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A web content WiFi filter for universities and colleges is a tool that can prevent students accessing inappropriate material via the institution´s WiFi service. Although most students attending universities and colleges are no longer minors that need protecting from adult material, a web content filter for universities and colleges can help create a safer browsing experience and more pleasant environment.

Many educational institutions have acceptable use policies for students connecting with their WiFi networks. However, these policies are not always policed or enforced. Students can often access unsavory, unethical or illegal web content - causing offence to those exposed to their browsing activities. A web content WiFi filter for universities and colleges can help police and enforce acceptable use policies and block sexist or racist web content, or sites that propagate extremist religious views.

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Enhancing Security with a Web Content WiFi Filter for Colleges

A web content WiFi filter for colleges also enhances online security by blocking access to unsafe websites - typically those known to be harboring malware or suspected to be phishing websites. It does this by comparing each request to visit a website against a global blacklist of compromised websites and those hiding their true identity behind a proxy server.

The web content WiFi filter for colleges can be configured to refuse requests to visit categories of websites most likely to be harboring malware - pharmaceuticals, media and publishing - while keyword filters can fine tune the category settings by keyword, URL, file type or website score. Whitelists allow specific websites to be accessed if required for educational or research purposes, and “cloud keys” can override all the filter settings when necessary.

In addition to enhancing online security for students and their devices, a web content WiFi filter for colleges can help stop hackers from breaking through cybersecurity defenses to access research and personal data stored on university databases. This type of data is highly sought by cybercriminals, who can sell on research information or use personal data to commit identity theft. The filter can be configured to report on any unauthorized attempts to circumnavigate its parameters.

"Keeps us from getting compromised with something that will impact the day-to-day business."

Web Content WiFi Filter for Universities from TitanHQ

TitanHQ is a worldwide developer of online security products. For almost twenty years we have been helping organizations provide safe browsing experiences free from web-borne threats. Our web content WiFi filter for universities and colleges is WebTitan Cloud for WiFi - a highly granular web filtering solution that ensures undesirable and potentially dangerous content is filtered, while access to important and potentially valuable material is not restricted.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is easy to implement with a small adjustment of the WiFi router´s DNS settings. Thereafter, administrators can access a web-based portal through which it is possible to select the categories of website the university or college wishes to block and fine tune the selections using the keyword filters. Adjustments can be made at any time - from any Internet-enabled device - to individual WiFi hotspots or to a nationwide WiFi network.

The Benefits of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi

  • Cloud-based web filtering solution.
  • No software installations or hardware required.
  • Web-based administration control panel.
  • Central control of multiple routers.
  • No restrictions on the number of users connected to the service.
  • Customizable reports on network usage and traffic
  • No latency or bandwidth restrictions.

Try our Web Content WiFi Filter for Universities and Colleges for Free

Web content WiFi filtering should be easy to set-up, simple to maintain and effective. We believe that WebTitan Cloud for WiFi has these attributes, and we invite you to try our web content WiFi filter for universities and colleges in order to witness the benefits of web content WiFi filtering in your own environment.

You will be able to configure and adjust your desired settings, gather feedback from students and other users about the benefits of the service, and access reports showing 100% compliance with your acceptable use policies.

For further details of our offer, or to find out more our web content WiFi filter for universities and colleges, contact our team of sales technicians today. Our team will be happy to answer any questions, guide you through the process of registering for your free trial and walk you through the controls on the web-based administration control panel. Within minutes you could be providing your students with a safe browsing experience and protecting their devices and your network from web-borne threats.

Susan Morrow

Susan Morrow


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Talk to our Team today