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ArcTitan is a powerful cloud Email Archiving solution that seamlessly integrates with Office 365

With ArcTitan, organisations can fully offload their email storage requirements to the cloud and avail of unlimited archiving of both inbound and outbound mail, including attachments, folders, calendar entries and contacts. 

Cloud-based email archiving ensures critical business mail and attachments are securely archived to the cloud, even if they are deleted from your own servers, giving users full peace of mind.

What is Email Archiving with Office 365?

Office365 provides features and functionality that many users of on-premise Exchange email systems will be familiar with, such as the reminder to ‘archive your old items’ that Outlook suggests, especially when mailbox storage limits are approached.  

Like on-premise Exchange, Office365 permits old copies of email to be moved from a user’s live mailbox to an archive.

Office 365 email archiving services offer this in three ways: the recoverable folders structure, the ability to export to .pstfiles and the use of legal hold. 

Did You Know?


search limits with ArcTitan


saving on email storage space


item export limit

400 billion

emails sent and received daily by 2026

Why do Office 365 Customers Need 3rd Party Email Archiving?

A 3rd party email archiving solution is essential with Office 365 to easily access and retrieve data for compliance purposes. There are many useful features of Microsoft Office 365, but the email archiving tool has been scrutinised and has let customers down. A supporting email archiving tool such as ArcTitan can ensure Office 365 Customers can archive emails efficiently and securely.

Email archiving has become an essential function within modern organisations, it’s not enough to simply store your messages, they need to be easily searched and retrieved for compliance.

Office 365 can search through approximately 50 different attachment file types (mostly Microsoft files), but there are hundreds of other potential files that Office 365 can’t interrogate. Office 365 permits only 50GB of email storage capacity (including your archive), meaning you can quickly run out of space.

Unfortunately, these inadequate features can expose businesses to litigation risk. If you can’t properly retain and search your emails, then you’re in danger of non-compliance with government regulations, which can result in substantial fines or even imprisonment.

Organisations require a better email archive solution – one that enables them to archive emails in a fully compliant and secure manner.

Advantages of Using O365 Email archiving solutions

Cloud-based email archiving is the quickly becoming a standard software for businesses using office 365 as their email service provider. By implementing an email security solution, businesses are given additional features that are not available in office 365. Features include:

Instant access & retrieval of files – it goes without saying that accessing emails in outlook is a time-consuming and frustrating process. Email archiving for office 365 solutions allow you to gain access to archived files instantly. Access and retrieval of archived emails within seconds, therefore, helps with employee productivity.

Compliance - ArcTitan, provides cloud-based archiving and retrieval of emails, compliant with Sarbanes–Oxley, HIPPA, and other regulations for eDiscovery, retention, and audit. Archived emails include an audit trail, documenting any modifications to messages, ensuring compliance to regulations.

eDiscovery for Data Management - an eDiscovery request can be instantly produced with an email archiving solution. If an organization is unable to produce emails/records that they are required to by the law or rule, it leads to fines and perhaps even criminal charges. Archiving emails doesn’t just assist a business in avoiding fines; it can provide a wealth of material for a business’s legal team in an easy-to-access format

Retention Policies - Email retention software sends emails, email attachments, contacts, tasks, calendars, and other email data to an archive, which is different from an email backup. With a solution like ArcTitan, admin users can set up automatic retention policies and rules.

Storage – an email archiving solution provides organisations with unlimited storage.

Office 365 Archiving - How to Archive Emails?

  • ArcTitan Complements Office 365 Features. View and retrieve messages directly from your own Outlook client.
  • Comprehensive instant email archiving and retention - maintain audit-ready compliance, streamline search functionality, and provide multi-tiered, permissions-based access to archived messages.
  • ArcTitan’s email archiving functionality is vastly superior to Microsoft’s standard Office 365 archiving tool. ArcTitan supports comprehensive policy-based archiving, including message and attachment de-duplication for faster search and retrieval.
  • Customize retention periods and policies based on user, email content, or attachments. ArcTitan can archive up to 200 emails per second.
  • Easily search, discover and retrieve your Office 365 archived emails and files in seconds with ArcTitan, even when those files have been compressed. All common file attachments are supported. 
  • ArcTitan can interrogate up to 30 million emails in less than a second.

"It's painless to use ArcTitan to store emails".

Benefits of Using ArcTitan to Support Office 365 Email Archiving

1. Cost Effective and Simple to Use

ArcTitan has been built with the flexibility and control needed by modern enterprises in our constantly evolving business environment. The intuitive interface is simple to use, and easy to administer, minimising the burden on your IT department. ArcTitan eliminates the costs typically associated with hardware deployment, management and maintenance.

2. Enterprise-Grade Resilience and Scalability

ArcTitan scales to over 60,000 users, and in the event that a disaster brings down your local servers, rest assured you have a secure off-site backup of all your critical Office 365 data.

ArcTitan Cloud’s storage capacity expands seamlessly as your business grows, so you’ll never run out of storage space, your transfer speeds will never decrease, and you’ll never need to add more capacity.

3. World-Class Security

Email is stored using AES 128 encryption, and can be transmitted from your business to the cloud using TLS encryption. Data is stored, transferred and retrieved using Open Standards. Passwords are hashed and encrypted, and access is controlled via certificate and delegated management. ArcTitan also supports antivirus scanning of your archived Office 365 data.

Hear from our Customers

Good simple email archive

It just works, minimal set up for Office 365


System Administrator

Archiving Your Emails in Style - ArcTitan Review

ArcTitan is that tool that you need to keep your emails secure as well as creating more room. It allows you to archive all the emails with a strong encryption scheme to ensure their safety. Its easy to use and integrates seamlessly with Outlook 365. We use the ArcTitan for email and organization email achirval. The tool meets the requirements and leaves an audit trail. Once you archive the mails, you are able to retrieve with a single click.

Henry K.

Real Estate Analyst

The Best Email Achiving Solution - ArcTitan

What do you like best about ArcTitan? When it comes archiving our business emails, we trust ArcTitan for being the best It is super secure and the support is very helpful Implenting it as well as integration with our email systems is easy. What do you dislike about ArcTitan? No issues to complain about with ArcTitan. It is super helpful. What problems is ArcTitan solving and how is that benefiting you? We use this product for archiving and has been super effecitve. I would recommend it.

Mukamo M.

IT Manager

Quick and easy Email archiving

We moved form Lotus notes email on premise and needed a way to have access to more mail more easily than in the Outlook 365 environment. We also needed to ensure every email was captured in a single searchable location.


Head of IT

An Effective Email Archiving Solution - ArcTitan

What do you like best about ArcTitan? With ArcTitan, we can keep emails secure by archiving them. In addition, we can always retrieve them whenevr need be and it comes with amazing encryption capabiltiies hence bettering data protection. Integration is straightforward and customer support is great. What do you dislike about ArcTitan? No particular hurdles worth mentionig as ArcTitan has been amazing. What problems is ArcTitan solving and how is that benefiting you? We use this software to archive our important emails and the software also makes email encryption easy too.

Renly S.

IT Manager


ArcTitan’s functionality is superior to Microsoft’s standard Office 365 archiving tool in many ways. ArcTitan supports comprehensive policy-based archiving, which includes message and attachment de-duplication for faster search and retrieval. It is also possible to customize retention periods and policies based on user, email content, or attachments, and ArcTitan can archive up to 200 emails per second.

ArcTitan makes it easy to search, discover and retrieve your Office 365 emails and files in seconds, including compressed files. All common file attachments are supported, including MS Office documents, PDF files, ZIP, TAR, GZ, RTF to name but a few. Search results are returned within milliseconds, and ArcTitan can search through up to 30 million emails in less than a second.

ArcTitan will allow you streamline your office 355, empowering all users with simpler faster access to email and future proof your move to the cloud. If your organization is dependent on Office 365, then a reliable, secure and feature-rich email archiving solution for Office 365 like ArcTitan is vital. ArcTitan ensures your critical business communications are properly archived, and fully compliant with retention and audit legislation, filling the gap left by Microsoft’s standard archiving tool. If you’d like to receive more information about how email archiving for Office 365 environments with ArcTitan, get in touch with TitanHQ today.

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Jennifer Marsh


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