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WiFi Filtering

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WiFi Filtering

WiFi filtering is more than just a courtesy service for your guests. It can be a sensible commercial decision too. Your customers, visitors and guests want to stay connected wherever they go, and any establishment that does not provide guest WiFi access will likely to lose customers to competitors who do.

However, there are disadvantages of providing unfiltered guest WiFi access. Customers can visit websites harboring malware that might not only infect their mobile devices but your WiFi network and every device connected to it. Customers can also openly view material that other guests may find inappropriate - especially if yours is a family-orientated establishment.

Website filtering for guest WiFi avoids these potential issues. Filters can be configured to create a safe and family-friendly online environment that protects devices from online threats and the guests that use them. Knowing that they are protected from online threats and exposure to inappropriate content, more customers are likely to choose your establishment over your competitors.

WiFi filtering

There are several other commercial benefits of filtered guest WiFi - among them the prevention of illegal activity, the limitation of bandwidth, and insights into your customers´ browsing activities. As a provider of guest WiFi, you would be legally responsible for any illegal activity that is facilitated via your WiFi service. With website filtering for guest WiFi, you are able to block (for example) access to websites that facilitate P2P file-sharing sites and copyright infringement.

Bandwidth can be an issue in some establishments, especially if you have guests that use their mobile devices for live-streaming videos on sites such as YouTube and NetFlix. Live streaming can use up a considerable amount of bandwidth, restricting access to the Internet and email for other guests. Filtered guest WiFi allows you to set bandwidth limits on the devices connected to your service in order to ensure every customer is able to go online with imperceptible latency.

One of the biggest commercial benefits of filtered guest WiFi is being able to gain insights into your customers´ browsing activities. Although most people now browse anonymously, you will still get an overview of the type of web searches they conduct and the pages they view. This information can help you tailor special events and promotions that will appeal to your customers, and give you a further commercial advantage over your competitors still providing unfiltered WiFi access.

How Website Filtering for Guest WiFi Works

The easiest way to offer your customers a filtered guest WiFi service is to subscribe to a cloud-based content filtering service. This requires a simple redirection of the DNS settings in your router. The filter will automatically start checking each request to visit a website against a blacklist of known unsafe sites and against whatever settings you apply in the filter´s parameters.

You can pick what settings you want to apply from a list of categories. Typically there are up to sixty categories to choose from including pornography, gambling, and weapons. Keyword filters can be used to fine-tune your choices of categories, block a certain type of downloads known to contain malware or block specific websites if you do not want your customers looking at what a competitor has to offer.

The category filters can be applied by user-group (i.e. you might have one group of settings for guests and another for employees) or by time if you want to relax your bandwidth limits after a certain time or during a major sporting event. Most filtered guest WiFi services also have “cloud keys” that you can use to override the parameter´s settings temporarily.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi Filtering from TitanHQ

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a versatile and scalable solution to website filtering for guest WiFi that is easy to configure and manage. It can provide filtered guest WiFi to organizations and business of all sizes - from a family-run restaurant with a single WiFi hotspot to a chain of hotels with a nationwide WiFi network - keeping customers safe from web-borne threats and exposure to inappropriate content.

Once implemented, WebTitan for Cloud has exceptionally low management overheads. Updates are automatically conducted in real time, so the blacklists against which your customers´ requests are checked are always current. Your category and keyword filters are also updated in real time, with any new websites that are launched within your chosen parameters added to the filters.

Customer support and technical support is always available to guide you through any area of website filtering for guest WiFi you are unsure about; and, in order to give organizations and businesses the opportunity to evaluate WebTitan Cloud for WiFi in their own environment, we are inviting you to try website filtering for guest WiFi free.

Free Filtered Guest WiFi

To take advantage of our offer, simply contact us and speak with one of our sales technicians. Our sales technician will guide you through the registration process, help you through the implementation of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi, and walk you through the online management portal. This is where you can set your category and keyword filters, determine bandwidth limits, and access reports on your customers´ browsing activities.

There are no set-up fees, no credit card required and no obligation on you to continue with the service once your free trial of filtered guest WiFi ends. Contact us today and you can have website filtering for guest WiFi up and running within a few minutes. Remember, you will not just be providing a safe courtesy service for your guests. You will be making a sensible commercial decision too.


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