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ISP Web Filtering

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ISP Web Filtering

WebTitan Cloud makes ISP web filtering quick and easy. Point your DNS to the WebTitan servers and you can be filtering the Internet in less than 2 minutes.

For ISPs and MSPs requiring highly effective Internet filtering to protect clients against web-borne threats, the WebTitan ISP web filtering solution allows you to protect both your network and your clients´ networks by carefully controlling access to web content.

Having highly granular controls, WebTitan offers real-time URL filtering of over 500 million websites and 6 billion web pages in 200 languages using a wide range of predefined and customizable categories. Our ISP web filtering solution provides100% coverage of the Alexa 1 million most visited websites and supports whitelists and blacklists to control access by website address, IP address, or individual URL.

How DNS Filtering WorksWith ISP web filtering from WebTitan, it is simple to enforce tailored Internet usage policies per client in a cost effective way. Clients are able to generate more than 50 pre-defined reports and view Internet browsing activity in real time. Reports can be scheduled and exported in multiple formats while our cloud-based look up and real-time website classification system provides an unmatched combination of coverage, accuracy, and flexibility.

Our ISP web filtering solution can be provided as a white label product, allowing web filtering-as-a-service to be offered to clients. WebTitan Cloud comes with the choice of hosting on our own servers or in a private cloud. Alternatively, you can host WebTitan within your own infrastructure if preferred.

WebTitan Cloud is a multi-tenant solution that is quick and easy to configure for multiple domains. New client accounts can be configured in around 20 minutes. Managing accounts is a straightforward task requiring no technical knowhow and the intuitive web-based interface can be accessed from any location and is exceptionally easy to use.

WebTitan Cloud is API-driven to allow integration with existing customer deployment, billing and management tools.

TitanHQ WebTitan Presentation at Wifi Now London 2016 - DNS Filtering, the future of web content filtering from Dryden Geary


ISP web filtering can be offered as a service to your clients

  • Quick and easy to implement: New clients can be added and protected in just 20 minutes
  • Improve network performance: Benefit from no latency DNS filtering and control Internet use to reduce bandwidth wastage and abuse.
  • Protection from web-based threats: Prevent the downloading of malware, ransomware, spyware, and viruses and protect against web spam, botnets, and phishing attacks.
  • URL filtering: Real-time URL filtering of up to 53 predefined and 8 customizable categories of over 500 million websites, 6 billion web pages, in 200 languages.
  • Full reporting suite: WebTitan Cloud contains a comprehensive reporting suite providing more than fifty automated graphical usage reports for the real-time viewing of Internet activity.
  • Works on any device: All devices will be protected and covered by filtering controls, no matter where they are used to access the internet.
  • Whitelists and blacklists: Global whitelists, blacklists, and custom categories can be configured to allow/block by full website address, IP address, or individual URLs.
  • Bypass filters with cloud keys: Allow clients, individuals, and/or user groups to access blocked sites. Set cloud keys by time and date for maximum control.
  • Fully automated updating: All software updates, URL category updates, and management reports are automated, thus requiring the lowest possible management overhead, while ensuring maximum security for all users.
  • White labelling: Rebrand WebTitan Cloud with your corporate logo and color scheme and resell it as a hosted service add-on for your clients.
  • Multi-tenant dashboard: MSP-client hierarchy enables you to keep clients separated and choose whether to manage client settings in bulk or on an individual basis
  • World class customer support: Industry leading customer service with scalable pre-sales and technical support and sales & technical training
  • Easy integration: APIs provided for quick and easy integration into existing client management an auto provisioning systems.
  • Flexible Billing: MSPs benefit from generous margins with the option of monthly billing to match your billing cycle.
  • Multiple hosting options: Host with us, in a private cloud, or within your own infrastructure.


Download the TitanHQ MSP Program Brochure

If you are interested in providing a robust and reliable web filtering solution for your clients, download our brochure to find out more about the TitanHQ MSP Program. This program has been developed over many years as a result of our ambition to understand the demands and challenges faced by Managed Services Providers targeting the SMB marketplace.

The brochure includes a comprehensive selection of benefits associated with being a WebTitan reseller, and verifiable client feedback from MSPs already providing our service to their clients. We also provide information on how you can demonstrate the value of WebTitan to your clients in less than fourteen days - for free if you take advantage of our free trial offer.

MSP Testimonials

"WebTitan is an outstanding tool for most reliable content filtering. The monitoring feature of this specific product is quite unique that totally monitors all the process of online working and also secures all the data. Additionally, its set-up is superb easy and it can be done in just few minutes that save my time and energy as well." - Kristie H. Account Manager

"WebTitan is fairly easy to setup. It is available as a cloud based solution or on prem. You can get as simple or as complicated with your filtering as you like, it will handle most situations with ease. It has provided us with a stable web filtering platform that has worked well for us for many years." - Derek A. Network Manager

"WebTitan is outstanding software that helps me a lot in minimizing viruses. The thing I like most about WebTitan is that it is extremely easy to use and configure. I like its clear interface. It lets us block malicious content and spam easily. It is no doubt an amazing product helping us a lot in kicking out harmful bad stuff." - Randy Q. Software Engineer


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