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TitanHQ Announces Exciting New Strategic Alliance with Evanti Tech

TitanHQ is proud to announce an exciting new strategic alliance with Evanti Tech, marking a significant milestone in bolstering cybersecurity in India. Under this partnership, Evanti Tech will serve as a value-added distributor, offering TitanHQ's advanced cybersecurity solutions to clients throughout the region.

This collaboration signifies Evanti Techs' commitment to fortifying its cybersecurity offerings by joining forces with TitanHQ. Together, they aim to shield clients from the constantly evolving landscape of cyber threats through a multi-layered security defense approach. 

As a distributor for TitanHQ's cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, Evanti Tech will provide email security solutions to clients, designed to safeguard against email security threats.

About Evanti Tech

Evanti Tech is an IT Infrastructure, Cloud, and Security services provider. As part of their Managed Services offerings and through a comprehensive range of premium solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of clients, they plan, deploy, optimize and manage complex and critical IT infrastructures. They take care of their customers by managing and monitoring their cloud applications and protecting them from Cyber attacks, Ransomware attacks, and many more, so that our customers can relax and conduct their business without any trouble.

Core Values:

  • Built Around You

  • Proven

  • Adapative

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