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WiFi Content Filtering for Cities and Towns

If your municipality provides a general WiFi service to businesses, residents or tourists, WiFi content filtering for cities and towns can help protect service users from web-borne malware and prevent children and vulnerable citizens from being exposed to inappropriate online material.

Mitigating Online Threats with WiFi Content Filtering for Cities

Web-borne malware transmitted via WiFi services - particularly ransomware - is a major concern for security experts. Ransomware is the easiest form of malware to monetize, and - without WiFi content filtering for cities - hackers can gain access to network systems via service users´ mobile devices.

If a cybercriminal can take control of a mobile device via a public WiFi service, when the mobile device is next connected to a business´s WiFi service, it can download ransomware onto the business´s servers - encrypting the data and making it unusable until a ransom is paid.

WiFi content filtering for cities mitigates the risk of ransomware downloads by blocking access to websites known to be harboring malware. The WiFi filters can also help prevent phishing attacks and drive-by downloads - typically spyware that records the usernames and passwords used to log into personal accounts, and then utilizes them to commit identity theft.

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How WiFi Content Filtering for Towns Prevents Inappropriate Exposure

Not everybody who uses a public WiFi service does so for appropriate reasons. Some people use it to browse content they would be unable to on their home computer or to access the Internet without anybody being able to trace their IP address. This can lead to the public viewing of pornography, child abuse and racial hatred, or illegal activity such as copyright infringement.

With WiFi content filtering for towns, system administrators are able to block access to certain categories of website, certain topics by keyword, and access to P2P file sharing sites. It is also possible to restrict bandwidth use or set the parameters to be in operation for specific times of days. These measures can create a more pleasant browsing environment and eliminate inappropriate exposure.

Because of the versatility of WiFi content filtering for towns, different filtering parameters can be set for different user groups. Therefore, if for example, a group of sports fans wanted to live stream a game on a mobile device, but bandwidth restrictions prevented them from doing so, a separate user-group with different bandwidth restrictions could be created - possibly at a fee - to fulfil their needs.

The WebTitan team continuously samples malicious detections to profile, test, and validate threats.

WiFi Content Filtering for Cities and Towns from TitanHQ

Titan HQ is a leading developer of online security solutions and among our portfolio is the versatile and highly effective WebTitan Cloud for WiFi - a simple-to-use solution for WiFi content filtering for cities and towns.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a universally compatible and infinitely scalable web filtering solution. There are no limitations on the number of wireless hotspots that can be managed using the service, or the number of devices that can connect to the service.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi provides a safe and secure web browsing experience with imperceptible latency. The administrative control panel can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device, as can its comprehensive suite of reporting options.

To find out more about TitanHQ´s solution for WiFi content filtering for cities and towns, contact us today and ask for details of our free trial. With no hardware to install or software to download, your businesses, residents, and tourists could be safely browsing the Internet within minutes.

Susan Morrow

Susan Morrow


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