eOPEN Solutions Inc. Halts Spam for Clients with SpamTitan Email Protection
The stability of SpamTitan is very good. We haven’t had any issues at all with any of it... The uptime has been fantastic.
David M
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The Challenge

eOpen Solutions specialize in offering customized I.T. services which are tailored to the individual situation. From small businesses to non-profit organizations, to governments and government agencies, to Indigenous-led organizations – eOpen Solutions work in various environments and helping businesses more become more efficient.

The Challenge:

"We have some clients who have been around for a long time, meaning that their domain has been out there for a while and they have had a high turnover of workers. A lot of them had huge amounts of spam coming in. When we were running the Exchange Servers, they were being swamped before we had something like this solution put on."

The Solution

Valuable Features

"With SpamTitan, we have just one place to go and look at things, which makes it a lot easier for us. Our users like the fact that it is granular when they look at it. Some guys are really proficient in certain areas and this lends itself to that, which is good. They can then learn the other parts that they didn’t have when we were on other systems. You can just log into the back-end and can see everything or whatever you want to see. If you need to actually go through the email and look for one to release, it is easy to find. When the client gets it, we show them how they get daily reports. SpamTitan is easy for them to use and they can manage their own spam."

The Results

"SpamTitan works great. It is just one thing that we have to deal with, not a bunch of things. That makes it a lot easier than the way we were doing things before. Some clients don’t want to know anything. Other clients like the fact that they have the opportunity to get this report. It comes in and shows them everything that has been collected. They can log in, manage all that at any time, and clean it. It is a safety net for them so they feel comfortable. In some cases, it actually helps in the education of the end user’s infrastructure. You take them through and show them, and say, “You have some responsibilities and control here that you can manage. This is a top-level device to do this.” Some of them really take pride in the fact that they can and want to do it. Therefore, it is a good tool that shows them why things are even being caught, how it appears, and why it is being picked up. The more that you can educate your end user, the safer you are keeping everybody."

"SpamTitan has helped us big time with improving our spam catch rate and reduced our false positive rate. This took a lot of weight off our shoulders because we were spending a lot of time managing the Exchange servers."


Percent Catch Rate

t has a market leading 99.99% Spam Catch Rate with a 0.003% false positive rate

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