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Real Time Threat Detection & Monitoring

WebTitan employs a crowd-sourced approach for obtaining a constant stream of URLs for analysis. This continuous stream of ActiveWeb (URLs actively visited by end users) comes from a global network of customers across a number of high traffic markets: Network Security, Subscriber Analytics, and Ad Tech.

This includes over 550 million end users and growing-and is the primary in-house source for threat corpora used to train human-supervised Machine Learning systems. This combined and integrative approach empowers us to continuously enhance, optimize, and fine-tune our malicious detection capabilities in an ever-changing threat landscape.

» Supporting 550-600 Million End Users.

» Covering numerous industries including:

  • Network Security
  • Subscriber Analytics
  • loT & Connected Devices
  • Ad Tech

» ActiveWeb Input and queries on:

  • Web Content
  • Web Traffic from browsers
  • Web-connected Device activity
  • Multi-Vector Threat Detection

WebTitan leverages an integrative, multi-vector approach and in-house analysis to detect, monitor, and accurately categorize new threats. Our approach combines the following methods:

» URLs/Website Detection

  • Link Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Static, Heuristic, and Behavioral Anomaly Analysis
  • In-house and 3rd Party Tools#

 » ActiveWeb Input and queries on:

  • Web Content
  • Web Traffic from browsers
  • Web-connected Device activity

How WebTitan Cloud Works:

  • Sign up for a free trial.
  • We will create an account for you and send you your log on credentials.
  • Log on and create your usage policy or use the default policy to start with.
  • Redirect your ONS to our IP's. If you need help, our knowledgeable, responsive and friendly technical support team will guide you step by step.
  • Done! You're now completely set up on WebTitan Cloud.

Did You Know?


businesses experienced DNS attack


malware & spyware domains categorised a day


predefined categories by default


of websites tested by Google for malware were infected

Malicious Detection

Human-Supervised Machine Learning

The WebTitan team continuously samples malicious detections to profile, test, and validate threats. The results of the continuous sampling are then used to feed/train the supervised Machine Learning systems and adjust or tune the efficiency, accuracy, and overall effectiveness of the malicious detection systems.

URL, Domain and Path Coverage

One of the critical features that WebTitan provides is an ability for deep analysis due to full path detection. In a nutshell, page and path-level reporting provides analytical credibility to what is being marked as malicious. The majority of malicious URLs in the WebTitan databases are detailed down to the path level. In the case of non-IP based URLs, 88.35% are marked as malicious down to the path level. In the case of IP-based URLs, the numberis significantly higher with 99.70% of URLs being identified as having a path. This is extremely important because ONS-based systems typically work at the domain level only.

Malicious URL Revisit Process

Due to the variable life cycle of malicious URLs, it is imperative be able to inspect and detect URLs quickly to ensure they are still malicious. The WebTitan Malicious Detection Service includes an automated revisit process where malicious URLs are revisited on a set schedule. Each day, WebTitan revisits up to 300,000 malicious URLs to determine if they are still infected or are now clean. Since WebTitan's malicious detection service is able to obtain the full path, it is able to revisit that exact URL and obtain crucial results on a granular and highly accurate level.

The WebTitan team continuously samples malicious detections to profile, test, and validate threats.

10 Malicious Categories

WebTitan's threat detection systems utilize the following ten (10) types of Malicious Categories:

1.Ad Fraud:

Sites that are being used to commit fraudulent online display advertising transactions using ad impression boosting techniques including (but not limited to) ad stacking, iframe stuffing, and hidden ads. Sites that have high non-human web traffic and with rapid, large and unexplained changes in traffic.

2. Botnet:

Bots are compromised machines running software that is used by hackers to send spam, phishing attacks, and denial of service attacks.

3. Malware Distribution Point:

Web pages that host viruses, exploits, and other malware are considered Malware Distribution Points.

4. Spyware & Questionable Software:

Software that reports information back to a central server such as spyware or keystroke loggers. Also includes software that may have legitimate purposes, but some users mayobject to having on their system.

5. Phishing/Fraud:

Web pages that impersonate other web pages usually with the intent of stealing passwords, credit card numbers, etc. Also includes web pages that are part of scams such as a "419" scam - where a person is convinced to hand over money with the expectation of a big payback that never comes.

6. Command + Control Centers:

Internet servers used to send commands to infected machines called bots.

7.Malware Call-Home:

When viruses and spyware report information back to a particular URL or check a URL for updates, this is considered a malware call-home address.

8. Compromised & Links To Malware:

Compromised web pages are pages that appear to be legitimate, but house malicious code or link to malicious websites hosting malware. These sites have been compromised by someone other than the site owner.

9. Spam URLs:

URLs that frequently occur in spam messages

10. Cryptocurrency Mining:

Websites that use cryptocurrency mining technology without user permission.

Hear from our Customers

Easy as 1-2-3!

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? Easy to use and easy to setup - and great support from the guys at WebTitan when we have questions. I'd definitively recommend this solution. What do you dislike about WebTitan Web Filter? Nothing to say on that side of things. It works well for us and was easy to set up. Recommendations to others considering WebTitan Web Filter: Do not hesitate to ask for support - they are great at helping for the setup and implementation. What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? We can easily manage access to websites.

Steve V.


WebTitan review

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? I have found the WebTitan program most effective in blocking specified/ targeted sites to protect our network. It has the necessary reports and monitoring to allow for monitoring and staying on top of potential issues What do you dislike about WebTitan Web Filter? This is a product that I cannot find an issue with. Recommendations to others considering WebTitan Web Filter: I recommend this product to anyone seeking an excellent content filter. What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? Keeping certain sites that are know for hacking and hate material

Hugh B.


Keeps us from getting compromised with something that will impact the day-to-day business.

Not a whole lot of oversight is required after WebTitan is installed. I get email notifications and occasionally browse the reporting. This is pretty important because I don't have the bandwidth to actively monitor all this stuff 24/7. It is just not possible. Therefore, it is important that it doesn't require a lot of my time once it is deployed and working.

Joe King


Good Standalone Webfilter Solution

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? The single sign-on authentication against Active Directory, which is a very important feature for us, works very well compared to other firewall solutions from major vendors. We are very satisfied with it. Content filtering and web filtering also work very well. The web interface is clear and easy to understand. TitanHQ support responds very quickly and does its best to help. What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? We use WebTitan Gateway to filter our users' traffic and exclude malware or other unwanted traffic. We can assign different policies to different AD users, allowing us to perfectly apply our corporate policies to different departments.

Elias P.


The best program that provides a layer of protection without equal.

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? I really like this system because it provides one of the best layers of protection for the servers and computers of my business, bringing almost zero spam emails in my mail tray. This system is very simple to configure however, I could do it under the tutelage of the technical support team, in order to make an optimal configuration. I also congratulate the team of designers of this system for its friendly and versatile interface with a range of options and filters in each function, which allow me to be able to perform a better management on the web, I can also perform more detailed searches in order to obtain Excellent information. This system has a simple and very useful reporting. If we start talking about the price, I can say it is crazy, compared to other systems that do much less than WebTitan and are extremely expensive. I really like the attention provided by your customer service team, they are very attentive, they are always on the lookout to correct any problem that may arise with the system. Recommendations to others considering WebTitan Web Filter: I definitely recommend this system a lot and I think it is necessary to say that this system is vital for all businesses. If you want to know more about it you can have your trial version for a limited time and so you can evaluate it. What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? Thanks to this system allows me to manage access to the web of my work team, based on the scale or pyramid of hierarchy, this because the base members of my team do not lose focus on the performance of their tasks and my managers, as they need more information on the web, I grant them a broader access to the execution of their tasks.

Harold A.

Project Control Manager

Susan Morrow

Susan Morrow


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