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E-Rate Tool Kits

Whether you are an E-Rate applicant or a vendor that conducts business for customers utilizing E-Rate discounting, the process of navigating through the involved paperwork can be daunting if you are unfamiliar with the program.  In order to simplify the process somewhat, we have composed an E-Rate toolkit that includes links to the most prevalent documents and tools you will need.

E-Rate Applicants

If you are new to the whole process, you should watch this training video that shows how to go about creating a user account for the E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC) account and application management portal for the Schools and Libraries (E-rate) Program.  You will use this tool to manage your projects, receive notifications and contact customer service.  The USAC provides a number of other training videos as well to fully educate anyone wanting to participate in EPC. 

Urban/Rural Lookup Tool

This tool is designed to help school districts, library systems, and individual schools and libraries determine the individual and aggregate urban vs. rural status of their organization.  This can aid in calculating the maximum discount used in a request for funds.

FRN Status Tool (2016 forward)

This tool allows searches for various information related to FCC Form 471, FRNs (Funding Request Numbers), Commitments, and disbursements similar to DRT.  Refer to this document for directions.

Letter of Agency

The Letter of Agency simply certifies who will manage the competitive bidding process of your project.  This can be you yourself or a third party that is going to manage it for you.  A sample of this filing is here.

FCC-Form 470 Filing Guide

This filing guide can assist you in the process of how to go about filing your first FCC-Form 470.  The FCC Form 470 is the central document that initiates the online filing process.  It includes a description of the services requested and certifies the bidding process.  The form can be accompanied by a Request for Proposal (RFP) as well.  If so, the RFP must be uploaded to the EPC portal as part of the 470 filing process.

Form 470 Corrections User Guide

You may be asked to correct errors or mistakes made in your FCC Form 470.  These are referred to as Ministerial and clerical (M&C) errors.   Users with partial or full rights for FCC Forms 470 can edit a certified FCC Form 470.  This user guide will help you complete this process. 

Sample Bid Evaluation Matrix Guide

This guide will provide guidance in how to construct a proper evaluation of the proposals received.  Using an evaluation matrix will allow you to apply the same standards of consideration for all bidders based on the factors that are important to you.

Vendor 498 Lookup Tool

This tool allows users to find service provider contact information by the service provider’s 498 ID or Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN).

Funding Request Data Retrieval Tool

This tool allows searches for various information related to applications, funding commitments, and disbursements.  Refer to this document for directions.

FCC Form 471

Once you have selected a proposal, you need to file FCC Form 471 online in the EPC in order to request discounts on eligible services and equipment for the upcoming funding year. Applicants must include information on the recipients of services and service provider(s); provide detailed descriptions of services including costs and dates of service or equipment; and certify compliance with program rules.  Below are some great resources to help you complete the required form.

FCC Form 471 Checklist

Step-by-Step Training Videos

To view the current status of your 471 filing, you can access the Form 471 Application Status Check tool

Service Provider Download Tool

This tool provides service provider data for USAC's Schools and Libraries Program. Enter your search criteria then select “Search”. If you wish to view and download all service provider data do not enter any search criteria.

Waiver Request Filing

You must certify your FCC Form 471 by the close of the application filing window. If you certify your form after this date, it will be considered out-of-window and you are unlikely to receive funding.  You can file a waiver request to mover your application back to an in-window status.

Deadlines Tool

Because meeting deadlines is so imperative to the E-Rate application process, the above tool will help you determine the required deadlines.


Applicants and service providers alike can find frequently asked questions on E-rate forms or topics here.

E-Rate Vendors

498 ID Status

Applicants must log in to the EPC portal and navigate to their FCC Form 498 to check their form status. Service Providers should continue to check their FCC Form 498 status in the E-File system.

  • How to search FCC Form 498 Status in EPC:
  • Navigate to EPC > Records > FCC Forms 498
  • Enter your FCC Form 498 ID and click Search
  • FCC Form 498 link appears, along with the status

FCC Form 470 Search User Guide

Once you have an EPC account, you can search for and view certified FCC Forms 470 using a number of criteria, such as the state or zip code of the applicant(s) and service type(s).  The Search User Guide can provide assistance in how to go about this process.  Refer to this document for directions.

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