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Internet Site Blocker

The Positive Benefits of an Internet Site Blocker

Despite the increasing number of worldwide cyberattacks, there are still some people who believe the use of an Internet site blocker represents a restriction of civil liberties. Certainly an Internet site blocker will restrict Internet access, but there are many positive benefits of an Internet site blocker.

An Internet site blocker prevents users visiting websites harboring ransomware and malware downloads, and can restrict Internet access to websites constructed for the sole purpose of executing phishing attacks - the number one attack vector for ransomware.

This is not only a benefit for large organizations, but also for individuals who may be conned into revealing their login credentials to scammers. A recent study revealed that 99.5% of websites with the word “PayPal” in their URL are fake and constructed for the sole purpose of phishing.

In addition to enhancing online security, an Internet site blocker can restrict Internet access to websites that handicap workplace productivity (gambling, online shopping and social media sites for example), and websites containing material likely to cause offense (pornography, racial intolerance, hate, etc.).

By using an Internet site blocker to improve workplace productivity and create a more pleasurable browsing environment, companies implementing mechanisms to restrict Internet access avoid many compliance and HR issues and can gain a commercial advantage over their competitors.

How Mechanisms to Restrict Internet Access Work

An Internet site blocker uses a three-tiered filtering process in order to maximize protection against online threats and provide the necessary flexibility to restrict Internet access effectively. Mechanisms to restrict Internet access that are inflexible are unlikely to be effective in achieving the company´s aims.

The first tier checks each requests to visit a URL against blacklists of websites known to harbor malware and known to have been constructed for phishing attacks. The filters in this tier are automatically updated as new threats are identified to reduce the maintenance overhead for system administrators. 

In the second tier, millions of the world´s most visited websites are sorted into categories according to their subject matter (abortion, adult entertainment, alcohol, etc.). System administrators can choose which categories they want to restrict Internet access to with the click of a mouse.

The third tier is used to fine-tune the category filters by allowing system administrators to block Internet access to websites containing specific keywords or phrases. This tier can also be used to prevent users downloading files with the extensions most often associated with malware (.exe, .rar, .scr, etc.).

Further flexibility is provided by the option to apply the category and keyword filters universally, by user group or by individual user. The filtering parameters can also be applied by time or bandwidth, while trusted websites can be excluded from the filtering process by using the whitelisting facility.

TitanHQs Solutions to Restrict Internet Access

TitanHQs solutions to restrict Internet access is called WebTitan. The WebTitan solution has been designed with ease of use at the forefront of development, as any Internet site blocker that is too complicated to use will be ineffective in achieving the company´s aims no matter how flexible it is.

WebTitan Cloud

WebTitan Cloud offers the same ease-of-use and flexibility as WebTitan Gateway but, instead of the filtering process taking place onsite, it takes place in the cloud. This has the advantage of releasing resources on companies´ CPUs for other operations. WebTitan Cloud can be deployed within minutes with a simple redirection of the DNS server settings.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi has been specifically designed for companies with BYOD policies or who provide a WiFi service to the public. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is compatible with all types of wireless network - regardless of whether they operate via a single router or a network of WiFi hotspots - and has the advantage of protecting networks when users connect to them with malware-infected devices.

Try a WebTitan Internet Site Blocker for Free

If you are concerned about the increasing number of worldwide cyberattacks, and would like to protect your network against online threats, we invite you to contact us and request a free trial of the WebTitan Internet site blocker that is most appropriate for your situation.

Our team of experienced and friendly Sales Technicians will be happy to offer their advice about the most appropriate solution to restrict Internet access, answer any questions, you have and guide you through the process of registering for your free trial and deploying the best Internet site blocker.

One is never able to predict when a cyberattack is about to begin. So, do not delay in protecting your network with an Internet site blocker from TitanHQ, and experience the positive benefits of improving workplace productivity and preventing users being exposed to offensive online material.


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