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Cisco Umbrella's No.1 Alternative

Cisco Umbrella Alternative

Cisco Umbrella have been the market leader in DNS filtering and has helped shape the cybersecurity industry. Cisco Umbrella’s product offering is segmented into three packages:

DNS Security Essentials, DNS Security Advantage and Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) Essentials.

These different packages have different features and pricing, different price lists depending upon region, and volume discounting based on user count.


WebTitan DNS filter is the number one Cisco Umbrella alternative in the market, specialising in protecting managed service providers and small-medium sized business. 

Both Cisco Umbrella and WebTitan are DNS layer filters with best of breed advanced AI driven threat protection and are built on the same core principles.

Although Although WebTitan and Cisco umbrella have a lot of the same features and functionalities, Cisco Umbrella customers have migrated to WebTitan due to the renowned pricing structure and industry leading support provided to all customers. Here's the new look WebTitan UX:

WebTitan new UX

Cisco Umbrella Education Case Study 

Saint Joseph Seminary College Moves from Umbrella to WebTitan for Improved Usability, Reporting & Costs.

"The entire experience with WebTitan has been terrific. From better reporting to a usable UI, we’ve gotten the visibility we need and have therefore been able to improve our security position." Todd Russell, IT Director. 

Key Takeaways

  • Highly usable UI provides actionable insights on threat traffic and web activity.
  • Web security costs reduced by 50%.
  • Allows for quick remediation of any flagged issues.
  • Easy & advanced reporting.
  • Secured users and data.
  • Cut security administration and Cut security administration and remediation time.
  • Increased blocked threats by thousands per hour.

"Despite the repeated Cisco Umbrella price increases, the service was not improving and there was no additional value offered."

The IT department at St. Joseph’s College found many challenges with Cisco Umbrella. The major factors for switching to WebTitan was due to the complex UI and ever-rising pricing.

Accessing basic visibility on web activity became so onerous they avoided the task, hence leaving the network vulnerable to security attacks.

Results for Saint Joseph’s College in Moving to WebTitan

The deployment of WebTitan has greatly helped the college defend against web threats like ransomware and malware. “WebTitan soon became our first line of defense against threats like ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks.”

"WebTitan immediately gave us visibility into our users’ traffic. Within days, the UI allowed us to see clear signals of dangerous activity. Thanks to the easily accessible and understandable data available on the WebTitan UI, we have been able to launch investigations more quickly and work on remediation” says Mr. Russell.

“Overall, our ability to spot and remediate security issues has improved a great deal. We can block malicious activity, protect the network and users, and safely manage web usage across the organization.”

Read the full case study.

Cisco Umbrella MSP case study 

Network Needs Move from Cisco Umbrella to WebTitan to Eliminate Customer Onboarding Complexity

"When we decided to trial WebTitan we were happily surprised. Straightaway we dropped Cisco Umbrella and moved to WebTitan and it is impressing us every day." Ryan Lochhead, Technical Director.

Key Takeaways

  • Rapid deployment
  • Automated updates
  • Ease of scalability
  • Competitive pricing
  • The ability to host in your own environment or TitanHQ’s Cloud

"WebTitan easily integrated into Network Needs existing service stack, avoiding any delays in offering the service. There is comprehensive remote management and monitoring via an API. Any MSP will benefit from WebTitan’s many advantages"

Technical Director, Ryan Lochhead discusses his change from Cisco Umbrella to WebTitan.

Network Needs, UK based Managed Service Provider, supplying 24/7 support, made the change to WebTitan Cloud to provide a more secure multi-layered approach for their clients.

According to Technical Director, Ryan Lochhead “We had used Cisco Umbrella to offer web filtering and found them very accommodating at the start offering support and guidance with the solution but once the deal was agreed this all fell away.”

The biggest challenge facing MS The biggest challenge facing MSP, Network Needs was finding the right solution that would allow them provide malware protection for 1200 different customers in multiple locations. Each customer has unique needs and requires a flexible malware protection solution.

Providing solutions for influential brands such as Alfa Romeo, Audi, Aston Martin & BMW, Network Needs ensures a multi-layered security approach is instilled in all clients for protection against all advanced security threats.

“Protecting against the ever-changing threat landscape is vital to protect data, clients and employee productivity.”

WebTitan is the number 1 Cisco Umbrella Alternative - book a free demo

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WebTitan Vs Cisco Umbrella: Features 

WebTitan Vs Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella Alternative

Customers Love WebTitan

When assessing the two solutions, reviewers found WebTitan Web Filter easier to use, administer, and do business with overall.

Cisco Umbrella RATINGS versus WebTitan 

Cisco Umbrella Alternative

Many Cisco Umbrella customers have moved to WebTitan since the Cisco acquisition. Mult-award winning web filter, WebTitan has partnered some of the greatest brands across the globe including Datto, Virgin Media and Microsoft.WebTitan reviews


DNS Filtering Threat Intelligence

WebTitan Web Filter provides leading-edge AI driven threat intelligence including:

  • Real-time URL threat protection, processing over 1.5bn DNS requests per day.
  • Our real-time database contains 3 million malicious URLs, phishing sites and IP addresses.
  • Every single day we identify 100,000 NEW malicious threats and URLs. 
  • Real-time categorization and malicious detection for domains, full-path URLs, and IPs.
  • Crowd-sourced coverage and protection powered by over ​650​ million end users.
  • Industry-leading ​99.9% coverage​ and over ​99% accuracy​ of ActiveWeb URLs & IPs.
  • 100%​ coverage of the top 1 million most visited websites (ActiveWeb).
  • Highly granular categories which include malicious, objectionable, and topic-based groups
  • ​Malicious​ categories including botnet, phishing/fraud, malware distribution point, command and control, cryptocurrency mining, ad fraud, and more.
  • Malicious URLs are revisited daily to determine if they are still infected, abandoned, or cleaned. This ensures that our malicious database stays as “fresh” and accurate as possible.
  • Support for over ​200 ​languages.
  • Real-time continuous updates​ provide up-to-the-minute protection against newly identified malicious sources.

The size of a malicious database is not an accurate measurement of the level of protection or value it provides. The number of malicious URLs that threaten users and devices on the internet will vary significantly from day-to-day, month-to-month, and so on. The same is true for the number of malicious status changes that occur every day (a safe site becomes malicious, or a malicious site is cleaned and becomes safe).

Hence, the importance of having a system that continuously revisits and re-assesses the malicious status of identified malicious URLs on a regular basis. The value and protection from a malicious database is derived from a high level of coverage (of all URLs), freshness (how recently they were reviewed), and accuracy of the classification systems.

WebTitan is the number 1 Cisco Umbrella Alternative - book a free demo

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"3 years later we continue to have the support of an experienced team of experts who go out of their way to ensure everything continues to run smoothly."  Shay Bishop, Snr 3rd Line Infrastructure Engineer, Mencap.


WebTitan and Cisco Umbrella are two great products which are industry accepted as the first layer of phishing and ransomware protection. Both protect organisations of various sizes from web-based threats/inappropriate content through the DNS layer.

Both vendors put a key focus on the advanced threat detection to make sure customers are protected from malicious links, ransomware, spyware, malware and more. Umbrella is powered by Cisco whereas WebTitan is an independently owned organisation that is renowned for friendly, top class technical support and a pricing differential that just can’t be ignored.

WebTitan Cloud reviews



WebTitan’s malicious threat detection, neutralizes malware, ransomware and phishing threats for employees, clients & students and protects your organizations from potential data breaches.

The DNS security layer automatically reduces your malware threat risk by over 75%.

Get started with WebTitan Cloud today and see the results in <1 hour.

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Cisco Umbrella Alternative


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