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SpamTitan provides complete email security protection for Thermocopy of Tennesse

As well as chewing up precious IT resources and time, the level of spam was putting the network at risk of potential viruses, phishing and spyware attacks. We needed to find a new better solution fast!

Jonathan Strader

Jonathan Strader Systems Network Administrator

The SpamTitan anti spam appliance is simply the best email security available. It frees our inboxes of spam and protects our company from viruses saving us an immeasurable amount of time.

The Challenge

SpamTitan provides complete email security protection for Thermocopy of Tennesse - Solution

The Solution

The Results

Thermocopy would without a doubt recommend SpamTitan, they did their research and it proved to be the best fit. "We are extremely happy. End users are actually loving reading through the quarantine reports and seeing things that they never even knew were happening on the backside. Spam has become a thing of the past and the burden of dealing with Spam is gone". The Systems Network Administrator, in the past had to search for false positives manually and keep up with maintaining the software that resided on the exchange server. Now all they have to do is respond to questions the end users may have.


Lower IT Spend

Thermocopy now have a significantly lower IT spend – according to Mr. Strader SpamTitan was the best costing of any anti Spam Product they came across. ‘With SpamTitan all our system and product updates are included as is full technical support which is an excellent benefit for us'.


Ease of set up & Installation

Installation of the product was simple, both setup and configuration is a breeze and self-explanatory! SpamTitan can be installed and configured in under 30 minutes


Standout Features

The feature set for what you pay for can’t be beaten! According to Mr. Strader the standout features for them are the Quarantine reports, per user settings, branding capabilities, reporting and ease of configuration.

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