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Web Content Filter for Hotels

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Web Content Filter for Hotels

Content filtering for hotels can mitigate web security threats by blocking access to dangerous websites known to harbor malware. Blocking access to certain file types can also prevent malware being downloaded onto guests´ devices. The mitigation of online security threats not only benefits hotel guests.Hotel guests now expect to be provided with Internet access; however, it is important for a web content filter for hotels to be installed to prevent guests and employees from accessing inappropriate website content and to protect them from online threats. In fact, there are many important commercial benefits to be gained from filtering the Internet in hotels, as detailed below.

The Benefits of a Web Content Filter for Hotels

Consumers now make decisions about the services they use based on whether Internet access is provided. This includes whether free Wi-Fi is offered and the quality of the Wi-Fi service provided. It is now increasingly important not only to ensure Wi-Fi is provided to guests, but also to ensure sufficient bandwidth is available and that the Internet can be accessed safely.

Safe Internet Access for all Users

Malware and ransomware are now being released at unprecedented rates, while the risk from phishing has never been greater. A web content filter for hotels will ensure that guests are protected from these online threats when accessing the Internet. Guests can be prevented from visiting webpages that ‘phish’ for sensitive information and stopped from visiting websites known to contain malware.

Cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated measures to spread infections and hotels are being targeted. If cybercriminals can gain access to hotel networks, they can install POS malware that can record and transmit guests’ credit card details. Malware can remain undetected for long periods on hotel networks, during which time the credit card details of many thousands of guests could be stolen. By implementing a web content filter for hotels, employees can be prevented from inadvertently installing malware on the network

Blocking Inappropriate Website Content

It is important to restrict the type of website content that can be accessed by guests over Wi-Fi networks. Hotel Wi-Fi could be used by some guests to access adult material such as pornography. There is a risk that other guests may inadvertently view this content on other guest’s devices. If minors were to accidentally or deliberately view age inappropriate material it could be a PR disaster for a hotel.

Improving Productivity of Hotel Employees

Hotel employees may be granted access to the Internet in order to perform work duties; however, Internet access can be abused. Hotel employees may choose to access the Internet for personal reasons, which can result in decreases in productivity. Social media websites, dating sites, gaming, and gambling sites can all too easily be abused. By implementing a web content filter for hotels and carefully controlling the sites that can be accessed by employees, hotel operators can prevent productivity losses.

Restricting Bandwidth Consumption

It is important to ensure that the Internet can be accessed by all users at all times. One of the biggest problems is ensuring sufficient bandwidth is available. Smaller hotels especially may find that bandwidth is squeezed at certain times, which can lead to very slow Internet speeds for guests. A web content filter for hotels can be configured to restrict certain online activities to conserve bandwidth. At busy times, limits can be set to prevent large file downloads or the streaming of videos to conserve bandwidth. These controls can also be used to allow hotel operators to provide free Wi-Fi access for all guests, while offering paid Wi-Fi users access to a wider range of online services.

Gaining an Insight into Customer Behavior

An additional benefit to implementing a web content filter for hotels is to gain an insight into the online behavior of guests. A web filtering solution can be configured to send detailed reports of users’ activities to the marketing department. By studying the Internet activities of guests it is possible to gain a much better understanding of the types of customers that stay at the hotel. Internet data can help hotels learn more about the likes and dislikes of customers, and that information can be used to direct future marketing campaigns.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi – An Ideal Web Content Filter for Hotels

Whether you run a small boutique hotel or an international chain of hotels, you can use WebTitan to keep your guests protected and your network secure. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi offers hotel operators total control over the website content that can be accessed via Wi-Fi networks.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi has highly granular controls that allow restrictions to be carefully applied for individuals or user groups. Different web filtering settings can be applied for guests, employees, and different hotel departments.  

Most hotels do not have an army of IT staff on hand to configure and maintain web filtering settings. It is therefore, important that any web content filter for hotels is easy to implement and maintain. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi can be controlled via an easy-to-use web interface that can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device. Any authorized member of staff can login and block or whitelist a website or alter the filtering settings without having to call their IT support team.

Hotel operators can carefully control the activities that can take place while connected to hotel Wi-Fi hotspots, including restricting or blocking file downloads, video streaming, and other bandwidth-heavy activities.

TitanHQ’s web content filter for hotels requires no software downloads and there is no need to purchase any additional hardware. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi allows hotel operators to filter the Internet by category, URL, or keyword, with no discernible slowing of Internet speed and no limit on the number of users who can connect to the Wi-Fi network.

As an additional benefit, WebTitan Cloud for WiFi allows hotel operators to monitor Internet access and gain a valuable insight into customer behavior.

Try WebTitan Cloud for WiFi Free of Charge

If you run a hotel or hotel chain and would like to take control of your Wi-Fi network, contact TitanHQ today. Our customer service team will answer any questions you may have about installation, maintenance, and WebTitan’s extensive range of features.

We believe you will be more than happy with the level of control you have over the content that can be accessed via your Wi-Fi network and the additional protection from malware provided by our web content filter for hotels. We also believe that the best way to evaluate our web filtering solution is to try before you buy.

We will provide you with assistance installing our solution and applying your web filtering settings. You will also receive full technical assistance for the duration of your trial.

To register for your free trial of WebTitan, contact the sales team today and take the first step toward providing your guests and employees with clean, safe Internet access.


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