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HTTPS Content Filtering Software

HTTPS content filtering software acts as an Internet filter that not only inspects the content of “regular” websites for harmful material, but also “secure” websites. Supposedly “secure” websites are those who’s URL has the prefix https://. These websites are validated by a Certification Authority as being genuinely safe websites to visit because, when you visit a “secure” website, the connection between your computer and the website you are visiting is encrypted.

The process for encrypting online conversations is known as applying a Secure Sockets Layer or “SSL”. SSL encryption was originally developed in order to protect online financial transactions from eavesdropping, and preventing the online transactions from being tampered with or forged. The use of SSL encryption has grown significantly recently. Even social media channels have adopted SSL encryption in order to keep conversations private.

Along with the growth of websites using SSL encryption, there has been an increase of bogus HTTPS websites. Cybercriminals have hacked into Certification Authority websites and produced their own SSL certificates. Consequently, an Internet filter that does not inspect the content of a supposedly “secure” website is failing to protect your organization from online risks and malware such as adware, spyware and ransomware. 

How Software to Filter HTTPS Websites Works

Software to filter HTTPS websites works by first checking every request to visit a “secure” website against the filter´s parameters. If a system administrator has blocked access to the particularl category of the website (i.e. online shopping), the request to visit the website is denied. If access to the website has not been blocked, HTTPS content filtering software de-encrypts the content of the website and inspects it for malware and content prohibited by keyword filters, before re-encrypting it and allowing access.

As well as eliminating the risk of encrypted malware entering an organization´s network, an Internet filter with SSL inspection can help increase productivity and prevent intimidation in the workplace. Network managers can block access to specific chat and Instant Messaging applications with HTTPS prefixes, while allowing access to the rest of a website your organization may use for marketing purposes (for example Facebook and Instagram).

An Internet filter with SSL inspection can also block access to websites with an HTTPS prefix that contain inappropriate material in encrypted format. Subject to the settings in the filter´s parameters, access to websites containing intimidatory racial or sexual material will be blocked by the a HTTPS content filtering software, as opposed to being allowed by a “standard” web filter because it is not able to decipher the encrypted content of the site and recognize keywords blocked by the filter.

Did You Know?


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WebTitan - HTTPS Content Filtering Software from TitanHQ

WebTitan is TitanHQ´s Internet filter with SSL inspection that prevents encrypted malware and inappropriate material from entering your organization´s network. Organizations that have already implemented WebTitan have found that the software is easy to implement and manage - no matter which of the three deployment options is chosen.

WebTitan Cloud

As the name suggests, WebTitan Cloud is a cloud-hosted Internet filter with SSL inspection. The HTTPS content filtering software offers a complete online security solution with excellent versatility and limitless capacity. With WebTitan Cloud there is no software to install. All that is required is a redirection of your DNS.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is ideal if you operating a wireless Internet service. The software to filter HTTPS websites protects your service from online threats as well as the devices connected to the service. Also cloud-hosted, this Internet filter with SSL inspection delivers a filtered Internet service with imperceptible latency, regardless of the number of users connected to the service.

The WebTitan team continuously samples malicious detections to profile, test, and validate threats.

HTTPS Content Filtering Software Pricing

WebTitan´s HTTPS content filtering software pricing is based on several factors. Typically the pricing will depend on which Internet filter with SSL inspection is most suitable for your organization, how many users will be connected to the filtering service, and the length of your subscription. An alternate monthly payment option can be arranged for organizations that have a restricted budget.

However, before you consider which subscription package may be best for your organization, we invite you to take a free trial of our software to filter HTTPS websites. No credit card is required, no contracts are involved and there is no obligation on you to continue with our service when the trial period has finished (all we need to start your trial is your email address)

Hear from our Customers

Cloud based security

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? A great web filter. It keeps our network safe from threats. We get blocking done to anything that can cause damage or anything that may be inappropriate. What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? Monitoring web traffic. Lets us know what is being blocked.

Carvell W.

Information Technology Specialist

Most widely used powerful, outstanding and inexpensive software.

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? When I write about WebTitan’s pros, they are really uncountable. It provides really easier and quick ways of blocking malicious content and spam. With the help of this software viruses can be easily minimized. In order to have granular control over user web filtering, this software is considered to be the best among all. As far as administrative perspective is concerned, this software no doubt provides easy ways. Really superb product through which one can easily kick out bad stuff. What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? Ultimately I can say this software is really effective that has provided much convenience and fulfill all web filtering issues across my organization.

Laura C.

IT Specialist

friendly, easy to administer and very efficient

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? It is a friendly system, easy to install and recover in case of disaster, it does what it has to do. It could have more functionalities that support the client as data mining (BI). What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? spam in the any mailbox blacklist

Diego B.


Fast Reliable Consistant

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? The platform is fast and I can adjust the filters as I like them. Recommendations to others considering WebTitan Web Filter: Great product at a fraction of the cost of some of their competitors. What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? Protecting end points from physhing sites and infected URL’s.

Andre Z.


Good support

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? Simple to use, good support, easy to implent. What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? I m consultnat in immigration

Youssef C.

Directeur général

Software to Filter HTTPS Websites for MSPs

If your interest in software to filter HTTPS websites is due to your organization being a managed service provider (MSP), you may be interested to learn that WebTitan offers its HTTPS content filtering software in white label format. In addition, we also offer the option of hosting the Internet filter with SSL inspection within your own infrastructure.

With self-branding and self-hosting available as an option, resellers and MSPs can market the HTTPS content filtering software as their own. Being able to provide software to filter HTTPS websites to your clients not only enhances your service, but may also attract new clients that you can cross-sell onto your other services. Contact us today for further information about software to filter HTTPS websites for MSPs and for details of our reseller/ MSP pricing structure.

Susan Morrow

Susan Morrow


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