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Email Scanning

What is Email Scanning?

An email scanning service examines inbound and outbound email messages for viruses, malware and spam. Email scanning solutions audit emails for harmful links to malicious URLS and attached files that could contain detrimental malware.

How can SpamTitan’s help with Email Scanning?

SpamTitan is a double anti-virus with a proven spam blocker, with a spam catch rate of 99.99%. SpamTitan scans inbound emails in real-time for emails with malicious intent. SpamTitan scans emails for malicious URLS and attachments. If any malicious activity is found, emails will be quarantined.  

Email scanning is one of the most important features for any email security solution. Inbound and outbound scanning is vital in protecting an organisation from cybercriminals.

What Threats are Prevented with an Email Scanning Software?

Here are some of the threats that are eliminated due to SpamTitan's email scanning software for inbound emails:

Malicious URLs & Attachments

SpamTitan scans inbound emails in Microsoft Outlook in real-time for malicious URL's and attachments infected with malware. Any suspicious emails will be quarantined instead of entering the client's inbox. ·

Viruses, Malware & Spam

The email scanning service of SpamTitan ensures double anti-virus protection with a 99.99% Spam Catch rate.

Social Engineering Attacks

SpamTitan’s email scanning service scans and blocks emails that could be phishing or spear-phishing attacks.


The risk of ransomware attacks is significantly reduced with SpamTitan. The advanced email scanning service identifies and blocks potential ransomware attacks, that could have a detrimental impact on an organization. 

Potential Data Breaches

in 2020, 27 billion data records were reported stolen as a result of inefficient cybersecurity defenses, resulting in an increase in cybersecurity attacks. Data breaches cost money, reputation, and time to rectify. Having an email protection solution such as SpamTitan, can scan emails for phishing attempts to steal organization data. 

Spoofing Attacks

SpamTitan can identify email accounts that may be false through Real-Time Blacklists (RBL's). Any email account or domain that has been identified on blacklists will be blocked with SpamTitan's spam filter. 

What is Outbound Email Scanning?

Outbound email scanning ensures spam emails, or emails containing malware, are not sent from an organization’s email accounts or domains. Unknowingly to an employee, a corporate email account can be compromised by cybercriminals and use an organization’s domain to send malware and ransomware to clients and customers. This can have a detrimental effect on an organization’s reputation and may result in corporate email accounts or an entire domain being blacklisted.

How can Outbound Email Scanning Prevent Domain Blacklisting?

Domain / IP Blacklists are updated in real-time and contain millions of blocked domains and email addresses that have been reported as having been used for unwanted activity such as the sending of spam emails. If emails are sent from a blacklisted account, domain, or IP address those emails will either be directed to a quarantine folder, deleted, or will simply be rejected.

If a business has its domain added to a spam blacklist, not only do important emails to clients and customers will not get through, it can be extremely difficult and costly to revert a domain blacklisting.

To prevent domain / IP blacklisting, am email scanning software is required. SpamTitan, not only scans inbound emails in real-time, but can detect if the email account is being used to send spam emails and emails with malicious malware. These emails will be blocked by SpamTitan and not be send to the targeted user. Nevertheless, not only does SpamTitan protect the intended recipient, but protects the domain IP and the reputation of the business.

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Email Scanning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Email scanning software allows only legitimate and safe emails to reach employee inboxes. An email scanning service is a process of filtering emails that are inbound to the user’s inbox and outgoing from the company server. Inbound email scanning checks and filters the incoming emails for malware and suspicious links. Outbound email scanning software scans the user’s outgoing emails to ensure it adheres to the organization’s policy.

It only takes one click of a link on a malicious email to allow malware into your network, & the cost of such an error on a business, can be enormous. Email scanning also assesses email links & attachments for possible malicious content including suspicious domains & other signs of email spoofing often used in BEC attacks.

SpamTitan is an email protection system that blocks malware, phishing, & viruses from reaching your inbox. It scans mail for email borne threats & blocks them before reaching the user. SpamTitan Cloud is one of the most versatile malware scanning & filtering solutions available.

With email scanning technology, organizations can review all inbound email to check for malware, viruses, phishing & spam. Email scanning software evaluates links & email attachments to identify malicious URLs and weaponized attachments that can be part of a phishing or ransomware attack.


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