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The Benefits of Software to Block Websites

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The Benefits of Software to Block Websites

Software to block websites has two objectives – to reduce exposure to web-based threats and control Internet access for network users. The benefit of the first objective is simple to understand. By using software to block websites that harbor malware and ransomware – or that have been built to execute phishing attacks – you avoid network infections and prevent data breaches and financial loss.

Using software to block websites in order to control Internet access can be beneficial to businesses that want to increase productivity, schools that want to comply with child protection legislation, and publicly-accessible WiFi services that want to provide a family-friendly browsing environment.  In all these use cases, two factors are is necessary for the software to be effective – ease of use and versatility.

The Importance of Ease of Use and Versatility of Website Blocking Software

When software to block websites was first introduced into schools and libraries in order to comply with the Children´s Internet Protection Act, it was basic, complicated to use, and – due to a lack of versatility – blocked access to educationally important online material and support groups. Many schools forfeited the E-rate discounts they were entitled to because of the issues with overblocking of content.

Fortunately, software to block websites has since evolved. The software now has auto-configuration, automatic updates, user-friendly interfaces, and networks can be administered from a single, web-based portal. More importantly, it is versatile. User policies can be applied by individual user, user group, or network-wide. Internet access can also be controlled by time, IP address, location, and bandwidth controls applied.

With this level of versatility – and using schools as an example – students in different grades can access age-appropriate material, students studying different subjects can have different filtering parameters applied according to their syllabuses, and it is even possible to allow unfiltered access to social media portals during breaks between lessons. Importantly, website blocking software now has highly granular controls and web content is accurately categorized. Overblocking of web content is no longer an issue, and if the occasional website is accidentally blocked it is a quick and easy process to unblock it.

Versatile Software to Block Websites from WebTitan

TitanHQ’s website blocking software – WebTitan – allows users to implement a robust defense against web-based threats. A combination of blacklists, anti-virus software, SURBL filters, URIBL filters, and malicious URL detection software prevents network users from visiting websites harboring malware or ransomware, and websites used to ‘phish’ for sensitive information and other online scams.

Our software to block websites also includes a feature called SSL inspection. This feature examines the content of encrypted websites to ensure they are malware-free and comply with the user policies applied by network managers. Despite the padlock symbol and misleading use of the word “secure”, many websites with an SSL certificate are known to be unsafe.

Network managers wishing to monitor web activity in real-time can do so via the web-based administration portal, from where they can also pull reports about historic web activity. This level of reporting can help compliance managers compile risk assessments and identify any weaknesses in existing user policies – such as web traffic passing through non-standard ports.

Control Network User Internet Access with Ease

TitanHQ’s software to block websites helps network managers control network user Internet access with ease. More than six billion web pages have been sorted into fifty-three categories (adult entertainment, online shopping, gambling, etc.) that network managers can block with the click of a mouse. The categories are updated in real-time as new web pages are published.

It is equally as simple to apply keyword filters and bandwidth controls or allow trusted websites to bypass the filtering mechanisms by whitelisting them. Businesses using directory tools such as Active Directory can integrate WebTitan in order to accelerate the application of user policies, and multiple administration roles can be created to delegate responsibilities. Importantly, given the increase in remote working due to COVID-19, WebTitan can also protect users that are off the corporate network, whether they are working from home, on their travels, or accessing the internet in a coffee shop.

Network managers concerned that software to block websites is high maintenance (as it was when first introduced into schools) will be pleased to learn there is no local client software to install on individual devices. WebTitan is compatible with every type of operating system, auto-configures, and has an automatic back-up and restore feature. All software updates are conducted automatically by us.

WebTitan software for blocking websites allows you to:

  • Prevent malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.
  • Ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Monitor web activity in real-time.
  • Apply granular category and keyword filtering controls.
  • Block access by user, user-group, and time of day
  • Control bandwidth use.
  • Provide a family-friendly Internet service.

Try Our Software to Block Websites for Free

If you are concerned about your exposure to web-based threats such as malware, ransomware, and phishing - or you would like to know more about controlling user Internet access - you are invited to contact us and discuss your requirements with one of our Sales Technicians. Our Sales Technicians will be happy to answer your questions, and will offer you a free trial of WebTitan´s software to block websites in one of the following deployment options:

Our Software to Block Websites

WebTitan Gateway WebTitan Gateway is a software-based website content filter that acts as a second line of defense behind your firewall. Exceptionally powerful, and capable of supporting 60,000 users, WebTitan Gateway can also be hosted in virtual environments.
WebTitan Cloud WebTitan Cloud is a cloud-based software solution to block websites that can be implemented within five minutes via a simple DNS redirection. Effective and reliable, WebTitan Cloud delivers filtered Internet access with imperceptible latency.
WebTitan Cloud for WiFi

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi can protect wireless networks of all sizes – from single WiFi routers to a nationwide network of WiFi hotspots. Businesses operating a BYOD policy should be sure to ask about the benefits of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi.


FAQs about Website Blocking Software

Guest Wi-Fi networks are totally separate from the organization’s main network so an individual connected to the guest Wi-Fi network cannot access data on the main network. It is still important to apply security controls and restrict what can be done while connected as a guest. This is best achieved with a web filtering solution.

You should ensure that your guest Wi-Fi network has similar security controls to your main network. You should set a password to control access, encrypt traffic with WPA2 or stronger, protect the network with a firewall, and control the types of content that users can access using a Wi-Fi filtering solution.

WebTitan Cloud for Wi-Fi starts at $1.01 per user per month. That price includes the full product and access to industry-leading customer support. By comparison, there are broadly similar solutions on the market that would cost you at least three times as much.

Wi-Fi filtering does not need to be complicated. WebTitan Cloud for Wi-Fi makes securing Wi-Fi networks an easy process. Simply change your DNS settings to point to WebTitan (instructions are provided) and log in to the web user interface. You can then select the categories you want to block with the click of a mouse, with a host of features available for customers with more complex filtering needs that are intuitive and easy to configure.

Cloud-based filtering has many advantages over appliance-based filters. It is easy to set up, configure and maintain and there are no hardware purchases required. The cloud is scalable and will grow (or shrink) to match your business needs. For most businesses, cloud-based web filtering is the easiest and most cost-effective content filtering solution to implement.


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