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Affordable. Effective. Easy-to-Use.

Powerful Anti-Spam Email Filter with AI-Driven Threat Protection

SpamTitan is a powerful anti spam service that protects your business by blocking spam, phishing, spoofing, zero-day attacks, and malware from your emails.

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Famous for our superb technical support

Over 1,500 5-Star Customer Reviews


Top 6 Reasons to Choose TitanHQ

Advanced Protection

Scan all inbound emails with double anti-virus protection and prevent whaling and spear phishing.

Data Leak Protection

Enjoy the addition of powerful data leak prevention rules to prevent internal data loss.

Email Blocking

Allow whitelisting and blacklisting, advanced reporting, recipient verification, and outbound scanning.

Office 365 Protection

Strengthen your Office365 email security against malware through a defence in-depth approach.


Use machine learning and behavioural analysis to enable your security team to safety detonate suspicious files.

Zero Day Attack Protection

Anticipate new attacks using predictive technology providing a secure solution for email.

Why Choose SpamTitan?

Effectively Block Spam

SpamTitan blocks 99.9% of spam, malware, ransomware, phishing, and viruses.

Quick & Easy Setup

Receive full top-class support for a solution that's easy to deploy, manage and use.

Protect Your Business

Block zero day attacks via email, safeguarding your email system and employee data.

Proven Spam Solution

Email spam filtering solution with a market leading 99.99% catch rate.

Hear from our customers

SpamTitan has saved me, saved my company time, and has some of the best support people around. I have never been happier with another company in my entire IT career.

Benjamin J.

Director of IT

We researched and demoed several solutions, and SpamTitan came out of that on top. We looked at Barracuda, SonicWall, and Zerospam. We went with TitanHQ because of the price and features.

Andy Arnone


SpamTitan has amazing tech support. They went above and beyond. I wish everyone would care and respond the way these guys do. I can't think of another example of where I have been impressed by a vendor's tech support.

Chris Anzalone

Senior Network Engineer

Our company was getting SO many spam and phishing emails. Once this software was implemented, I was able sort and manage my email easier.


Collections Manager

It's hosted offsite, but gives me the ability to modify and tweak anything I want. Customer Service is easy to reach and always helpful. Does a good job with filtering, we rarely have to white list and don't get much spam at all. The best part is that I can forget about it.


IT Manager

I have been using SpamTitan for several months now and I am impressed with its effectiveness in filtering spam emails. The software is very easy to set up and the interface is user-friendly. The spam filtering is accurate and it has reduced the number of spam emails that I receive. It also allows for customization of spam filtering options, which is useful to fine-tune the spam filtering to my specific needs.



Want to Learn More?

Want to Learn More?