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DNS Filtering Solution for MSPs

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DNS Filtering Solution for MSPs

A DNS filtering solution for MSPs is one of the easiest ways to increase client spending, ensure customers get better value for money, as well as significantly improving an MSPs cash flow.

SMBs are increasingly offering Internet access to their customers, but there is also pressure on businesses to ensure that access to inappropriate websites is blocked. With finances often tight, it is important to ensure that time-wasting by employees is kept to a minimum and the massive increase in web-borne threats requires a technical solution to reduce risk. A web filter is a quick, easy, and cost effective solution that allows SMBs to deal with all of these issues.

The volume of web-borne threats has increased significantly in recent years and the cost of data breach resolution is spiraling. Consequently, web filtering is now a necessity for all SMBs. By filtering the Internet, SMBs can greatly improve their security posture. They can prevent malicious websites from being accessed, block ransomware and malware downloads, and easily enforce acceptable Internet usage policies.

Any managed service provider that is not yet offering clients the option of clean, filtered Internet access could already be losing a significant amount of business to competitors.

DNS Filtering – Web Filtering for MSPs Made Easy

Managed Service Providers may be put off offering web filtering to clients in the mistaken belief that there is little profit to be gained from doing so. However, this could not be further from the truth. A DNS filtering solution for MSPs requires no additional hardware, no software downloads, and no visits by service staff to install the solution.

The web filter can be applied, configured, and managed from MSPs offices. There is even no need for highly skilled IT staff to implement and maintain the web filter. A DNS filtering solution for MSPs can be easily installed and configured. It is also possible to manage the solution from any location with an Internet connection via an intuitive web-based control panel. There is no need for any support staff to visit clients’ facilities to install or manage the web filter.

Appliance-based web filters can prove problematic for MSPs. They can be expensive to purchase, time consuming to implement, and tend to lack scalability. A DNS filtering solution for MSPs is free from all of these issues. It little management overhead, is infinitely scalable, and suitable for businesses of all sizes; from SMBs to international organizations.

WebTitan Cloud – A Perfect DNS Filtering Solution for MSPs that Will Boost Profits

TitanHQ has been working with Managed Service Providers since 1999 and has developed an excellent understanding of the common problems faced when finding new solutions to add to a service stack. TitanHQ’s spam filtering (SpamTitan) and web filtering (WebTitan) products have been developed with MSPs firmly in mind.

WebTitan Cloud is a DNS filtering solution for MSPs with a difference. WebTitan Cloud has been developed to exactly meet MSPs needs. Our DNS filtering solution for MSPs can be quickly installed and easily configured for each client. It takes less than 20 minutes to implement and configure, including setting up scheduled reports and applying clients’ unique acceptable usage policies.

WebTitan Cloud integrates with Active Directory allowing Internet access to be easily configured for different users or roles within an organization. Dynamic and static IPs are supported, client accounts can be easily managed via a central control panel, and the solution features automatic updates which are applied without any downtime.

WebTitan Cloud is supplied with a full range of APIs for ease of integration into MSPs billing, monitoring, and auto-provisioning systems. The solution is available in white-label form ready for branding by MSPs and includes a range of hosting options, including hosting the solution within an MSPs infrastructure. TitanHQ’s goal is to ensure that MSPs can integrate all of our cloud-based solutions seamlessly into their portfolio of products.

MSPs will also receive full technical and customer support from TitanHQ’s support team, which takes great pride in providing industry-leading customer service.

Improve Your Bottom Line with WebTitan Cloud

WebTitan Cloud allows Managed Service Providers to add another profitable product to their service stack.

The solution will better protect MSPs clients from Internet threats and will allow them to boost their profits by improving productivity by preventing inappropriate Internet access. WebTitan Cloud is cost-effective for clients and MSPs are offered generous margins. The bottom line is WebTitan Cloud is a DNS filtering solution for MSPs that can improve everyone’s bottom lines.

For further information on WebTitan Cloud, details of the range of options for MSPs, and to take advantage of a 100% free, no obligation trial, contact the TitanHQ sales team today.


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