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Barracuda Essentials Vs SpamTitan Email Security

SpamTitan is the number one alternative for Barracuda Essentials in 2023.  In a feature comparison survey conducted by G2 Crowd.com, the results show that customers of SpamTitan rated the solution higher than the customer ratings of Barracuda. SpamTitan scored 4.6/5 on customer satisfaction, where scored Barracuda 4.2/5.

SpamTitan versus Barracuda G2 ratings

In assessing the two solutions, SpamTitan surpasses Barracuda with a major focus on the quality of customer support, ease of use & setup.SpamTitan leads the way in 7 out of the 8 key deciding factors in the G2 Comparison.

SpamTitan versus Barracuda G2 ratings

Source: G2 Crowd.com

“SpamTitan definitely solved all our email security issues with the in/outbound configuration. The best thing about SpamTitan is that it's so easy to use, the support is very quick to answer all our questions we had to configure. We were up and running in just a few minutes”  


"After using a cloud-based Barracuda solution we decided to trial SpamTitan.  After one week of the trial, we decided to buy a 3-year license.  One of the best easy-to-use products I have seen in a long time.  The performance of the virtual Hyper-V box is amazing! It has greylisting/DKIM and TLS, and 99,99% of the spam is being filtered. It does a better job than Barracuda!" Martijn Diersmann

Barracuda Pricing

One of the main reasons customers are leaving Barracuda is down to the cost. Although pricing is not always the main reason an organisation selects an email security solution, it can be an important factor between solutions with similar features and threat detection capabilities.

Barracuda Essentials pricing is based upon different tiers and features of email threat protection.  Additional features cost more, unlike SpamTitan which offers a full-featured solution regardless of the number of users being protected.

How does Barracuda Essentials email protection pricing and licensing compare to SpamTitan Email Security pricing?  

Based on the equivalent solution with SpamTitan Email Protection, Barracuda’s pricing is in the region of $2.66 per user, per month, versus $1.08 per user per month with SpamTitan.

SpamTitan versus Barracuda Pricing

*Pricing is based on 250 users, pricing accurate as of June 2021. If you would like a detailed pricing quote for your organisation, get pricing quote here.

Similar to SpamTitan, Barracuda offers the following spam filtering capabilities:

  • Advanced threat protection
  • Phishing prevention
  • Malware blocking
  • Link scanning
  • Outbound email filtering

However, Barracuda Essential customers must purchase Barracuda Sentinel in addition to the Essential package to receive:

  • Artificial Intelligence for real-time spear phishing, prevention from spoofing & CEO/employee impersonations
  • Email authentication with DMARC

With SpamTitan all features are included regardless of the level of users, for an all-encompassing package price:

  • Advanced machine learning
  • Recipient verification
  • Real-time analysis
  • Geoblocking
  • Attachment Filtering
  • Extensive email scanning
  • Quarantining
  • Anti-spoofing
  • Phishing detection

Learn more about SpamTitan Email Security. Protect your organisation from email-borne threats, try SpamTitan full features in a 14-day free trial. Start free trial.

To compare Barracuda essentials pricing against other industry competitors, view email security pricing grid.

SpamTitan pricing is lower than Barracuda, but, the pricing does not reflect the spam filtering capabilities of SpamTitan. In the G2 Case study of SpamTitan’s vs Barracuda Threat Detection features, SpamTitan takes the lead winning 8/8 in the spam filtering functionality.

Email Security for MSPs

Barracuda Essentials is an email security solution that provides protection against email-borne cyber threats. It helps to keep organizations and employees protected by stopping advanced threats, keeping data safe while staying compliant.

SpamTitan email protection is the #1 Barracuda Essentials alternative in 2021. Many MSP customers and SMBs are moving from Barracuda Essential for 365 to SpamTitan, powered by TitanHQ.  Customers have switched from Barracuda to SpamTitan for many reasons, the top reasons for migrating are:

  • Barracuda Essentials Pricing – The costs of Barracuda are benchmarked as significantly higher than competitors such as SpamTitan.
  • Support – Barracuda support is recognised as very poor, whereas SpamTitan is known within the industry for 24/7 top-class support throughout the sales process and after-sales support.
  • AI – In the world of ever-rising cybersecurity threats, customers need a solution with AI and Machine learning to stop advanced threats. This AI protection is not included in the Barracuda Essentials pricing packing. 
  • Threat Intelligence Database – SpamTitan has an impressive database of 650 million users, which is used to check for spam email accounts and domains in real-time to prevent phishing emails.

This guide will discuss Barracuda Essentials pricing in comparison to SpamTitan Email Protection, powered by TitanHQ.  

What does Barracuda Essentials do?

SpamTitan and Barracuda Essentials are the industry-leading solutions for email protection and security.

What does an email protection solution do?

Email protection or email security solutions scan emails before entering mail servers to protect end-users from email-borne threats, including phishing attacks, malware and links to malicious websites. Security solutions filter and scan emails via virus, scanning tools, real-time analysis, spam scoring, reputation checks and URL protection.

Email security is essential for organisations to prevent cybercriminals from attacking unaware employees, which could result in a ransomware attack or data breach. With the rise in phishing attacks in the remote working movement, an email security solution is essential to defend against, ransomware, malware, zero-day attacks and other advanced threats.


Barracuda Esssentials customers have stated that the solution is not MSP focussed and although it has a wide product range, it does not solely focus on email and web security. This has been a large contributing factor on why MSP’s are moving to SpamTitan from Barracuda.

TitanHQ’s solutions were created by MSPs for MSPs, which enables clients to operate more productively, while protecting their business emails and data. Whereas Barracuda’s focus is on direct Enterprise sales.

SpamTitan for MSPs

SpamTitan has been serving the MSP market since 1999, and as a result, have close ties with the MSP ecosystem ensuring we are always aware of any changes in MSP business requirements or preferences.

SpamTitan email protection for MSPs performs a multi-layered analysis of all incoming and outgoing emails incorporating Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC), Real-time Blackhole List (RBLs), Bayesian analysis and much more.

SpamTitan uses dual antivirus engines to block known malware from reaching end users’ inboxes, advanced sandboxing used for in-depth analysis of suspicious links and attachments to prevent zero-day threats.

Why SpamTitan is the Perfect Choice for MSP Email Security

  • Intuitive and extremely easy to set up.
  • Real-time detection for threat analysis with 24×7 updates and protection.
  • Zero-Day Threat Protection: Dual antivirus engines provide signature-based protection against 100% of known malware.
  • Sandboxing: allows in-depth analysis of suspicious attachments to identify zero-day malware threats.
  • Unlimited Number of Users and Domains: Fully scalable solution where domains can be entered and configured as a single file – allowing MSPs to migrate from an existing spam filtering solution without service interruptions. Per-Domain Administrators can be created for each hosted domain, giving each administrator the ability to manage elements of their own email.
  • Per-Domain Reporting: A full suite of reports can be set up for each domain.
  • Easy customization: Available as a full white label software solution, ready for MSP branding.
  • Flexible Pricing Model: SpamTitan’s pricing model gives the flexibility service providers need, to help MSPs deal with changing numbers of seats. Monthly billing options are available.
  • Cloud-based with no hardware or software required.
  • Full outbound email protection.
  • Ability to host locally

MSP Case Study – True North Consultants Migrate from Baracuda to SpamTitan

True North Consultants is a managed service provider that is focused on creating value for their clients and their customers. They strive to help businesses to transform and lead.

True North were using Barracuda for email spam filtering however they wanted a solution that they could host locally for their employees and sell to clients. “With Barracuda we didn't feel like paying some other company to do it for us in "the cloud". SpamTitan was the perfect fit.”

SpamTitan were able to provide True North with an advanced email security solution, that they could host locally.

After a free trial with SpamTitan, True North switched from Barracuda to SpamTitan and has been very successful since. Here’s what they had to say about SpamTitan

“The degree of customization and logging with SpamTitan is amazing. You can account for everything going in or out of your organization and set filtering rules to match any scenario.

Barracuda spam filtering was letting us down and letting viruses through”

“Performance of the web UI and functions like searching and reporting are lightning quick. Virtual machine for VMware was super easy to deploy. Spam Titan offers an in-house solution, which we LOVE as well as options for people who prefer cloud. The SpamTitan in-house appliance has full support for ipv6 both sending and receiving.”

“I recommend to take the time to consider SpamTitan. The offering is flexible and if you still want and trust an in-house solution, they offer that in addition to cloud. The in-house solution is not scaled down in any was and is just as good as the cloud offering.”

David Sgro, IT Recruiter / Search Specialist, True North Consultants.

MSP Case Study – Opal IT moves from Vade Secure & Barracuda Spam Filter to TitanHQ

Another great success story of an MSP partnership with SpamTitam, is U.K.-based MSP, Opal IT. Opal IT, in Newcastle and Edinburgh, transitioned from Vade Secure and Barracuda to the TitanHQ trio of SpamTitan Email Security, WebTitan Content Filtering, and ArcTitan Email Archiving.

Opal IT had been using Barracuda Spam Filter and Vade Secure for email filtering, alongside firewall filtering, for their 6k+ customer base. The organization is now offering its customers a TitanHQ cybersecurity bundle, which includes a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity, protecting clients from phishing, ransomware, malicious websites and secure email archiving.

"Opal IT moved to TitanHQ because of our MSP-focused solutions, ease of deployments, extensive API functionality and the increased margin they're now making. TitanHQ cybersecurity bundle solutions allow MSPs to provide their downstream customers with a layered defense approach” said Ronan Kavanagh, CEO, TitanHQ

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Independent review site, G2 Crowd conducted a feature comparison survey between SpamTitan and Barracuda Essentials. The results show that customers of SpamTitan rated the solution higher than the customer ratings of Barracuda. SpamTitan scored 4.6/5 on customer satisfaction, where scored Barracuda 4.2/5.

Based on the equivalent solution with SpamTitan Email Protection, Barracuda's pricing is in the region of $2.66 per user, per month, versus $1.08 with SpamTitan. Barracuda pricing is significantly higher than SpamTitan. Customers are leaving Barracuda due to the ever-rising pricing.

Based on the equivalent solution with SpamTitan Email Protection, Barracuda's pricing is in the region of $2.66 per user, per month, versus $1.08 with SpamTitan. Barracuda pricing is based on different tiers and features of email threat protection.  Additional features cost more, unlike SpamTitan which offers an all-encompassing package price.

Barracuda MSP customers are leaving and migrating to SpamTitan for several reasons. The main factor being pricing. SpamTitan offers a more profitable pricing margin for MSPs. SpamTitan for MSPs offers first-class industry support and a concierge service in migrating MSP clients to SpamTitan.

What are MSPs saying about SpamTitan versus Baracudda?

Reddit SpamTitan Review

Absolutely. Our barracuda virtual appliance was recording about 14% block/spam rates, by volume, inbound, with an unacceptably high false positive rate.

Spamtitan is getting almost 19%, and we have been easily able to integrate several 3rd party abuse-based lists into our defense, giving us better protection from compromised email accounts in cloud providers, which is always a plus.

Oh, and f%$k Barracuda. They wanted to charge us almost a 25% increase for renewal on a 3 year term, we were a customer for almost a decade.

r/sysadmin - Comment by u/Youneededthiscat on "Any Admin moved from Spam Titan to Proofpoint?

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