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Finding the Right Phishing Protection for MSPs

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Finding the Right Phishing Protection for MSPs

Managed Services Providers are under tremendous responsibility to ensure their clients’ security and data protection. To ensure the data protection and security of a client’s network, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) needs the right partners, products, and tools to make their entire process more efficient while still maintaining a high standard of service for their clients. The tools an MSP chooses also affect its return on investment, including the amount of time it takes to respond to incidents, deploy new services, and manage a client’s current infrastructure. MSPs can use TitanHQ products in several ways to satisfy clients and keep them protected from various threats and malware.


Identify Current and Future Threats

Monitoring solutions are key to an MSP’s success. Proactive cybersecurity is the current strategy supported by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) framework, and it’s a proven solution for reducing risk and loss of revenue from a targeted threat. MSPs have a unique responsibility of supporting several clients, not just a single company. For internal administrators, they are only required to defend a single entity with a known infrastructure setup, but an MSP needs to protect multiple businesses that might have completely disparate network resources. In other words, the MSP needs a solution that monitors numerous platforms that could be configured differently from others.

To identify threats, the MSP must roll out monitoring solutions capable of proactively detecting threats. Real-time analysis using artificial intelligence (AI) is also necessary to detect ongoing threats and potential zero-day exploits. By using the right real-time monitoring systems, an MSP can automatically stop a threat before it does damage instead of reactively responding to cyber events and damage already incurred. In the end, it saves money for the MSP’s client.


Protect Data from Threats

With proactive monitoring, an MSP can promise its clients that the MSP’s deployed systems effectively protect client data. Data is valuable to attackers, and data theft is often an attacker’s goal. An attacker can use data in several ways to disrupt services, damage a client’s brand reputation, or simply sell stolen data for a profit. Every form of data theft can be detrimental to a client’s business continuity, so protecting data should be an MSP’s primary goal.

Ransomware is another common threat used by attackers to blackmail victims into paying a ransom. Ransoms for businesses can range from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars. Ransomware encrypts data with an irreversible cipher cryptographically secure from being cracked. This means that a victim of ransomware cannot retrieve their data if the victim has no backup. Often, victims of ransomware are forced to pay the ransom in an effort to return their data, but some ransomware is set up to accept a fee without returning the victim’s data. Security experts suggest never paying the ransom, but many victims are unable to resist payment if no backup procedure is in place to recover data.

An MSP should understand all these threats and choose the right tools to proactively protect their client’s data, especially from ransomware. TitanHQ has the solutions to cover all aspects of email-based threats, proactively detect them and quarantine threats before they affect client data.


Detect and Help Train Employees for Better Cybersecurity

Email-based threats are one of the most common ways attackers compromise business systems. Whether it’s stealing credentials, installing malware on a local device, or executing ransomware on a network, email is one of the most common vectors. Phishing protection is a must for any MSP to stop threats before attackers reach a targeted user’s inbox. TitanHQ has an advanced email system to block threats, better educate users on detecting a phishing attack, and keep an archive of the email should the MSP ever need to investigate during incident response.

Training users is a proven way to stop phishing. Any MSP conducting a thorough assessment of their client’s current network security should also determine if employees need training. Training is especially important for users with high-level privileges on the network to avoid any of these users from being a target for spear phishing. Spear phishing is a type of phishing attack used to create sophisticated emails targeting users in financial, human resources, or executive departments of an organization.

Employees need the training to empower them to detect sophisticated phishing emails. Training should involve simulations where a phishing email goes out to all employees. The training email usually includes a link to a site asking for sensitive data. The simulation software detects when a user opens the email, clicks the link, and divulges sensitive data such as their network credentials. Simulation software then displays statistics to stakeholders where they can determine additional training for specific employees.


PhishTitan is an advanced phishing protection solution for companies using M365, powered by AI technology. Sign up for our Free Demo to learn more.

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Incident Response for Ongoing Threats

No platform is ever risk-free, but MSPs can put systems in place to quickly respond to ongoing threats and a compromise. In addition to incident response, the MSP needs analysis tools to investigate and send reports to their clients. Quarantining suspicious emails is the best resolution for any MSP so that they can review them. TitanHQ performs the quarantining of suspicious emails so that MSPs can protect client data and further investigate an ongoing attack. Quarantined messages can also be used to determine if an employee or group of employees are the targets of a spear-phishing attack so that they can be further informed, trained, and made aware that they are currently targets for phishing and should be on high alert.

Visual analysis is also helpful for MSPs reviewing any cybersecurity incidents. Analysis of quarantined emails, why each email was quarantined, the reason for the quarantine, and false positive updates help the MSP stay transparent with the client. False positives are rare, but they can be flagged in the system so that the user receives their legitimate email messages. The configurations also help improve the email cybersecurity system so that similar emails will reach the intended recipient’s email inbox successfully in the future.

Reports from past events can be used to create strategies round lessons learned. Lessons learned is a cybersecurity process performed after incident response. It’s a necessary process to help drive changes to disaster recovery plans, cybersecurity strategies, and infrastructure to better detect threats in the future. The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing, so incident response reports and analytics are valuable tools that help MSPs and businesses adapt their current strategies for any new threats, zero-day attacks, and future attacks.


TitanHQ is the Cloud Partner MSPs Need for Effective Client Cybersecurity

MSPs have a lot on their plate, but TitanHQ email security reduces much of the overhead involved with email-based threats. Our tools proactively detect threats and use sophisticated AI-based systems to quarantine any suspicious email messages before they reach the user’s inbox, effectively protecting corporate data for all MSP clients.

Our solutions are cloud-based, making it easy for MSPs to deploy email cybersecurity for multiple clients. With very few configurations, an MSP has effective cybersecurity for new clients that need a fast solution to get them up to speed on the latest proactive strategies. TitanHQ’s solutions are “low touch” strategies, meaning our systems also require very little overhead from an MSP to continue working.

Although TitanHQ works effectively out-of-the-box, our email security can be customized to your MSP preferences to support clients with unique infrastructure needs. Customized reports are available so that an MSP can report to client stakeholders to let them know that their email security features are working efficiently to block threats, protect data, and train employees to detect spear phishing.

PhishTitan is an advanced phishing protection solution for companies using M365, powered by AI technology. Sign up for our Free Demo to learn more.

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