security for:

Data in transit: use the TLS protocol that encrypts email during transmission between the webserver and email client, providing end-to-end encryption.

Endpoint data: emails are encrypted, and only an authorized recipient can decrypt the email and attachments.

Data at rest: data retention policies and secure email archiving provide additional protection for stored emails and associated data.

Email encryption, such as EncryptTitan and ArcTitan, provides the above as a centrally managed platform that is ideal for deployment and management by an MSP.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Email protection must work with inbound and outbound emails for 360-degree data security. Mis-delivery and accidental exposure of data via email is, unfortunately, all too common. For example, according to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), in the financial services sector, the 'miss-delivery' of emails accounted for 55% of financial sector data leaks. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions are used to stop data from leaving the protection of the enterprise. 

Email security solutions, such as EncryptTitan, come with data loss prevention capability. Automated methods of applying DLP include checks for keywords and phrases to prevent sensitive data loss. For example, EncryptTitan automatic email protection prevents emails that contain sensitive data from being sent out. 

EncryptTitan also enables secure authentication of an email recipient to ensure that only the intended recipients can access the email.

Secure Email Archive

Maintaining a secure email archive is essential. In certain professions, such as the legal sector, maintaining a secure email archive is legally enforced as part of secure attorney-client confidential communication. However, email retention laws are not just for the legal profession. Many data protection legislation, such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), requires that emails are securely retained for several years. Email archiving solutions should utilize lightning-fast cloud-based email storage backed by robust encryption and authentication. ArcTitan, email archiving solution is integrated into Office365 to ensure that email archiving is automated and easy. In addition, ArcTitan uses a 'set and forget' capability to eliminate human error and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Web-borne Attack Security Tools

Many phishing campaigns use both email and an associated malicious website. The website will be designed to fool employees into thinking it is legitimate. If an employee navigates to the website, they may enter login credentials, which are then stolen. Or the website may infect the employee's device with malware, putting the corporate network at risk. DNS Filtering software stops employees from landing on these malicious websites. A DNS filter (Domain Name System) uses layers of increasingly sophisticated techniques to block access to a malicious or inappropriate website. These techniques include a "blocklist" of known dangerous URLs; some DNS filters, like WebTitan, use sophisticated AI-driven engines to use data from hundreds of millions of end-users as the source to generate a "threat corpora." This intelligent use of real-time data allows the DNS filter to react to the changing cybersecurity landscape.  

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Security Awareness Training

A fundamental way to protect a company and its data is to ensure that employees are trained to recognize cyber threats. Security awareness training packages usually contain various training materials designed to change risky security behaviors. This content typically includes gamified online training videos, quizzes, and other interactive training material. To augment this type of training, security awareness programs will use educational techniques such as 'stop and learn' opportunities to teach employees why a particular behavior will lead to a cybersecurity attack.

Some advanced security awareness training platforms will offer simulated phishing to train employees to spot phishing emails.

Security awareness training is an essential part of any cyber security strategy, and an MSP can offer it via a program such as SafeTitan.

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Security Designed for MSP Delivery

Now that we've looked at the security tools an MSP should have in its portfolio, it is also essential to discuss MSP-specific needs. TitanHQ has worked alongside MSPs for over 20 years. TitanShield is TitanHQ's MSP program. The program is designed for the unique needs of an MSP when delivering security solutions to clients. TitanShield provides best-in-class, award-winning DNS filtering and comprehensive email security, including intelligent email gateway, spam prevention, DLP, and secure email archiving. Notably, the TitanShield product suite is delivered using a SaaS model designed for MSPs to provide centrally managed and controlled security services to SMBs. TitanShield also goes one step beyond in MSP care by providing exceptional market and sales support. The ability to white label a solution to reflect the MSP's brand is also an essential part of a holistic support package provided by TitanHQ.

Talk to a TitanHQ security expert today and discover how our TitanSield MSP program can help grow your business.

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